Apple Watch Series 1 Review

The Apples Series 1, also known as the “Apple iwatch” is a step down to some of its superior predecessors such as the Apple Series 2 and the Apple Series 3. Confusingly, the Series 1 is not the flagship model of the Apple watch series, as it is succeeded by the original model, which is now dubbed as the “series zero.”

Aside from debuting at the same year with its now discontinued predecessor Series 2, both of these watches share a lot in common, including 2nd-generation speeds, smarts, and technology.

For the original apple watch series or series zero enthusiasts, things are murkier as the Apple Series 1 replaces the original piece with features that are vastly superior in many ways including extended battery life, speed, and performance.  Nonetheless, since all Apple watch series sport the same physical allure and design, the Series 1 is otherwise largely similar to the Series zero.

With the manufacturer discontinuing the original model, the Series Zero entirely, it now means that the Series 1 is the cheapest option if you are going to get an Apple smartwatch. But this raises evens more questions. Is it worth going for the Apple Series 1, when there`s already an upgrade in the market? And if you have an original Series Zero smartwatch, it is still worth upgrading it to the Series 1 instead?

Well, strap on as we explore what the Series 1 has to offer, and see whether it`s worth your money.

What makes Apple Watch Series 1 Awesome?

  • WatchOS 3. This is the latest software update and the next version of Apple`s smartwatch OS that finally makes owning an Apple Watch Series 2 a worthwhile investment. Launched in September 2016, the OS3 runs like a charm. The menus and animations are fluid, and apps open up in an instant. It makes your watch instantly faster while delivering powerful features without slowing down. More importantly, it has fewer bugs and brings plenty of new apps such as Breathe and exciting features such as a new Control Center (DOCK) and more.
  • IPX7 Water Resistance. Though the Series 1 is not water resistant, it does feature IPX7 water resistance. Though Apple does not recommend fully submerging the Series 1 variant, it`s splash-proof, and you can certainly keep it on your wrist when performing dishes, in your shower or when caught up in the storm. You should, however, note that the Series 1 is still rated for immersion in 1 m of water or 30 minutes, so it can also be a perfect solution for backstroke swimmers who are looking to track their activities for a limited period.
  • Smartwatch. The ability to deliver notifications at your wrist is probably the major selling point of this device. The Series 1 always stays connected at all time, therefore allowing you to see your text messages, emails, group FB chats at your convenience. Notifications are delivered either through audio alerts or vibration. The latter method uses haptic feedback to send mild vibrations to your hand.

Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Space Gray Aluminum with Black Sport Band
  • Brand new factory sealed in retail box Series 1 Apple watch. work with iPhone 5 or later, not compatible with Android phone
  • Activity and Heart Rate Monitoring Changeable Faces with Widgets
  • Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Apple watchOS 3; up to 18 hours battery time
  • Taptic Alerts Apple Pay; S1P dual-core processor; Splash resistant
  • Siri Integration Displays Notifications and Runs Apps

Unique Features That Makes Apple Watch Series 1 Product Interesting


 If you cannot spot any differences between the Apple Smartwatches models, it`s because there is not much of disparity among them.

The Series 1 sports plenty of design traits to the Apple zero, and ostensibly the Series 2, though the latter is 0.9mm thicker. You can only notice if you put them side by side though.

Where the Series 1 lacks is in the water resistance and choice of material. While Series 1 offers variety in color and straps, the model comes in a much more limited collection as opposed to Series 2. As it stands, the Series 1 is only available with an Aluminum casing and sports band.

The Series 1, does have a bit of a hump at the bottom though, given the abundance of sensors. The hump can irritate your skin since it`s constantly rubbing on the top of your wrist.

Like any other Apple Watch model, the Series 1 comes with 2 buttons (Digital Crown & Side button) located on the right side.

The Digital Crown is the main button and is primarily used for core functions such as navigating across the Series 1 interface. Conversely, the Side button, which is considered as a secondary button, is used for displaying contacts as well as activating apps such as Apple Pay.

However, with any navigational tools, there are always limitations. With the buttons, many users, especially those with admittedly large and as deft fingers, using the buttons is a tad difficult to master.

And this brings us to the next navigational feature, the display aspect.


Both the Series 1 and Series 2 have the same screen resolution with their display. The only difference is on the brightness level; while you can use Series 2 display screen to light up a room or even use it under direct sunlight, thanks to the 1000 nits, the 450 nits of the Series 1 makes it less bright.

However, many users are yet to run into a situation where they wish their Series 1 1st generation OLED display was brighter than it is.

Aside from brightness and display, the OLED screen similarly allows you to navigate your way around the watch. The Force Touch is an exciting feature, which senses how much pressure when you tap on the screen. By pressing down on its face, the Force Touch delivers new and exciting ways to the ways you can interact and operate the screen including changing watches faces, sending emoji, seeing additional controls and more.


Sadly, the Series 1 does not come with an inbuilt GPS. As it stands out, you will need to lug around with your iPhone if you want to accurately track your outdoor walks, runs, bicycle trips and so on.

While the ability to track your data directly would have certainly been an awesome feature, it now makes sense as to why the Series 2 is a tad expensive, and why Apple kept it as an exclusive feature for the Series 1 successor.

Nonetheless, for those with iPhones, the Series 1 should seamlessly connect over the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2.

Aside from GPS, connection with your phone is needed for directions, maps, or data export.


Similar to the other Apple Smartwatches, there is a big focus on health and fitness. In addition to the improvements in its major health apps, the Activity and Workout App to make accessing, recording and managing your data stats easy.

The Activity App is at the core of Apple`s health and fitness tracking. With this app, you can easily track your movements, exercises, and how long you stand from day to day.

The Move feature shows the number of calories you have burned per day, while the exercise feature shows how many minutes of activity you have completed for activity, and the stand features show the number of minutes spent standing.

Additionally, this app allows you to set activity goals and unlock achievements for the optimal performance. And if you have not made any progress, the app sends an annoyingly loud reminder notification, which I think is an excellent motivational way to keep you on your track.

The next notable app is the Workout App, which records and analyzes several different activities, including walking, running, cycling, as well as activities such as rowing, elliptical training or stair steeper workouts. Like the Activity App, this app allows you to set a target for a variety of factors.

The Health App, on the other hand, is useful for setting up your health profile. The app allows you to view your records, add new categories, activities to track, track your daily stats, download apps among other functions.

Besides the Apple proprietary apps, the smartwatch accepts an array of third-party apps.

Activity Tracked

The Series 1 can be used or tracking a wide breadth of activities such as running, walking, jogging, cycling, and elliptical.

Since it has a limited battery life shelf, it cannot suffice to worn overnight for sleep tracking.

Again, it`s not a watch ideal for swimming since it`s not water resistant enough.

Additional Features

Two of the auxiliary features on this smartwatch is the activation lock and Nightstand.

The Activation Lock feature requires you to use your iCloud Apple ID and password to access your phone. As such, the feature will deny unauthorized access to your watch, thus keeping your fitness and health stats safe, even in the event of theft or misplacement.

The Nightstand is an exciting feature, which is handy in operating the Series 2 during the night. For instance, during the nightstand mode, any touch of the button or screen will automatically display the time, date and alarm.

Battery Life

Like the Series 2, Series 1 comes with a battery life of up to 18 hours.

Box Content and Dimension

The Series 1 weighs at 25 g and comes with a dimension of 38.6 x 33.3 x 10.5 inches.

Series 1 package comes with;

  • Apple Watch Additional Band
  • Magnetic Charging Cable 2.0M
  •  USB Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide


The Series 1 comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Aesthetic. Like all the Apple smartwatches, the Series 1 is chic and appealing. Designed with attention to details, the Series 1 I doubles up as beauty equipment.
  • Lightweight and Durable. Weighing at 25 g, this aluminum made smartwatch is extremely light and durable as well.
  • Comfortable. The deluxe and premium bands used in designing the smartwatch are soft and comfy at the very least. Many users even forget they`re wearing one.


  • Not waterproof. Though it`s splash resistant, the Series 1 will not allow you to engage in extreme water sports, which we think is a huge drawback.
  • No GPS. The lack of distance inbuilt distance monitoring is yet another drawback of the Series 1.

Bottom line on Apple Watch Series 1

The Series 1 is not exactly a competitor to its successor the Apple Watch Series 2 or TomTom Multisport. Both devices have advanced features, including Inbuilt GPS and are 100% waterproof. As such, the Series 2 and TomTom will provide you with exhaustive and thorough stats of your daily training.

Nonetheless, the Series 1 still offers a simple option for those who are not hassled by taking their iPhones with during their work out. Also, the Series 1 has its place in the high-end luxurious space with timeless pieces such as Rolex and Timex, so I think the Series 1 price tag is justifiable.

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