Best Weight lifting Gloves for Women in 2018: Complete Reviews with Comparison

Best Weightlifting Gloves for

Your lovely hands – you don’t say it out loud, but you are pretty proud of them. And why shouldn’t you? They are lovely! They are soft, smooth, and supple.

However, since you started lifting weights at the gym, terrible things have begun to happen to your hands. Blisters erupt. Callus forms. Your lovely hands are losing their loveliness! The soft palms are losing their softness! Mayday!

As always, we are the DTG crew. That means we deliver the goods. In this case, we have prepared a short list you can quickly read through of the best weightlifting gloves which will help keep your hands in their lovely, wonderful condition.

Our Top Picks of the Best Bodybuilding Gloves for women

Our top pick are these Aolikes Women’s Weightlifting Gloves, which we chose for their comfort, breathability, and good ventilation. They will keep your hands dry and in good hygiene.

Our second pick are these QUESHARK Women’s Weightlifting Gloves, with their ventilative half-finger design and sweat absorbing cloth. They too ensure dry palms and better hygiene.

Our third pick are these Women’s Weightlifting Gloves, which we chose for their breathability, versatility, and shock absorption.

1. Aolikes Women’s Weightlifting Gloves

If you are looking for gloves for your weightlifting sessions at the gym, these Aolikes gloves are an excellent choice.

The gloves are made of EVA material. EVA stands for Ethyene-Vinyl Acetate, which is a material used by companies as an alternative to rubber. The material is lightweight and holds no odors.

The gloves have breathable mesh, which enables your hands to be more comfortable, since the breathability reduces the likelihood of overheating and sweating.

As fingerless gloves, they have better air circulation than full-finger gloves, which means they dry out more rapidly and are better for hygiene.

What You Will Like

-Breathable mesh.

-Multiple available color choices: gray, rose red, blue, and white.

-They have good air circulation because of fingerless design.

-Air hole design for ventilation.

-Silicone palm reduces friction resistance.

What You Won’t Like

-Some would prefer them to be made of thicker, stronger material.

2. QUESHARK Women’s Weightlifting Gloves

These QUESHARK gloves are awesome, and they look it. And you have several different colors to choose from!

They have that awesome half-finger design which looks pretty badass. The main advantage of the fingerless design is that it provides better air circulation, which helps keep your hands dry, and hygienic.

You can get these gloves in a variety of colors: red, black, green, and blue – so you can purchase several, different-colored gloves for different days of the week, instead of wearing the same pair day in, day out.

These are highly versatile gloves – in addition to weightlifting, you can use them for other physical activities like cycling, climbing, and running.

They have sweat absorption cloth, and that is also key in keeping your hands dry and hygienic as you labor at lifting weight after weight in the gym.

What You Will Like

-Good air circulation.

-Multiple available colors

-Versatility of applications beyond weightlifting

-Sweat absorption cloth.

What You Won’t Like

-Some would love them more if they were a bit bigger.

3.  Women’s Weightlifting Gloves

If you are looking for durable, versatile, comfortable, easy to wash gloves to wear when you head to the gym, these are it.                                             

Not just weightlifting, these versatile winners’ gloves are also perfect for sports such as hiking and cycling.

They have breathable fabric, which enables the absorption of sweat of the fingers and palms and into the glove material. As a result, you can keep your hands relatively dry and in good hygiene, even on hot, sweaty days.

And if you like convenience, you will appreciate the ease of cleaning the gloves – just machine wash and dry.

Thick palm pads perform two important functions: one, they protect your hands from friction (weightlifting, hello), and two, they enhance the durability of the gloves.

What You Will Like

-Breathable fabric.

-Versatile applications.

-Machine wash and dry.

-Thick palm pads.

-Central palm breathable mesh system.

-Excellent shock absorption.

-Easy to pull off.

What You Won’t Like

-Some complain that they are larger than expected.

4. QUESHARK Women’s Gym Gloves

These QUESHARK weightlifting gloves are quality. They will keep your hands dry and comfortable while you work out.

They are made of breathable fabric and have breathable mesh. In addition to that, they are fingerless gloves, and that means they enjoy good air circulation. The compound effect of this breathability is that your hands are able to remain relatively dry, for instance in those notorious crevices between two fingers. As a result, you enjoy better hygiene and comfort.

They close at the wrist with high quality Velcro, so it is pretty easy to take them off when you are done with your gym session.

What You Will Like

-Hollow design keeps your hands dry.

-Stretchy, breathable fabric.

-Breathable mesh.

-High quality Velcro for easy take-off at the wrists.

-Multiple available colors: pink, blue, grey, yellow, and black.

-Elastic sponge gasket for palm protection.

What You Won’t Like

-Some consider them too thin.

5. Aolikes Women’s Gym Gloves

Last but not least are these Aolikes weightlifting gloves, which we liked because of their ventilation, comfort, among other good things.

The gloves are of the half-fingered design, which ensures there is sufficient circulation of air in and out of your palms to keep them relatively dry.

Good ventilation is very important to avoid sweaty palms and to maintain good hygiene, and that’s why the gloves have the air hole design.

What You Will Like

-Half-fingered for good air circulation.

-Air-hole design for good ventilation.

-Silicone palm to reduce friction resistance.

-Multiple available colors: black, green, gray, and pink.

-Many applications: weightlifting, cycling, sports, hiking.

-Easy to take off.

-Velcro wrist strap/Velcro belt.

What You Won’t Like

-They may be smaller than expected.

Comfort and breathability are the two main things you should be looking for in your weightlifting gloves. That’s how you maintain the loveliness and softness of your hands. Good ventilation and breathability prevent excessive sweating and ensure hygiene. On both these counts, our big five, which you have just read about, deliver admirably. Now, get shopping.

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