About Fitness Havens Blog & Its Founder

I have been struggling with weight loss for a long period of time until I learnt to follow what experts advise about getting rid of excessive weight.

After getting this helpful information, I felt that I have a responsibility to inform others who are in similar situation so as not to struggle with their fitness journey like I did.

This is where the idea of this blog came from.

I started it to be sharing my experiences and what I have learnt from experts.

I found it to be a great idea since I have a strong background in Nutrition and thus can provide helpful information on the topic.

Apart from the blog, my team and I write product reviews on all products that are related to nutrition, fitness, weight loss and weight gain.

Our motive is to offer timely help through provision of crucial information pertaining to weight lose, keeping fit, and the suitability of the products used during this process for admirable results.

I occasionally engage in a thorough research in quest of knowing more about these products and their usefulness in the fitness process. This way, I can provide as much helpful information as possible.

To ensure that the information I divulge to others is authenticated and particularly useful, I use both active and inactive ways of gathering this information during my research moments.

The most common active way that I use to gather information is holding interviews with other professional nutritionists I meet in the gym. Also, I engage my fellow gym mates for interviews on their views regarding specific products.

On the other hand, the inactive way of gathering information that I employ is observation that turns out to be more effective especially because I apply my nutrition knowledge in discerning the relevant details that may be of great help to other people struggling to keep fit.

Additionally, I read a lot of scientific research findings and recommendations relating to weight loss and living a healthy life. These sources are vital since they help me gain the inner understanding of issues confronting individuals struggling to keep fit and staying healthy.

With this understanding, I have an upper hand to provide the most effective solutions.

Our blog is the place where you can find an ample assortment of comprehensive and useful information on how to keep fit.

Additionally, you can find recommendations on the most effective supplement products with the best reviews, which you can use to speed up the process of realization of a healthy life of your dream.

Our mission is to help those feeling unworthy because of their unfruitful or tedious attempts in losing weight or keeping fit. We give you a reason to feel worthy and put a smile on your face as you walk through your fitness journey.

This journey may seem long and at sometime, you may feel like giving up. However, we are present in every step of the journey to provide you with the information you need and thus facilitate faster achievement of the desired results.

Our blog is also very useful to those in confusion of what product they should use and at what stage of their fitness journey.