Century Tidal Wave Hydrocore Review

Century Tidal Wave Hydrocore Heavy Bag Review

It you want to experience the benefits of working out with a water filled heavy bag, you should consider Century tidal wave.

Most professional MMA trainers prefer punching bags that you can be able to fill with water because water is readily available and does not involve many technicalities like other filler materials such as sand.

This is a great punch bag that provides you with a realistic feel when working out. This is because you feel as if you are fighting a real opponent.

The punching bag gives you a good experience when working out as it is made of durable vinyl outer shell. Moreover, it does not cause fatigue like most traditional bags do.

One of the things that we did not like about this bag is the fact that it hangs low. Also, it is hard to make an adjustment with the bag since it uses chains instead of straps.

Product Packaging and Specifications

Century tidal wave hydrocore heavy bag comes in two sizes which is large and X large depending with your needs and preferences.

The X large bag is about 5’’ tall and has a hanging height of 64’’.The diameter of a filled heavy bag is 14’’.

The large bag has a diameter of 13.5’’ and a height of 42’’.


  • Comes in variable weight systems.
  • The heavy bag comes in black and yellow designs.
  • Durable vinyl outer shell.
  • Comes with Century’s standard warranty against any defects in workmanship.
  • The bag comes with some chains.
  • Other materials included are an instructional material and a free-floating, hard plastic lid.
The bag comes in variable weight systems to suit the needs of people with different weight.The heavy bag if placed in an unsafe place may rupture although this has happened with a few reported cases.
The punching bag is packaged together with other necessary accessories.It is relatively light without water.
Does not cause fatigue like most traditional heavy bags.If you are above 6 feet tall, you will need to raise the bag from normal length by shorting a couple of chain lengths.
Comes with a D ring at its bottom for safety and reinforced web straps.The bag hangs low and you cannot adjust it because it uses chains instead of straps.
The water core is easy to fill with water.
The foam and water core work together perfectly.

Since 1976, Century has been around creating martial arts products and it is rated as one of the best martial arts products providers across the globe.

You can therefore be assured of the authenticity of their products when buying.

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