Best Fitness Tracker Watch with Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor of 2018: Complete Reviews with Comparison

What can be more significant than your health? If your health is the most important investment you can make, can you afford to compromise on quality? When it comes to fitness tracking and monitoring your blood pressure and heart rate, you cannot afford to be complacent.

It is imperative that you get the best equipment for the job; otherwise, substandard devices will give you inaccurate results, and that can be very dangerous. It is with this thought in mind that we have compiled what we believe are the cream of the fitness tracker market – accurate, state-of-the-art devices that might just save your life.

Our top 3 picks of the best fitness trackers with blood pressure and heart rate monitor

Out of the five products we examined, these are three we consider to be the best, and as such to be among the very best of their category in the fitness market.

Our best is the Diggro QS90 Smart Bracelet, which provides 24-hour continuous monitoring of your heart rate and blood pressure. It has the best user experience in terms of information presentation since it has the largest screen size.

Our runner’s up is the Wearpai WP103 Smart Bracelet, which has an OLED screen for the best clarity and quality. It is a multi-functional device, monitoring your blood pressure, heart rate, steps, you sleep quality, and so forth.

Our third best choice is the Longet WP103 Smart Band which has automatic as well as manual monitoring of your body’s heart rate, blood pressure, calories, among other health concerns.

Top fitness trackers with BP monitor reviews

1. Diggro QS90 Smart Bracelet

Diggro QS90 Smart Bracelet

The QS90 is a smart bracelet model from the brand Diggro which deals in smart wearable products. The bracelet is a great piece for anyone who wants to accurately monitor their activity and health.

The QS90 is an upgrade of another Diggro smart bracelet the QS80 which we will look at a bit further on in this article. Most of their features are similar, with a few exceptions like the 0.96-inch screen of the QS90 which gives you a superior user experience to using the 0.42-inch screen of the QS80 model.

One of the services it provides is continuous real-time heart rate monitoring, which enables you to know your heart rate from anywhere and at anytime. It also measures your blood pressure and blood oxygen.

The device automatically monitors your mileage (movement distance) and calorie consumption, which is excellent if you are trying to lose weight.

What You Will Like

-It is life waterproof, putting you at ease when it rains or when you are washing your hands.

-It has real-time heart rate monitoring.

-The screen is larger than the earlier QS80 model, giving you a better user experience.

-You can enjoy using it with Android 4.3 and above, and IOS 7.0 and above.

-The band is detachable.

-It has Bluetooth connectivity (version 4.0).

What You Won’t Like

-It is not water resistant enough to go swimming with it. We have previously reviewed top fitbit for swimming that can track your activities when swimming.

2. Wearpai WP103 Smart Bracelet

Wearpai WP103 Smart Bracelet

The Wearpai WP103 is a multiple functionality smart bracelet produced for the fitness market, with functions such as bp tracking, counting your steps, heart rate tracking, and sleep tracking.

Functioning as a passometer, it enables you to count your steps, which is useful for determining just how much time and distance you need to put into your daily walk for best results. It also monitors your heart rate and measures your blood oxygen and blood pressure.

It has an OLED screen, a screen type you see mostly in high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and high-end TVs. According to some, OLED is the future. OLED allows for better clarity and quality than LED.

What You Will Like

-The band is detachable.

-It has an OLED screen.

-It can track your blood pressure.

-It has Bluetooth connectivity, enabling syncing of data to your Android or IOS phone to get real-time fitness assessment day-long.

-It acts as a sedentary reminder, vibrating to tell you to have a rest for the sake of a healthy body.

What You Won’t Like

-You can’t swim while wearing this fitness tracker because doing so would damage it.

3. Longet WP103 Smart Band

Longet WP103 Smart Band

The Longet WP103 is a fitness tracker designed to handle multiple functions, some in the fitness niche like heart rate monitoring and others which offer day-to-day convenience like call reminder and stop watch.

The device is well designed and the materials appropriate for the job, so you will not experience any discomfort for wearing it for hours. You get a rather comfortable experience wearing it when you are exercising or sleeping.

It maintains a daily monitoring of your body’s health status, automatically measuring your present levels of blood oxygen, blood pressure, calories, heart rate, and steps in the hour. It’s also possible to measure the data manually by app.

The WP103 exercises multiple functions. Other than the ones we have mentioned, it also measures sleep quality to help you work on sleeping better for a healthier, more refreshed body. It also has non-fitness functions that are useful to you in your daily life for greater convenience: these include alarm clock, call reminder, and stop watch.

If you are a photo addict, this is the best model for you since it has the ability to take pictures via remote camera control, something you might want to do when you are out jogging or hard at work lifting weights in the gym.

What You Will Like

-It has Bluetooth (version 4.0).

- Blood pressure and heart rate monitoring.

-The band is detachable.

-It helps you monitor the depth, duration, and quality of your sleep.

-The intimate alarm vibration is heaps better than that annoying cell phone alarm that gives you a bad mood early in the morning.

-When in a noisy environment, the bracelet will vibrate to alert you of incoming calls.

-Remote camera control.

What You Won’t Like

-You must take it off when you go swimming because soaking in water will harm it.

4. Diggro QS80 Smart Band

Diggro QS80 Smart Band

The Diggro QS80 is an earlier model than the QS90 and is therefore a lesser fitness tracker, though it is still a device to be reckoned with in our opinion. It is a user-friendly device, which gives you a superb user experience, with easy use and presentation of information

With its blood pressure monitoring function, you can directly view your blood pressure parameters in the screen. The device also has optical heart rate monitoring function that enables you to view accurate heart rate data at any time of day through the screen.

It takes only about an hour to charge and will standby for about 10 days. It has a working time of 4 to 6 days, which should give you ample time to get the most out of it before the next charge.

Like the other devices we have looked at, it has IP67 waterproof rating, meaning you can wear the bracelet to wash your hands, but you have to take it off when you have to shower because complete soaking will harm it.

If you have a tendency of losing your valuable items, the smart band’s anti-lost function will help you keep track of your cellphone. An alarm system is activated the moment you are separated from your phone at a length that exceeds the safe distance.

What You Will Like

-The anti-lost function will help you take care not to lose your phone.

-It has a curved shape design which is ergonomically perfect for your skin, making the bracelet comfortable to wear when you are working, sleeping, or working out.

-The band is detachable.

-It has Bluetooth connectivity (version 4.0).

-It has a TFT high-definition OLED screen

What You Won’t Like

-You have to take it off when you shower or swim.

-The screen is relatively smaller (0.42 inches) than the screens of the other devices on this list.

5. Hold Mi M2 Pro Fitness Bracelet

Hold Mi M2 Pro Fitness Bracelet

Hold Mi M2 Pro is a fitness bracelet with a variety of lifesaving features like blood pressure monitoring and convenient ones like the alarm clock reminder.

Having this fitness tracker on is like having a doctor or caring parent accompany you wherever you go. It offers 24-hour monitoring of your heart rate and blood pressure, just recording all day. You can then use the M2 app to view the complete heart rate curve.

For blood pressure monitoring, it uses a scientific algorithm, whereby it measures pulse conduction rate to get the time difference of ECG monitoring and pulse detection.

Using Bluetooth remote control, you can shake the device to take flawless photos – for instance when you are out on the jog or working out at the gym, and you feel inspired to capture the moment for your Instagram.

What You Will Like

-Band is detachable.

-With a quick turn of your wrist, you can light up the screen so as to view the time, blood pressure, heart rate, and any other information.

-You can use it to take photos.

What You Won’t Like

-You will have to take it off when diving or stepping into the shower.

If you have any health problems, a fitness tracker watch might just save your life. And if you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, what better way to measure and monitor your progress than purchasing a fitness tracker? As they say, there can be no concrete progress without measurement. And these five devices are among the best the market has to offer.

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