Everlast 100 C3 Foam Review

Everlast 100 C3 Foam Heavy Bag review

This punch bag is one of the best heavy bags for sale as it is designed with closed cell foam technology (C3) to provide you with maximum comfort while using it.

It is best designed to provide professional level training for boxers and a great workout for athletes who like boxing to keep fit.

Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag
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Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag
  • 100-pound professional-training punching bag with Contoured Closed Cell Foam Technology (C3)
  • Polycanvas shell for durability
  • Natural and synthetic fiber filling blended with sifted sand for a homogenous feel
  • C3 designed to provide increased cushioning and force dispersion while maintaining bag integrity
  • Durable webbing system with heavy-duty nylon straps and double end loops

The Contoured Closed Cell Foam Technology (C3) is designed to provide increased cushion, support and force dispersion that serious hitters need during heavy workouts.

If you wish to make a good investment on punching bags, you should really consider this bag as it is one of the most durable bags in the market.

Another good reason why you should factor this punching bag is the fact that it can be used by people who are as heavy as 200 lbs.

One of the things that we did not like about the bag is that it cannot be detached with the outer cover that it comes in.

If you do not like the cover, you will have to live with it like that or replace the punch bag altogether.

Product Packaging and Specifications

Everlast 100-pound C3 foam heavy bag is a 100-pound bag that comes with a strap for hanging the punch bag.


  • 100-pound professional training punching bag with countered closed cell technology(C3)
  • Equipped with durable webbing system for safety.
  • Has a natural and synthetic filling that is blended with sifted sand to provide you with an overall feel of the bag.
  • Comes with durable heavy duty nylon straps.
  • The shell is made of poly-canvas to ensure durability.
The high density foam closed cells help to inhibit moisture transfer thus keeping the gloves lighter and drier during use.As compared to other punching bags, Everlast 100 C3 foam heavy bag may not last you very long. After two years of using it, you might have to replace it.
It is regarded as a good investment as it is highly reputable in online selling sites.The outer black cover may easily scrap off skin if hit without a pair of gloves.
The bag combines some of the best materials thus it can be used by boxers who are 200 lbs.You cannot unzip or remove the outer cover which is sown onto the heavy bag.
It is quite cheap and affordable yet effective in the training.The punching bag is quite hard and the gel absorbs the punches but it might feel like you are hitting a wall.
The bag is solid and well-constructed.

Everlast 100 C3 foam heavy bag is one of the most affordable yet effective punching bags that you can find online.

The fact that it is from a reputable manufacturer, you can bet that it will give you great service before you replace.

The good thing about this bag is that it is sold at quite relative price so even if it serves you for just two years, it will still be worth buying.

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