Everlast Powercore Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

Everlast Powercore Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

With Everlast products, you are assured to get value for your money because most of their products are not only high quality but also well priced.

However, we were not sure about this product bearing in mind that it is made from China but we went along and ordered for it just because it is an Everlast product.

Everlast 2228 PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag
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Everlast 2228 PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag
  • Improved design & strength and ease of assembly
  • Tri-disc foam structure provides maximum energy dispersion
  • PowerTransferRing collar offers superior impact and absorption and re-coil
  • PowerCore steel plate technology improves the overall strength
  • Compact base allows for increased accessibility

One of the things that we really liked about it besides being reasonably priced is that it is quite easy to assemble.

Another thing is that the height of the product is adjustable making it both suitable for both tall and short kickboxers making it to appear as one of  the best punching bag.

With the help of another person, the process of assembling may take you just thirty minutes or about an hour.

To fill the base of the heavy bag, you can choose to fill it with water or sand.

If you are a heavy kicker, we would recommend that you use sand as it is more stable and does not result in wobbling of the punching bag when being kicked as in the case for water filled heavy bag.

Another thing that you need to note is that this product comes with 16 screws.

You need to be very careful when tightening them because they are made from aluminum and stripping them may result to rusting.

One of the things that we did not like about this standing punching bag is that the screws are quite loose and you have to keep tightening them after every session which can be quite annoying.

Another thing is that it does not come with punching gloves which means that you have to incur some costs to get the gloves.

Product Descriptions and Specifications

The product dimensions is 8.7 by 8.7 by 8.1 inches and has a shipping weight of 21 pounds.


  • Has a warranty of 120 days.
  • Tri- disc foam structure that helps provide maximum energy dispersion.
  • Power TransferRing collar offering superior impact, absorption and re-coll.
  • Padded inside of the bag.
  • The height of the bag is 5’10.
  • With the bottom filled with sand or water, the total weight of the bag is about 250 lbs.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Made in China.
Easy to assemble.The screws tend to become loose after few times using it.
Does not move around when it’s being hit.The post snaps if you hit too hard.
Heavy duty punching bag.Does not come with punching gloves.
The base is easy to fill with either water or sand.The core of the bag is made up of hard plastic which is susceptible to damages if hit hard.
The overall height is not too high therefore you can kick box. 
Good quality for the price. 
Can be used for a variety of exercises such as Cardio and technique. 

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