25 Benefits of Boxing Workouts

It is no longer enough to settle for fitness anymore without participating in boxing workouts.

On the contrary, it is vital to put into consideration a number of salient factors in choosing a workout to engage in.

These factors should be those that ensure your holistic development as a human being.

It is also equally important to find out the benefits of the workout you fancy so that you can make informed decisions at the end of the day.

In this article, we will give you some well-needed insight about boxing as a sport and its vast benefits as a workout.

But first, what is boxing?

Wikipedia defines boxing as a combat that involves two people throwing punches at each other while wearing protective gloves in a boxing ring for a preplanned set of time.

Merriam, on the other hand, describes boxing as an art of attacking and defending with the fists often practiced as a sport.

From its emergence in Greece through early 18th-century boxing which happens to be one of the world’s oldest sports has gained a lot of popularity over time.

It has actually become a global phenomenon with tremendous appeal across all divides.

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Why is it important to engage in boxing?

An exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise, Jessica Matthews, stated that that boxing not only helps in boosting one’s cardiorespiratory fitness and strength but also helps improve the fitness parameters of skill including but not limited to balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility.

However, it is important to bear in mind that just like everything else; boxing also comes packed with its fair share of challenges.

Benefits of Boxing Workouts

Boxing has over time become a very popular sport for many.

This does not come as a surprise at all seeing as it provides the best workout and challenges so many of our senses and capabilities.

Additionally, over and above helping strengthen your tone muscles, it can act as a great stress release as well as an importunate companion in weight loss.

This can be attributed to the fact that the sport happens to be high intensity in nature and therefore helps burn tons of calories.

Here are some of the benefits of boxing workouts.

  1. It Incinerates Calories

A boxing workout that involves hitting a punching bag is an effective way to help incinerate calories and improve your physical fitness.

The boxing bag is probably one of the oldest but surest ways to get physically fit and there many reasons to have it as one of the boxing workout equipment.

But before we get into the reasons as to why it’s necessary when it comes to working out, let’s first get to comprehend what it is.

What is the heavy bag?

Body building describes the heavy bag as a bag often stuffed that weighs about 40 to 100 pounds and is made of either leather or vinyl that is primarily used by boxers to improve their boxing technique and build their punching power.

Despite being but a simple piece of equipment it has the ability to deliver vast benefits.

From full body exercises to self-defense skills that are sharpened and a body that is well toned.

That said; let us get into what the benefits of boxing bag workout are.

Hitting the boxing bag has the ability to help build one’s stamina, punching power and can increase one’s metabolic rate.

This workout usually involves the use of one’s legs and arms to train the whole body, therefore, activating as much muscle as possible to burn the most calories.

Hitting the boxing bag is an integral aspect of the boxing workout.

It not only helps you perfect your fundamentals but also your speed and power while you burn calories.

According to the Health Status, a person weighing 155 pounds will burn about 69 calories in just 10 minutes of doing a boxing bag workout.

In the same breath, someone weighing about 185 pounds has the potential of burning 83 calories in the same workout.

Boxing also involves a lot of cardio boxing.

Some of the benefits of boxing cardio include calorie-burning.

These benefits can be attributed to the fact that cardio boxing unlike boxing does not teach how to box but is more concerned about elevating your heart rate.

This, in turn, results in a considerable amount of calories being burnt.

  1. Helps Build Strong Bones and Ligaments

You see boxing is somewhat resistance training.

Although there are many benefits of boxing fitness classes, the two notable benefits are helping in strengthening one’s bones and reducing the progression of osteoporosis.

The punching bags and focus pads produce resistance equivalent to your own body weight when you are performing pushups, pull-ups, lunges, burpees among other exercises.

This, in turn, helps build stronger bones and ligaments at the end of the day.

  1. Increases one’s Muscle Tone

Much as so many of us desire to have a toned up body, we often have no idea how we can achieve it.

Engaging in boxing helps keep your physique toned without necessitating a lot of bulk contrary to popular misconception.

How so?

Well, boxing involves a lot of punching.

This action is often fast and repetitive hence aiding in the production of toned and taut muscles.

  1. Stress Relief

We all have wishful thinking that every day will be one rosy affair.

However much to our dismay, that is not always the case.

Every day comes packed with its fair share of ups and downs and stresses.

Consequently, in light of this, it is important to have an outlet for letting out our stress, anger, and frustrations without ending up getting into conflict with other people around us.

One of the best ways to get rid of stress, frustration, and anger is by engaging in boxing workouts.

You see over and above being a great physical activity, it also happens to have numerous psychological benefits as well.

The truth is when one is angry and frustrated hitting things helps in achieving a calming and relaxing effect.

So after that long stressing day, going to the gym and hitting the punching bag will definitely help you get back to your old self.

  1. Improves Coordination and Body Awareness

Coordination in our body is very important.

It helps one perform workouts in a much better way over and above strengthening the brain-body connection hence boosts body awareness.

While many exercises don’t give much attention to this, the boxing workouts are very keen on this.

That is because the hand-eye coordination is very vital when it comes to boxing.

Punching often requires not only the ability to recall but also having focused movements that are constantly challenging your muscles and your mind.

  1. Improves Confidence and Self-Esteem

Frankly speaking, boxing is a very demanding activity.

Both physically and mentally.

Every time you go to class you get a new challenge that needs to be overcome.

Overcoming these challenges teaches the boxer to believe in themselves every day more than the last.

It is important to note that as we go through life there will always be people who will make us feel insecure.

As hard as it is to be comfortable and self-confident, boxing can be a fun way of building both our self-esteem and our self-confidence.

  1. Improves One’s Strength and Power

To be able to talk on this effectively, we will have to touch on boxing training.

You may probably be wondering why there is a need to take up a boxing training program.

What are the benefits of boxing training?

The beauty of having a program for the boxing workouts is that it focuses on power endurance, reaction power, anaerobic persistence, muscular persistence and aerobic endurance.

One unique thing about boxing that you will quickly come to realize is that unlike other sports competition events are limited to one a year.


The truth is a good part of the year is spent on preparations that are planned to ensure that the boxer is at his or her apex physically both in terms of strength and power for the fight.

A good boxing training program incorporates both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems to ensure that the boxer is able to react not only powerfully but also with swiftness when attacked by a proponent.

  1. Enhances Cardiovascular Health

One of the health benefits of boxing workout is the fact that it helps enhance one’s cardiovascular health.

Boxing is an intense cardio exercise that not only helps improve the circulatory system’s health but also helps in strengthening the heart.

Cardio exercises are essential when it all boils down to protecting yourself from heart diseases, burning calories and losing or maintaining weight.

According to the American Heart Association, the benefits of an aerobic workout such as an intense heavy bag exercise can be experienced in just about 10 to 15 minutes of sustained aerobic action at a time.

  1. Improves One’s Balance

Much as it is possible to use a boxing bag without having to put in a notable amount of motion into your workout, it is more effective when you incorporate movement of your entire body.

What incorporating movement does is that it helps you develop not only balance but also coordination over and above making the core muscles firm enough to enable them support the body and prevent you from losing your equilibrium whenever you make sudden movements.

  1. Helps in Weight Loss

According to a publication from the Harvard Medical School, a boxing workout can help one incinerate up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes.

However, it is important to remember that the loss of weight depends solely on the weight of an individual.

At the same time, the resistance encountered from the bag and the agility of your other muscles helps in toning and firming muscles all over the body to help improve the general lean muscle mass of an individual.

  1. Boxing Helps Improve Mental Health

Training with the boxing bag causes the body to release endorphins.

Endorphins are natural chemicals that act as mood elevators in the brain and also as painkillers.

These natural chemicals go a long way in helping the body deal with stress and counteract emotions of depression.

Additionally, endorphins help ease the afflictions that are associated with working out.

A study published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science in 2011 revealed that the endorphins that are released during a workout have a positive effect on mental health.

Effects that have been seen to rival the effects of existing antidepressant treatment regimens.

  1. Improved Body Composition

Including circuit training in boxing can be very effective for your boxing workout.

One of the benefits of boxing circuit training is that it is an incredible mechanism for improving body composition.

How so?

Well, boxing perfectly combines calorie-torching bouts of cardio and muscle-building strength training moves .

All you have to do actually is ensure that you regularly participate in a boxing workout and follow a nutrition plan.

This will ensure that within no time you will be able to notice changes in your shape and improvements to your fat mass composition.

  1. Improves Total Body Strength

You will agree that all that punching and kicking requires an enormous amount of strength seeing as you might be required to kick and punch the bag several times during a workout.

This will require not only your upper body but also your lower body and your core to engage as you make contact with the boxing bag.

Over and above all these, there are other strength training moves that are incorporated during a boxing workout to help improve the body’s overall strength.

  1. Boxing Helps Flatten your Belly

A flat tummy is one of the many benefits of boxing for fitness.

It is an open secret that almost every single one of us desires a six pack or simply that good looking flat belly.

Though we often result to sit ups most of the time, you will agree that most times they may not be as efficient as we would like them to be.

One of the most effective ways there is to achieve a flat belly is by engaging in a boxing workout.

This is due to the fact that it is extremely demanding on the core and often requires your hips to turn in order to deliver a more potent blow.

This causes you to incinerate more calories hence making the process of flattening the belly much faster.

  1. It Is a Total Body Workout

Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise, states that boxing is a two for one strength and cardio exercise that targets the whole body.

Probably the reason as to why over and above boosting cardiorespiratory fitness and strength, it also improves a number of fitness parameters related to skill including reactivity, agility, balance and coordination.

  1. Improves Cardiovascular Endurance

One of the other benefits of boxing circuit training is that it improves the cardiovascular stamina.

When circuit training is performed consistently over a period of about 8 to 12 weeks, it can greatly increase the aerobic oxygen consumption and consequently increase both the general fitness and the stamina of an individual.

  1. Boxing Results in the Improvement of the Body

Unlike other fitness routines, boxing keeps you constantly on your toes.

Some even call it a never-ending fitness challenge.

This means that your muscles will always be constantly working out when you are boxing, therefore, causing a continued improvement in your body every single time.

  1. Boxing Helps Push Your Limits

Boxing requires intensity, speed, and purpose, therefore, pushing your limits higher than expected.


  1. Improves the Skin

Boxing is a rigorous activity that causes you to sweat profusely during the activity.

Sweating helps clean your body from the inside while removing toxins and pollutants from your skin.

  1. Improves Reflexes and Stamina

Boxing helps improve the agility, coordination, speed, endurance and strength of the boxer.

All these in turn help in improving one’s reflexes and stamina over time.

  1. Helps Release Anger

At times we may allow a buildup of anger in our hearts either consciously or unknowingly.

The problem is that we may not always have the opportune place to vent out our anger and that may be toxic in the long run.

During the boxing workouts, you are able to release the anger with each kick you throw and each punch you make.

  1. Improves Self Discipline

One of the vital lessons that boxing seeks to teach is discipline.

In order to achieve your goals in boxing, you have to be disciplined in all that you do.

  1. Develops one’s Skills

Another advantage of boxing which happens to be one of the benefits of boxing personal training is that you can continually develop your skills to fulfill your goals as a learner.

  1. Helps You Learn Self-Defense Skills

Engaging in a boxing workout helps you learn self-defense skills that you can always use to defend yourself.

These self-defense skills will not only help you during competition but you can also use them whenever you come to harm’s way.

  1. Boxing Workout Will Help You Master the Art of Boxing

In boxing workouts, you will able to learn how to properly execute the punch and kick combinations.

To be honest, the benefits of boxing workout are numerous and vast.

Whether you want to undertake boxing for fitness purposes, for training or for fun, one thing remains constant.

You will definitely be able to boost not only your health but also your emotional stability.

Coupled with the right nutrition and attitude it can be very beneficial to you in all aspects.

Therefore if you are in search of not only a good fitness regime but an all rounded and holistic workout to engage in, then look no further.

Boxing is the sport that will give you benefits way beyond your imagination.

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