Can Pull up Bar Bicep Workout Help You build Biceps Naturally?

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I am always fanatic about the gym, mostly because I love to workout before I go back to the salt mine and after work. My main goal has always been not just to cut down weight and keep fit, but also to build strong biceps naturally.

Of course, there are tons of ways you can build biceps naturally, even if you are not the kind of guy who loves to hit the gym every morning and every evening. Yet, what I have found to be the most effective way to build biceps naturally is via pull up bar bicep workout.  Of course, workout equipment like barbells and adjustable dumbbells also help with building biceps, but the best pull up bar is really all you need for body building.

Pull Up Bar Workout Variation

While there are more than half a dozen pull up bar workout variations, there are only two most popular exercises that you can engage to build your biceps naturally: pull-ups and chin-ups. Pull-ups and chin-ups are quite similar. In both, you hang straight down from the bar, and then you pull yourself up and down, until your shoulder aligns properly with the bar.

However, the hand positioning of chin-ups and pull-ups are completely different. When doing pull-ups, your palm should face away from you, with your grip a little bit wider than the width of your shoulder. When doping chin-ups, you will need a slightly narrower grip. Also, your palms should be facing you. 

Mastering Pull-Up Bar Biceps Workout

Regular chin-ups and pull-ups can and will build your biceps naturally. To build your biceps even faster, it would best to try out some advanced strength training variations. The two most advanced pull up bar bicep workout are a dip belt and weighted vest.

Weighted Vest

According to a post published on Chron, a weighted vest is a more advanced pull-up technique that gets you to build your biceps even faster than regular pull up workout for biceps. In fact, the technique makes chin-ups and pull-up harder, and it can take close to six seconds to execute.

A Dip Belt

A dip belt technique is not regular either. And given that it is as advanced as a weighted vest, the goal is absolutely the same. In fact, the technique will yield similar results to the weighted vest: it makes it possible to build your biceps faster.

Another technique that you can use to challenge your strength training, of course, by making the session even harder, is to wrap your towel around the bar. This will thicken the diameter of the bar, and make the exercise process even more challenging for you.


One of the most important thing to keep in mind is that this kind of strength training isn’t easy, particularly if you are a beginner. So, if you start vigorously, you are likely to give up too soon. To make sure you build your biceps over time, it is best to start slow and increase the intensity of the strength training slowly.

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