Best Yoga Mat for Beginners in 2018

Best Yoga Mats for Beginners

There are mixed opinions on whether mats are necessary for yoga training. Some people argue that the effectiveness of your yoga practice isn’t dependent on the mat. Still, others say that a high quality mat is ideal for your yoga sessions. Far from these assumptions, the best yoga mats have become quite popular, particularly among beginning yogis.

Like with everything on sale, though, finding a perfect mat for your yoga sessions can be quite a challenge. There are tradeoffs and compromises, each of which depends on your pocket. Some people opt for thick yoga mats, especially because they make the best option for achy joints and don’t put pressure on knees. Others opt for cheap mats, especially if they cannot pay the earth for high-end yoga mats for beginners.

The goal of this article is to help you find a good mat that suits yogi beginners like you. While these fall in the list of the most affordable options, they also fall into the hot spot. As such, they remain the cream of the crop, even for yoga fanatics on budget.

In Summary: Our Top 3 Picks

When it comes to quality, Jade Fusion 68-inch Yoga Mat does speak volumes on its own. From a higher rating to high quality build, this yoga mat is something you’d leave money on the tablet for. It’s even eco-friendly. This means it makes a perfect option for people that give a damn about every aspect of their health.

​The Liforme TRAVEL Yoga Mat hasn’t been on the market for long. But, forget about the coon’s age, and evaluate the quality for a moment. What you are getting is a high quality, environmental-friendly mat made to last for a very long time. Whether you want to use this mat as a beginner or you plan to grow with it, it is a perfect option for the budget.

If you are looking for a yoga mat that can intelligently guide your yoga practices, I would recommend trying the Liforme the YOGA Mat. And, when it comes to dimensions, this one is longer and wider. So, you can have the space you need for your yoga practice. When it comes to color, you get at least three options at the end of the day; so you can take home what also appeals to your eyes.

In Reviews: What’s the Best Yoga Mat for Beginners? 

1. Jade Fusion 68-inch Yoga Mat

Jade Fusion 68-Inch x 5/16-Inch Yoga Mat (Purple)
145 Reviews
Jade Fusion 68-Inch x 5/16-Inch Yoga Mat (Purple)
  • Nature?s Best Yoga Mat
  • Great Grip - open cell natural rubber provides optimum grip
  • Comfortable - natural rubber has more resilience and cushion
  • Made in the US with natural rubber, a renewable resource and contains no synthetic plastics.
  • Through its partnership with Trees for the Future, JadeYoga plants a Tree with every mat sold.

We know that yoga mats are the most important items for yoga practices as much as yoga shorts. And, they must be high quality to cut it quite well. The Jade Fusion 68 inch Yoga Mat only uses natural rubber, which is long lasting unlike the ordinary mats that use cheap PVC.

In my opinion, Jade Fusion is the most durable and comfortable mat you can have. Built with the environment in mind, Jade contains no ozone depleting substances, heavy metals, or PVC materials. So, what really makes the Fusion eco-friendly? Well, it is eco-friendly because it is made from sustainable and renewable resources.

Although the mat is 99% latex free, they may still contain tiny amounts of latex protein. And that is why people with latex allergies are advised not to use them. Most of yoga studios love this mat because it has an unmatched compression set resistance and exceptional resilience with incomparable cushioning.

The mat might be very expensive. But the good thing is that once bought, it might take long before you think of replacing it just like these yoga shorts.

2. The Liforme TRAVEL Yoga Mat

The Liforme TRAVEL Yoga Mat - World's Best Eco-Friendly, Light, Portable Non Slip Yoga Mat With ORIGINAL Alignment Marker System - Grey
21 Reviews
The Liforme TRAVEL Yoga Mat - World's Best Eco-Friendly, Light, Portable Non Slip Yoga Mat With ORIGINAL Alignment Marker System - Grey
  • A lightweight portable Travel Yoga Mat (Liforme Yoga Mat bag included) that can be used on its own or as a topper
  • Unique and original AlignForMe alignment system on a lightweight Travel Yoga Mat
  • Revolutionary "GripForMe" material for unparalleled grip whilst practicing on the move
  • Made using the most 'body kind' and eco-friendly materials and processes
  • Longer, wider and thicker than other Travel Yoga Mats - 70.8" long x 25.6" wide, and 2mm (0.07") thick

Liforme TRAVEL is one of the most advanced yoga mat on the market today. I have used the mat myself, and I loved carrying it everywhere I went. And the reason? It’s the most environmentally friendly mat that I have ever purchased. It contained no EVA, synthetic rubber, heavy metals, or PVC.

The mat is available in various colors, including grey, green, pink and blue. It measures 180cm x 66cm and it is 2mm thick. Here, you do not have quite a lot of space, so I should say this doesn’t make a good option for tall people.

Besides the size dimension, Liforme features an original alignment marker system, and it is comfortable and very sticky. Because it is sticky, it is hard to trip whenever you are practicing yoga. Having been made of perfect cushioning the mat can also lie flat on the ground.

Liforme TRAVEL Yoga Mat folds up easily; you can pack it inside a suitcase with ease. The manufacturing company recommends the mat for travel use only. One thing to keep in mind is that its durability may be reduced if it is ported each time.

Liforme TRAVEL Yoga Mat is one of the lightest mats on my list (weighs about 700g). As such, it is easy to transport even with a “light” (use of hands) means of transport.

Its major drawback is its price. Not all yoga performers will be willing to spend such an amount of cash for the mat.

3. Liforme YOGA Warrior like Mat

Liforme The YOGA Mat - The World's Best Eco-Friendly, Non Slip Yoga Mat With ORIGINAL Unique Alignment Marker System. Available in Grey, Pink, Blue,...
189 Reviews
Liforme The YOGA Mat - The World's Best Eco-Friendly, Non Slip Yoga Mat With ORIGINAL Unique Alignment Marker System. Available in Grey, Pink, Blue,...
  • Unique and original AlignForMe alignment system
  • Revolutionary "GripForMe" material for unparalleled grip whilst practicing
  • Made using the most 'body kind' and eco-friendly materials and processes
  • Longer, wider and thicker than many other mats - 72.8" long x 26.8" wide and 4mm (0.16") thick
  • Liforme Yoga Mat bag included

Liforme YOGA Warrior like Mat also features the unique AlignForMe System to guide your yoga practices. When it comes to dimension, the mat is longer and winder. As such, it has a bigger workout space that every yogi needs for his or her sessions.

Most customers who have reviewed this product appear to be very much obsessed with it. At the end of the day, quality fitness products are always given credit where it is due.

Liforme YOGA Warrior like Mat is a few inches longer and wider than other ordinary Yoga mats. It measures 72.8 x 26.8 x 1.6 inches. This makes it accessible for both Michael Jordan-sized and Kylie-sized yogis and everybody in between.

Do not except the mat to have nasty heavy metals like cadmium and lead. Moreover, it is PVC--free and available in pink, grey, green, and blue.

The AlignForMe system works as a navigation tool for Yoga practices. The combination of markers present on the mat gives you as much guidance as you need.  With its warrior-like grip, incidence of tripping and falling (which may result to a serious injury) are unlikely to occur.

The mats’ grip cannot survive for long, though, especially if you are one who practices yoga daily. It tends to slowly wear out without you noticing. I also think its pricing is also not friendly to all.

4. Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mat 

Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mat (River)
44 Reviews
Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mat (River)
  • Superior, non-slip grip on both sides
  • Natural rubber is durable, and long-lasting
  • 1/4" thickness with excellent cushion and shock absorption
  • Streaked with a blue and green pattern
  • Rubber is a natural, sustainable, renewable material. Ours comes from non-Amazon sources

Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mat is created from rubber plantation in Indonesia. This beautiful mat is sticky on both sides to provide extra stability. Most people who have bought the mat say it is one of the best yoga mats for beginners. And that is why we included it on this list.

The materials used to make the mat are both renewable and sustainable. Hugger Mugger Para Rubber is very much durable, as it is made from natural rubber, and completely free from PVC.

The marbled effect printed on the mats’ top makes is look even more attractive. It weighs a maximum weight of 6.05 lbs; that’s about as lightweight as it can get – to be frank. In addition, the mats’ measure 24’’ x 70’’, so you get some good space for your yoga session. In terms of thickness, Hugger Mugger is about 6mm. Plus, it is comfortable, thanks to the excellent cushioning.

The mat is available in various colors you can choose. From blue to green to teal, you can choose a color that pleases your eyes. But if you do not really care about color, it is fine to go for anything. The mats’ structure is closed cell, so it doesn’t absorb in oil and sweat.

This mat is easy to care for, all you need to do is wipe it down using a warm wet towel and air it out in the direct sun.

Overall, for people that love cheap products, this one won’t hurt the pocket.

5. Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat, Black Magic,71'
1,675 Reviews
Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat, Black Magic,71"
  • An ultra-dense and spacious performance yoga mat that has unmatched comfort and cushioning.
  • The 71" x 26" PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat will never wear out, guaranteed.
  • High-density cushion, joint protection, unmatched support.
  • Closed-cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the mat.
  • Non-toxic, emissions-free manufacturing, 100% latex free.

Manduka is a company that has a great reputation in the yoga mat industry. The PROlite and Black Mat PRO series are what have made the company well known. Having tested the PRO Yoga and Pilate Mat, I have also decided to include it in my top picks. 

The product is also made with a closed cell structure; this means it cannot absorb sweat or oil. Pro Yoga and Pilate mat is 100% latex free and doesn’t contain PVC. As such, I can confidently say that it is environmental-friendly. This item may take ages to wear out. So you do not have to worry about buying another one anytime soon. The additional padding will assure you much comfort as you practice your yoga.

The only warning I would pose is this: DO NOT soak, submerge or shower this mat into water. There are ways that are formulated to clean this particular mat, so don’t clean the mat your own way, unless you are ready to spend most of your time inside a yoga mat shop making replacements.

Manduka PRO Yoga is heavy and bulky it is therefore not convenient to carry for long distances. So, if you love travelling I would prefer you look for another alternative.

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