Best Fitness Tracker for Weightlifting in 2018

I still have the first smartwatch gift my beautiful wife bought me on our second anniversary. A pair of suits would have been a good gift idea, but a fitness tracker with heart rate was an amazing token from an adorable woman. These days, I wear my Garmin Forerunner 325 to the gym because it helps me get the most out of my training session.

​If you have been hanging around fitness aficionados, you know that fitness trackers have come a long way. In fact, the technology is all-rounded these days. From FitBit for Kids and women to fitness trackers for men who lift weight, you can’t miss a fitness tracker with the power to track just about any activity you can think.

If you hit the gym every day to lift weight and keep fit, a top rated fitness tracker for weightlifting can help you to get the most out of your workout session. Whether you love FitBit, or you are a fan of Garmin, or you just need a good smart fitness watch, here are five options for you

In Summary: Our Top 3 Picks

Garmin Forerunner running watch GPS was designed for athletes, but you can still use it for biking and weight lifting. You will love this fitness tracker because of its advanced weightlifting features.  Because it is a waterproof, you can use it for swimming after finishing your gym session. The battery life is decent; you can use this watch for almost a year without worrying about charge.

FitBit has been in the limelight from back in the days. And the Unisex Ionic Smartwatch just adds to the popularity of the brand, thanks to the built-ins of the company itself. Unisex may not necessarily be the first true smartwatch by FitBit, but it falls in the category of the best Smartwatches the brand has ever created. We included it on our list because of its advanced tracking features.

FitBit Surge Fitness Superwatch can track almost any activity right out of the box. Whether you lift weight, run every morning, or simply belong in the group of the walkers, the Surge can track those metrics and help you to determine your fitness lifestyle. With an advanced notification system, you will never miss an alert as long as the smartwatch is on.

Here are the activity trackers for weightlifting we will be reviewing 

What’s the best Fitness Tracker for Weightlifting?

1. Garmin 010-03717-55 Forerunner 235 GPS Running Watch

Garmin has been in the fitness game for a dog’s age. Overtime, the brand has built a name for itself as the most reliable electronic company in the fitness-tracking category. And, they’ve proven to the world that they know what they are doing when it comes to designing fitness trackers that do what they promise on paper.

The Garmin 010-03717-55 Forerunner 235 is more accurate for weightlifting, running and biking. With this watch, you can get real-time statistical data, advanced weightlifting features, and trustable fitness and activity metrics. Apart from letting you in on your weightlifting data, the 235 also works as an everyday activity and wellness tracker.

The watch has a built-in accelerometer that helps you capture your running data even when you are still indoors. Forerunner 235 is a watch you don’t have to take off when you are going to take a shower or swim because it is waterproof. The HR technology built-in this device means you can use it to track your heart rate during fitness training.

With its wide screen, all messages displayed are easy to read. In terms of data synch, expect the process to be fast. With more advanced settings, the watch gives you the data you need as a weightlifter.

This watch is smartphone-compatible; it works well with Android- 4.4 or later and iPhone- iOS 9.0 or later. In addition, the watch features smart notification, automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, audio prompts and social media sharing.

The only thing that posing much trouble is the running app, but I am sure Garmin is working on it. I also noticed that Forerunner 235 is a bit expensive, but I’d say the watch is worth it.

2. FitBit Unisex Ionic Smartwatch

Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch, Charcoal/Smoke Gray, One Size (S & L Bands Included)
  • Start dynamic personalized workouts on your wrist with step-by-step coaching. Syncing range: Up to 30 feet. Certain features like smartphone notifications may require Android 5.0+. Syncs with Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, Android 4.4 and later and Windows 10 devices
  • Store and play 300+ songs, plus download playlists from Pandora
  • Use built-in GPS/GLONASS to track pace, distance & routes and get Pure Pulse continuous heart rate tracking & real-time zones
  • Package includes both large and small size bands for the perfect, comfortable fit for all-day & all-night wear
  • Access your favorite apps for sports, weather & more and make payments on the go with a built-in NFC chip

The FitBit Unisex Ionic Smartwatch is a recent amalgam of FitBit devices. This makes it the ultimate device for those that want a more advanced sport tracking. Unisex Ionic is described as the company’s first true smartwatch.

Good news to the Deezer users, as announced by FitBit, a support for the Deezer streaming service is coming this year (2018). Therefore, if you happen to be a Deezer subscriber you will be able to synchronize your flow playlist as well as personalized playlist.

The watch can store and play 300 plus songs. So, you can listen to your favorite jam while lifting the heavy weight. While weightlifting, the watch automatically tracks you heart rate. With the built in GLONASS/ GPS distances, paces and routes can be tracked not forgetting the real-time zone though there are far much better smartwatches with gps that can be used for hiking and more.

A gorilla glass 3 is included in case there is an accidental drop. This glass acts as a damage resistor. Its charge can last for long, but this greatly depends on how it is being used. 

On the other hand, FitBit activity tracker lacks compelling apps and other conveniences present on other wearables. In addition, the gadgets’ “wrist payments” do not work with many banks like Android Pay and Apple Pay. The wrist music is also very hard to setup and play. At some point, the software and apps feel so buggy.

3. FitBit Surge Fitness Superwatch

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch, Black, Large (US Version)
  • GPS Tracking- See distance, pace and elevation climbed & review routes and split times
  • Get continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate and simplified heart rate zones
  • Track workouts & view workout summaries; plus all day activities including steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes
  • Monitor your sleep automatically and wake with a silent alarm
  • See call and text notifications on the touchscreen display

The FitBit Surge Fitness Superwatch is a smartwatch built for runners, weightlifters, cyclists and walkers. It is good for people who want to use GPS to track their workout distances and speed. The watch can be worn by both the male and female. Other activities can be tracked using the exercise timer. For people who have used other FitBit models before, switching to FitBit Surge should not be a problem.

This smartwatch will never let you miss calls or text messages. Its display is entirely touchscreen so you don’t need to struggle with the side buttons. The watch also helps you monitor your sleep and wakes you up with a silent alarm.

FitBit Surge Fitness Superwatch is not waterproof but splash proof. In other words, it would be foolish to use this smartwatch for swimming. Of course, showering with the watch on won’t hurt but at least try to give your wrist some air to avoid wrist rashes.

The watch lacks advance weightlifting features that serious weightlifters may expect on a weightlifting watch. In addition, the watch lacks advanced heart rate monitor features and move or inactivity alert reminders.  The watch is a bit expensive so not all weightlifters will be willing to spend on them. It is also quite annoying that you must have a smartphone or a computer for setup.

4. Compex Edge Silver Muscle Stimulator Bundle Kit

Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator
  • With 3 programs to choose from, you can achieve peak performance and fitness with virtually no cardiovascular fatigue
  • Resistance program builds muscle size, strength and density; Optimal for toning muscles
  • Active Recovery program helps clear lactic acid and enables a faster recovery from muscle soreness and fatigue
  • Endurance program increases muscle capillarization and increases flexibility; Targets slow-twitch muscle fibers
  • One set of 4 Easy Snap Electrode lead wires and 2 different sizes of Easy Snap Electrodes are also included

Compex Edge Silver Muscle Stimulator Bundle is a kit that can help you unlock your true potential and live an active kind of lifestyle. Compex Edge Silver Muscle is a device recommended for athletes who undergo exercise regimen and vigorous training. It helps athletes to awaken dormant tissues and helps them re-arrange their true potential.

The device features three programs that help its users to achieve the highest levels of performances. This kit comes in with a battery charge, carrying case, easy snap electrode placement guidebook, CD with user manual and 4 sets of snap electrode lead wires.

The main function of these electrodes is transmitting pulses to the nerves and muscle fibers. They also play a big role in muscle stimulation; this allows the user to work his or her muscles to the peak effectiveness.

Each electrode is coated with medical grade adhesives designed to stick to the skin and should last for at least 20 sessions.

The kit is a bit expensive therefore, not all people can afford to spend on it.

5. Apple Watch Series 1

Apple Watch Series 1 Smartwatch 38mm, Space Gray Aluminum Case/ Black Sport Band (Certified Refurbished)
  • This Certified Refurbished product has been tested and certified to work and look like new, with minimal to no signs of wear, by a specialized third-party seller approved by Amazon. The product is backed by a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic brown or white box. Accessories may be generic and not directly from the manufacturer.
  • Apple S1P Dual-Core, WatchOS 3, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Light Sensor, Activity Tracker, Heart Monitor, Microphone and Speaker, Bluetooth
  • Aluminum Chassis with Ion-X Glass
  • 1.3" 272 x 340 Display
  • Activity and Heart Rate Monitoring

Apple Watch Series 1 is the smartest smartwatch available in the market. Its features can be categorized as the best to have. Those who have used the Apple Watch Series 3 may have noted that Series 1s’ price is a bit lower.

The Apple Watch Series 1 can also monitor your heart rate as you weight lift. It screen display measures 1.3" 272 x 340. It feature an accelerometer, light sensor, microphone and speaker, apple S1P Dual-Core and Bluetooth that combine together to complete the watch’s’ functionality.

The watch lacks the onboard GPS found in series 3 models and swim-ready water resistance. In addition, the watch only comes in aluminum. It again lacks the radio app present in the series 3 models and WiFi music streaming.

All in all the watch features a lot of personalized options and easy to use fitness tracking. In addition, the watch offers a strong app support. Apple Watch Series 1 is also expensive this gives buyers reasons to look for other alternatives.