38 Foods That Cause Excess Belly Fat. No 26 will shock you!

38 Foods That Cause Excess Belly Fat. No 26 will shock you!

Most men and women have one problem in common. It is the presence of excess belly fat in their bodies. The belly fat speaks even when you are silent and you do not like how people look at it and how clothes never fit you well.

For women, people might even think that you are pregnant even when you are not. You might wish to lose because of the outward appearance but the real reason why you should endeavor to lose excess belly fat is because of the risk it poses to your health.

Excess belly fat may result to heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, breathing problems and in severe cases, it could lead to premature death.

It is important to note that in most cases, excess belly fat is mostly caused by what you eat and if you wish to lose it, here are some foods that you should avoid:

  1. Whole Grain Bread

If you are fond of white bread for breakfast, maybe it is time that you started to embrace other foods such as sweet potatoes.

This is because whole grain bread is packed with calories and may trigger inflammation.

If you really want to take bread, it is advisable that you take brown bread though it also has to be in moderation.

  1. White Rice

Some people swear by rice but unfortunately, your love for it could be reason why you are having belly fat.

Just like the white bread, white rice is packed with many calories and it may cause imbalance of your gut flora.

It is recommended that you take brown or take white rice in the morning when your body is in need of a lot of energy.

  1. Chocolate Bars

You may have been told severally how your love for chocolate bars and fudges will cost you someday.

Most ladies love to munch on chocolate bars now and then but it is important you know that such products contribute to excess fats.

However, this does not mean that a lady should not have some chocolate bars once in a while. It only means that you need to be moderate and cautious with such products.

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  1. Corn Oil

It would be unfair to say that you should avoid all types of oils because they contribute much to the taste and flavor of your food.

The type of oils that you should avoid is corn oil and any that contain unsaturated fats.

This is because most of the fats are deposited on your belly and it becomes very hard for your body to burn.

  1. Whole Milk

Milk is good for your body because it is a rich source of protein.

However,if you are trying to lose belly fat, you should be very moderate on milk intake because it contains lactose which can upset your tummy and aggravate your gut.

  1. Pasta

Most wheat products aggravate belly fat and pasta is one of those carbohydrates that you should avoid if you are aiming to get rid of the belly fat.

It is classified as a carb dense food and it contains lot of calories that may take your body a long period before they are burned.

  1. High Fructose Corn Syrup

The problem with foods that are high in fructose is that they contribute to gas, bloating and results to excess belly fats.

You should opt for foods that are high in glucose instead of fructose or be moderate in the intake of such foods.

  1. Beans

Some type of beans such as kidney beans, black beans and soybeans are an obstacle to lose of belly fat.

This is because they are packed with fructan which is some type of fiber that the body has some difficulties in digesting.

They may cause flatulence and result in belly fat in the long term. It is recommended that you eat these types of beans in moderation.

  1. Cashews

Just like the beans listed above, cashews tend to have some FODMAPs that your body has inability to break down forcing the gut bacteria to digest them.

Apart from causing flatulence, they also contribute to excess belly fat formation in your body.

  1. Natural and Artificial Sweeteners

As much as your love your beverage sugary, you need to be very moderate in the intake of such sweetener because it contributes to excess belly fat which the body finds hard to burn.

Other natural and artificial sweeteners that contain fermentable carbohydrates are found in foods

such as mushroom, cauliflowers, and mannitol and in some fruits such as apples, peaches, nectarines, pears, plums and black berries.

  1. French Fries

If you eat French fries every day for just a week, you are likely to notice belly fat that was previously not there.

It is okay to eat such foods once in a while but it is recommended that you forego them if you can because they may increase your risk for obesity, fat gain, stroke and even cancer.

In this group with French fries are the deep fried foods found in most fast food joints.

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  1. Alcohol

Packed with many calories, drinking alcohol is one of the easiest ways to gain belly fat.

This is because it contains a lot of unwanted sugar and you may end up munching on some junk foods while you are on it.

It is also important to know too much intake of alcohol can also destroy your liver and may result to liver cirrhosis.

Most men love taking alcohol along barbecue meat which is also attributed to excess belly fat.

  1. Fatty Cuts of Meat

As much as meat is important to your body because it is a good source of protein, it is important that you avoid fatty

cuts of meat because they are packed with unwanted fats that may contribute to build up of excess fats at the belly.


Just like the fatty cuts of meat, most butter products are packed with unsaturated fats that contribute to excess belly fat.

It is therefore recommended that you be very moderate in the intake of butter because it not only contains a lot of calories but also unwanted fats.


Cakes and cookies are so yummy that they top the list in any celebration.

However, it is important that you eat them in moderation because they contain high levels of sugar, protein and fat which is bad not only for your health but it also contributes to buildup of excess belly fat.

16.Foods High In Sodium

Sodium is a component that is found in most processed products because it helps to lengthen shelf life and enhance the taste.

However, it is a great contributor for belly fat and you should consume such products in high moderation.

The presence of sodium in these products can also cause bloating of the stomach and to some extent, alter your blood pressure.


Pizza comes in many flavors that you probably have two or more best flavors.

If you are lucky to live in Countries whereby there are pizza offers every week, you know how it is tempting to eat more than one slice of pizza every week.

Pizza is packed with many calories and it is not good for your body especially if you are fighting to lose belly fat.

A slice of pizza once in a while is okay but you need to be very moderate in its intake.


As much as cabbage offers many health benefits,it can be quite bad for your waist line.

This is because it increases gas production during digestion which results to bloating of the stomach and expansion of the waistline.

The expansion is temporary but it can be very disappointing especially if you were planning to go out and show off your bikini body.

19.Onion Rings

Most people prepare onion rings as snacks without knowing that they are a danger to your waistline.

This is because they are deep fried in trans-fat which triggers your belly fat and causes inflammation.

If these are taken for a long period, it could also increase your risk for heart diseases.

20.Hot Dogs

Hot Dog is a snack that most people love but one that could sabotage your weight.

They are loaded with inflammation-triggering saturated fats that may not only clog your arteries but also increase belly fat.

If you have to eat hot dogs, choose lower fat alternatives such as vegetarian hot dogs or turkey hot dogs.

  1. Soda

Soda contains a generous amount of calories in the form of empty sugars.

It can spike your blood pressure and contribute increase in excess fat around the abdomen.

Studies also suggest that the chemicals in soda can be harmful for your health in the long term.

  1. Caesar Salad

You might be tempted to think that salads are the best for weight loss but you might want to be cautious with this type of salad.

It is packed with calories that would greatly contribute to extra belly fat.

  1. Store Bought Smoothies

Smoothies are meant to be a good replacement of soft drinks such as soda.

However, this might not be the case if you opt for store bought smoothies.

This is because most are packed with calories and unwanted sugars for your body.

  1. Fruit Juice

You will be shocked to know that even unsweetened juices are packed with calories and a lot of sugars.

It also contains fructose that can result to insulin resistance and promote belly fat gain.

However, this does not mean that you should stop taking homemade fruit juices because they are better than packaged juices.

All you need is to ensure is that you take the juices in moderation.

  1. Salted or Smoked Nuts

Nuts are great snacks to munch but most contain calorie that your body takes time to burn.

However, they are rich in fats that the body requires so just ensure that you take them moderately.

Instead of munching on salted or smoked nuts, you can opt for raw macadamia nuts which are packed with healthy fats.

However, you should be moderate on any kind of nuts you choose since they contribute to weight gain.

  1. Chewing Gum

It may seem like just a simple habit that has no consequences but chewing gum can result to gain of extra fat around the belly area.

When you chew gum, you are likely to feel hungrier and you might end up being tempted for unhealthy snacks.

Remember that when chewing, the stomach is already releasing the necessary acids that help to break the food.

If there is nothing being swallowed, you might end up suffering from heart burn.

Next time you feel like chewing, go for organic mints or parsley.

  1. Bacon

It could be your favorite breakfast meal but it could also be the reason why you seem to have excess belly fat.

Although it does not have many calories, it is packed with fat and preservative sodium nitrate.

These two components are bad for your belly and if you have to eat it, let it not be your everyday breakfast munch.

  1. Soy Sauce

Some people like to use soy sauce on dishes such as pilau because it adds flavor to the food and contributes to the browning of the rice.

However, it is important to note that the properties in soy sauce especially sodium may leave you feeling bloated and if taken for a long period, it could cause hypertension.

When cooking, ensure that you use it sparingly or go for light soy sauces instead of dark soy sauce.

  1. Margarine

Some people love to apply margarine on their bread while others use it while cooking and baking.

Although, it contains some nutritional components that are good for your body, it is also packed with trans-fats that could lead to excess belly fat.

If you have to use margarine, ensure that you use it sparingly.

  1. Sweetened Ice Tea

As much as tea is a great alternative for beverages such as soda, it is not advisable to drink sweetened ice tea regularly.

This is because it is packed with empty sugar and contains lot of calories just like soda.

If you need some iced tea, opt for unsweetened ice tea.

  1. Biscuits

As much as you may want to munch on them while in the office or as you go about your household chores, biscuits are bad for your belly.

This is because they are packed with many calories and it may take your body quite some time before they are broken.

Instead of biscuits, opt for healthy snacks such as granola bars.

  1. Pancakes

These are very easy and fast to prepare and most people like having them for breakfast.

As much as they are regarded as an alternative for white bread, pancakes are packed with fats and calories which contribute to extra belly fat.

Some people top them up with syrup making it even worse. Instead of pancakes, opt for white waffles.

  1. Tilapia

This might be shocking to know when you regard any type of fish as a good meal when you are in the weight loss journey.

However, you might want to reconsider about Tilapia.

Studies suggest that they contain high quantities of omega-6 fats which tend to harm the heart and the brain.

They also cause inflammation around the belly area.

Salmon is the best alternative for tilapia.

  1. Salt

 You may have been told that excessive consumption of salt is harmful for your health.

What you might not know is that the sodium component in salt may leave you looking like you have excess belly fat.

This may affect how clothes fit you although it is temporary.

  1. Sausages and Smokies

Topping the list of processed meat, sausages and smokies are not good if you wish to have a lean stomach.

They are packed with calories and unsaturated fats that contribute to excess belly fat.

These foods could also lead to heart diseases.

Opt for unprocessed meat for better health and if you have to eat the above, let it not be an everyday meal.

  1. Ketchup

You love dipping your French fries on ketchup sauce and for most people, little is never enough.

Most end up eating a lot of ketchup not knowing that it is harmful for your health and it largely contributes to excess belly fat.

Ketchup contains empty sugars and is packed with calories that may take time to burn.

Try dips that have no sugar such as salsa or lemon juice.


The above are some of the foods that you should avoid or eat sparingly if you wish to lose excess belly fat.

However, it is important that you consult your nutritionist because extra belly fat is not always caused by your diet.

Other reasons why you may have excess belly fat include stress, genetics, inactivity and lack of enough sleep.

If it has something to do with your diet, kick off the above and be ready to re claim your waist line.

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