FINIS Swimsense Live Watch Review

Two years later after FINIS released the Swimsense Live, a follow up to the Swimsense, the device has already gained the admiration of many sportsmen, especially the swimming enthusiasts. Unlike the Swimsense, the new version is updated with more accurate tracking systems, swim-specific data and proprietary Bluetooth technology for real-time results.

Designed for the swimmers, the Swimsense Live comes with the ability to capture your stroke count, total distance swam, calories burned, distance per stroke, SWOLF (efficiency score), and many more aspects.

But those are just tidbits of what it has it offers; this next generation waterproof swimming watch uses proprietary algorithms to track in-depth stats and track all your swim activities, allowing you to access even more accurate data. At the very least, this device helps swimmers of all abilities to optimize their time spent in the water.

What many users love about this device is that it comes at an astonishingly lower price compared to the main rivals within its line.

Now, journey with us as we review this device and see whether it will cater to your swimming needs.

​What Makes FINIS Swimsense Live So Awesome?

  • IPX8 Rated Waterproof Capability: The SwimSense Live is truly built for the swimmer. Featuring the highest water resistance rating, IPX8, this watch is built to withstand continuous underwater use and can hold up to long periods of immersion. The waterproof nature of the watch is bolstered by a high durability shell that keeps the water off and allows continuous water immersion even seven days a week making it a perfect tracking device for swimmers.
  • Real-Time Workout Tracking: One of the main highlights of the SwimSense Live lies on its ease of use and technology. Using a proprietary FINIS Live app, which is synchronized using Bluetooth, users can view, track and share their swim progress in real-time and to multiple devices.
  • Tailored for Swimmers: The SwimSense has a clear objective; to optimize the swimming abilities of swimmers. As such, it comes with proprietary algorithms that will track comprehensive swim activities. Besides tracking the swim activities, the watch can identify all four swim strokes, including butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

FINIS Swimsense Live Watch
  • Waterproof watch that uses proprietary algorithms to record the most accurate swim workout data.
  • Provides a detailed analysis of workout data including total laps, pace, calories burned, distance-per-stroke and SWOLF (efficiency score).
  • Using the FINIS Live application, users can view and share workout data from multiple devices.
  • Able to identify all four swim strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.
  • Ability to customize pool distance, preferred measurement settings, gender and weight.

More unique features that Make FINIS Swimsense Live Watch ​interesting


In a wearable world where more users prefer minimalist watches, it`s ironical that FINIS decided to go with a large design.

To provide you with a bit of a comparative understanding, the watch, with a dimension of 4 x 3.5 x 3 inches is by far way bigger than some of the common swimming watches including it`s step-down the FINIS Swimsense, Garmin Swim and Vivoactive.

For those with small wrists, the SwimSense is not exactly the most comfortable thing you would want to wear during your workout. In many instances, users are seen complaining of how they are not able to feel the water with one arm like they can with the other.

The second flaw in the design lies on the wristband. The watch comes with an aesthetically appealing green plastic pin that's is supposedly meant to go through the hole in the rubber band. However, it`s not sufficiently long to latch to the wristband, and it frustratingly becomes undone when taking off your sweater. The green color and the design of the latch is visually appealing though.

If there was any way to make this device smaller, and a rework on the band latch mechanism, we think that it could make it a 5-star device.


At the face of the watch is a high contrast OLED display that shows up to 5 essential statistics in real time.

The display is not a touchscreen, and FINIS has included three buttons at the side for navigational purposes.

It beats logic, however, to have a big watch but a small display. The display is so minimalist that you cannot read unless you stop at the edge of the pool, which ironically defeats its purpose.

Another concern with the display, though not a huge one is the horizontal landscape, which we think it would have performed better if it was vertical.

Nonetheless, the high-contrast OLED screen is bright enough and illuminates well even in under direct sunlight.


Using a FINIS Live application, the SwimSense uses Bluetooth synchronization to pair with a variety of Bluetooth supported iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices.


To make the most of every swim, you will need to download the free FINIS Live™ mobile application. The FINIS Live™ app, allows you to track a wide breadth of your swim activities including the number of laps, stroke-specific data, calories burned and distance swam.

Aside from tracking your workout progress, the FINIS Live™ app allows you to store up to 1 workout, allows third-party users to view your progress and even share your key swim statistics.

Activity Tracked

The display and design aspect of the FINIS Swimsense Live is quite bumpy and come with flaws. With the performance, however, the Swimsense Live does not skimp; it comes with everything that you need for a successful swimming regime.

The watch can track a variety of swim activities including;

  • Registering the four types of swimming (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle)
  • Total Laps
  • Time intervals
  • Pace
  • Distance-per-stroke
  • Calories

By using proprietary algorithms, the watch can accurately  determine your strokes. The major health benefits of using this watch are that it increases your workout by allowing to track your progress and gain the insights associated with swimming.

Similarly, by providing you with a comprehensive breakdown of your workout stats, it will help to improve and optimize your training.

With regards to performance, we would have wished to see the integration of some basic swim fitness information such as a mileage counter, or even a heart rate counter.

Additional Features

A major highlight of the watch is the custom setting mode, which allows you to customize your workout depending on your temperament. Here, you can customize a variety of aspects including the pool distance, weight, gender, and preferred measurement settings.

Battery Life

The FINIS SwimSense Live watch is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a shelf-life of up to 7 hours.

Box Content

The FINIS Live set comes with;

  • FINIS SwimSense Live watch
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual


  • Partner Integration: For convenience and easy sharing, the SwimSense allows you to upload your workout data directly to a variety of health and fitness platforms such as, SportTrack, 2Peak, TrainingPeaks and more.
  • Waterproof​: With a water resistance of IPX8, the SwimSense is tailor-made for use underwater.
  • Budget-friendly: Yes, the Swimsense Live is an affordable option that has plenty of benefits to the swimmer.


  • Bulky: The chunkiness of the SwimSense live is a huge drawback, as it does not offer the coziness and ease of use we expect in swimming watches.

​Bottom line on FINIS SwimSense Live

The FINIS SwimSense Live is a watch that is optimized for swim purposes. It packs all the features that swimmers need in a single unit. From its ability to track your stokes, laps, and distance swam to ability to customize your swim settings, the SwimSense is truly swimmers watch.

However, the lack of basic fitness features such as heart rate monitoring and its bulkiness has seen many users shy away from this device, and opt for some of the swim-oriented rivals such as Moov Now.

Nonetheless, the FINIS SwimSense Live is a perfect option for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly watch that will track all your swim activities, and recognize you’re a variety of swimming styles.

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