Best Leggings for Workout and Yoga in 2018: Sexy & Top Picks

Did you know that how you look is critical in determining how you feel? Haven’t you ever wondered why people going through a bit of depression or bad days tend to let themselves go? Or why confident people always dress to kill?

Since how you look is such a key factor of building self-esteem, it should then follow that when you head to the gym, you should look fantastic, right?

We have prepared a list of sexy leggings, most of which are great for working out. When you look good, you feel good about yourself; and when you feel good, you feel confident; and when you feel confident, your workout session is more of a success!

Our top 3 Best Workout Tights

Before we get into the reviews properly, let us begin by taking a look at three leggings from our list of twenty.

Our top pick are the S-QVSIA Workout Leggings. They are made of high quality spandex and nylon fabric that is built for durability, which makes them hardy enough for gym, running, and other sporting/fitness activities.

For the second best pick, we chose these Aosheng Fitness Leggings which stand out because of the breathability of their fabric. This means that the leggings will wick away perspiration and dry quickly, which makes them perfect for the sweaty, intense physical activities involved in sports and working out.

Our third choice are Hayoha Fitness Leggings. The pencil leggings thrilled us for being slim, sexy, and made of breathable fabric.

1. S-QVSIA Workout Leggings

S-QVSIA Workout Leggings

If sexy, high-waisted, ankle-length workout leggings are your thing, then these S-QVSIA leggings are exactly to your taste and more. Styled casual, you can wear them in a variety of places and situations.

Made of spandex and nylon, the knitted fabric is thick and of high quality, to ensure durability – they are pants that can handle intense, rigorous physical activity, and are ideal for sports, running, and gym activities.

2. Aosheng Fitness Tights

Aosheng Fitness Leggings

One of the best sexy leggings for sports and fitness, these Aosheng leggings will match perfectly with the rest of your workout outfit – the top and the workout shoes.

The fabric comprises polyester (95%) and spandex (5%) – knitted fabric that makes for a quick-drying, soft, stretchable material that feels nicely comfortable and elastic on your body. This makes it perfect for running, jogging, sports, and gym wear.

3. Hayoha Fitness Leggings

Hayoha Fitness Leggings

These Hayoha mid-waist workout leggings are designed to make women look amazing while they work out and have all the right features needed to make your workout a success. They are among the ​best leggings for big and thick thighs that we have seen so far.

These pencil pants are of standard thickness, made of knitted nylon fabric, and are slim, thin, and breathable. Being breathable makes them suitable for workouts since you tend to sweat a lot, and the perspiration will be quickly wicked away.

4. Feilibin Women’s Leggings

Feilibin Women’s Leggings

These Feilibin leggings are the best choice if you are looking for fashionable leggings to step out in and dazzle people everywhere you go. They go very well with heels.

Made of spandex, bamboo fiber, and cotton (knitted fabric), the ankle-length leggings are casual in style, thick, warm, and ideal for all seasons, including the winter.

​5. S-QVSIA Women’s Leggings

S-QVSIA Women’s Leggings

Our second S-QVSIA leggings on this list have a colorful string pattern that will make you the center of attention and adoration wherever you turn up.

The print pants are ankle-length, thick, casual in style, and have a high waist. They are made of knitted fabric that comprises nylon, spandex, and genuine leather.

6. HeyJoe Fitness Leggings

HeyJoe Fitness Leggings

These HeyJoe leggings are located in that sweet spot at the intersection of fashion and fitness. Not only do they make you look super hot, they are also a practical choice for workouts. They are yoga pants that make your bum look good by holding it tightly.

They are made of blended fabric which comprises spandex and cotton. These sexy, low-waisted, ankle-length leggings are ideal slaying wear for all seasons.

​7. Yemuseed Fitness Leggings

Yamuseed leggings

These Yemuseed leggings are the ideal exercise pants for women who want to work out and look trendy while at it.

The leggings are low-waisted, and made of knitted fabric which comprises spandex, cotton, and polyester. They are casual in style, ankle-length, and great wear as street fashion or  for heading out for a jog around the block.

8. JLZLSHONGLE Fitness Leggings

Best yoga pants

If you are looking for trendy, sexy, colorful leggings to rock when you head out for your jog or for your workouts at the gym, these are it.

The leggings are made of patchwork-patterned broadcloth fabric which consists of polyester and spandex. They are mid-waisted, quick drying, casual in style, and great for all seasons.

9. Zohra Plus-Size Women’s Leggings

plus size women leggings

These Zohra leggings are the best leggings for plus-sized women, available only in one size that caters for women in sizes L, XL, and XXL.

Made of knitted spandex and polyester fabric, these printed, high-waisted, ankle-length leggings are a great fit for plus-sized women.

10. Tiyanka Women’s Sporting Leggings

Best workout pants

The Tiyanka leggings are a casual pair you can sport to the gym and look fantastic while working out. They are also ideal for heading out for shopping or just hanging out. They are bum enhancing leggings that you should buy if you really want to show off that butt.

The workout tights are great for the spring, summer, and autumn seasons. They are ankle-length, high-waisted, standard in thickness, and made of knitted polyester and spandex fabric.

​11. Hayoha Women’s Fitness Leggings

breathable workout leggings

These are the second Hayoha pants in our list, and they are ideal for sports, yoga, and fitness.

The tights are ankle-length, mid-waist, have standard thickness, and are made of knitted nylon fabric. Being breathable, they can be relied on to quickly get rid of perspiration when you are working out.

12. Normov Workout Leggings

Top yoga panties

These Normov leggings are the perfect workout leggings, and they look like it. They match well with gym shoes, and you get to look great while you work out.

The leggings are made of knitted polyester fabric, and are high-waisted, of standard thickness, and casual in style. They are pretty warm and you can wear them even in winter as Christmas leggings.

13. VISNXGLI Women’s Camo Leggings

best camouflage leggings

What’s not to love in a pair of camo-patterned leggings? These VISNXGLI leggings look fantastic, all covered in camouflage print.

Casual in style, and great for leisure wear, these cool camo leggings are just what you need to make a bold fashion statement while at the same time being totally laidback. They are high-waisted, ankle length, elastic, and made of spandex and polyester knitted fabric.

​14. Hayoha Workout Leggings

cheap workout leggings

Our third Hayoha tights in the list are a good choice for yoga, sports, and gym-going.

They are made of breathable fabric that dries out the perspiration fairly quickly when you are jogging or working out. They are mid-waist, ankle-length, having standard thickness, and are made of knitted nylon fabric.

15. Zohra Women’s Leggings

best floral leggings

The second Zohra leggings in our list are very similar to the first. Like them, they are also made for plus-sized women.

These high-waisted print leggings are made of knitted fabric that consists of spandex and polyester. They are of standard thickness, and they make great street wear.

​16. Hayoha Leggings

sexy yoga leggings

These are the third Hayoha leggings on our list.

They are high-waisted, ankle-length with geometric patterns that make for a fantastic look. The leggings are made of knitted polyester and spandex material.

​17. Hayoha Sporting Leggings

Best sporting leggings

The fourth Hayoha leggings on our list, they are appropriate for women in working out at the gym or heading out for a jog or sprint around the block.

The casual-style leggings are of standard thickness, ankle-length, high-waisted, and made of kitted fabric comprising polyester and spandex.

​18. Kate Kasin Fitness Leggings

black workout leggings

These Kate Kasin leggings are not only perfectly suited for gym wear and street jogging, they also look amazing, making  them an ideal choice for women who believe in looking good while they work out.

The low-waisted, ankle-length leggings are made of broadcloth fabric that consists of spandex and polyester. They are of standard thickness, and you can wear them in all seasons, including the winter.

19. S-QVSIA Fitness Leggings

black sexy yoga panties

These are the third S-QVSIA fitness leggings for women on our list.

They are made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex: knitted fabric. Casual in style, the leggings are ideal for jogging, running, working out, and sports. In addition, they look great. They are ankle-length, mid-waist, and are of standard thickness.

20. SheIn Fitness Leggings


Last but not least on our list are these SheIn leggings. They are partially see through leggings for those who love transparent tights. We rank them on top of the best workout tights.

They are casual in style, ankle-length, and made of a mesh fabric that comprises spandex and rayon. The mid-waisted, standard thickness, ankle-length leggings match well with most gym shoes and have that classic fitness girl look and vibe to them.

These twenty are the best leggings out there. Whether you are a fit woman looking to look good while you workout, or if you just want something to look gorgeous in when you step out of the house on some casual errands, you can’t lack a pair that you will love in the list you have just read. It’s time to do some well-deserved shopping!

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