Balazs Universal Boxing Stand Expert review

Balazs Universal Boxing Stand

If you have been struggling with cheap punching bag stands, you should consider investing in Balazs universal boxing stand –heavy bag stand because it is one of the best punching bag stands available in the market.

Balazs universal boxing stand is the centerpiece of most gym facilities because it is not only a quality boxing stand but also very versatile to use. The versatility is because it can be used by tall, short and wheelchair bound athletes.

Balazs Universal Boxing Stand - Heavy Bag Stand
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Balazs Universal Boxing Stand - Heavy Bag Stand
  • Perfect for any room. Totally freestanding. Holds one heavy bag.
  • No extra weights are needed for support.
  • Can fit up to a 6 ft long punching bag. Can support up to 300 lb.
  • Can be upgraded with a Speed Bag Platform or more Punching Bags
  • Made in USA . Lifetime Warranty (See details.)

The product is perfect for any home gym or fitness center as it does not require additional weight to hold it down.

The ample footing of the stand enables the full motion of a true heavy bag workout. Moreover it has a sturdy steel construction that can support up to 300 lbs punching bag.

Another thing that might make you to consider this heavy bag stand is the fact that it can be upgraded with a speed bag platform or more punching bags.

Since the bag is heavy and full, it does not make a lot of noise when you are working on it.

As much as it will cost you some amount, it is a great investment if you are looking for a boxing stand that will last for a long time.

Check these punching bags for sale if you do not know which heavy bag you should buy to hang on these stand.

Product Packaging and Specifications

The Balazs universal boxing stand has a footprint of 68 x 44 inches and comes in the height of 95’’.

However; customized heights are available upon request. Note that the punching bag is not included in the purchase of the stands.

The shipping weight of the product is 245 pounds.


  • Designed and made in the USA
  • No extra weights are needed for support.
  • Can fit up to a 6 ft. long punching bag and support up to 300 lbs.
  • Totally free standing.
  • Very well constructed and has an excellent surface finish.
The stand is perfect for any room as it is totally freestanding.The stand is quite pricey and you might need to save for quite a while if you are on a tight budget.
Comes with a lifetime warranty.
Makes minimal noise when use.
Can be upgraded with a speed bag platform
Very easy to assemble

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