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25 Ways to Gain Weight Fast In a Healthy Way

Ways to Gain Weight Fast In a Healthy Way

People around you keep talking and sharing tips about weight loss.

You always feel left out because unlike them, you want to gain some pounds.

Research has it that in the U.S.A alone, about one third of people there are either overweight or obese .

However, there are also a great number of people who wish to gain weight in a healthy way.

On this article, we outline the risks of being underweight and how to gain weight in a healthy way.

What It Means To Be Underweight

Maybe some people have teased you and told you that you need to eat a lot of food because you are underweight.

It is amazing how some people think that the only solution to weight gain is eating a lot of food when there is so much into it.

Wikipedia defines the term underweight as having body mass index (BMI) that is less than 18.5.

It is important to note that having a BMI that is over 25 is referred as being overweight and if it exceeds 30, one is referred as being obese.

You can use this calculator to calculate your BMI.

Most people tend to associate being skinny with being underweight. However, it is important to note that you can be skinny and still be very healthy.

Causes of Being Underweight

Before we delve deep into ways that you can use to gain weight, it is important to understand the causes of being underweight.

They include:

  • Thyroid problems – When you have very active thyroid, they can boost metabolism and cause you to lose weight.
  • Eating disorders – Some disorders such as anorexia nervosa can also result to lose of weight.
  • Celiac diseases – This is caused by gluten intolerance in your body.
  • Diabetes – One of the main reasons of losing too much weight is uncontrolled type 1 diabetes.It is important that you consult your doctor so you can be advised how to live and eat healthy if suffering from this disease.
  • Infections – Certain infections can also cause you to be severely underweight. Such infections include tuberculosis and parasites.

Health Consequences of Being Underweight

Did you know that being underweight is worse than being obese?

In one study, being underweight was associated with 140% greater risk of early deaths in men and 100% in women.

The same study revealed that obesity was associated with 50% risk of early deaths.

According to who.int, being underweight can result to sarcopenia-an age related muscle wasting problem and makes you vulnerable to dementia.

Another reason why you should gain weight if underweight is the fact that being underweight can result to conditions such as fertility problems fertility problems, raise risks to infections and impair immune functions.

How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

If you want to gain weight, it is important that you do it the right way.

Eating junk food and drinking beverages such as soda can help you add weight but can cause  harm to your health.

It is therefore important that you eat healthy foods  and lead a healthy lifestyle if you wish to gain weight in the right way.

Some of the ways that you can gain weight fast naturally include:

  1. Eat More Calories Than Your Body Burns

One of the simplest ways to gain weight is to ensure that you eat more calories than your body can be able to burn on a daily basis.

To gain weight fast, you should aim for about 700-1000 above your maintenance level.

When your body does not burn these calories, there are likely to be stored in your body which results in weight gain.

  1. Eat A Lot Of Proteins

Most people tend to avoid protein when trying to gain weight because it is more associated with weight loss .

However, it is important to note that if you have to gain weight, you will need to eat a lot of proteins.

  1. Eat a Lot of Carbohydrates

Just like proteins, carbohydrates are very important in your body if you desire to gain weight.

Carbohydrates are great sources of energy and most contain calories that your body needs to add on some pounds.

For faster results, you are advised to eat high carb  and ensure that you eat carbohydrates in every meal.

  1. Eat Energy Dense Foods

These foods are very important in your weight gain journey because they are not only packed with health benefits but are also packed with calories that your body needs in order to add weight.

Such foods include dried fruit, nuts, grains, meat, tubers and high fat diary.

You can also add spices and condiments to your diet to speed up the weight gain process.

  1. Keep A Food Diary

This is very important if you are considering gaining weight because it helps you to keep a record of whatever you are eating and the number of calories you are consuming every day.

When you keep a chart of what and when to  eat, it makes it very easy for you to evaluate your meals and add calories where needed.

You can use programs such as My Fitness Pal to make it easy for calorie tracking.

  1. Eat More Frequently

If you wish to gain weight fast and in a healthy way, you need to ensure that you eat at least 4 meals every day.

According Healthy Horns, eating frequently helps to spread out calories and ensures that your body does not get hungry to the extent of craving unhealthy junk food.

  1. Drink Healthy Beverages

As mentioned above, drinking beverages such as soda can help you gain weight but can also result to health problems.

The best beverages to take for faster weight gain include smoothies, healthy shakers and liquid meal replacements.

It is advisable that you take your fluids in between meals to help add on calories.

  1. Lift Heavy Weight

If you wish to gain weight naturally, it is recommended that you lift weights and improve your strength to ensure that the excess calories go to your muscles instead of areas such as the belly.

If you are starting out to exercise, it is important that you discuss your objective with your trainer so that you can take part in exercises that will help with weight gain.

Ensure that you go to the gym at least twice a week for positive results.

If under certain health conditions, make sure that you contact your doctor before you start out any exercise.

  1. Eat Before Bed

Weight loss experts advise that for you to lose weight, it is important that you consume your meals at least two hours before going to bed.

When it comes to weight gain, you are advised to eat your meals just a few minutes before you go to bed.

  1. Get Support

The process of gaining weight is not a splint.

It is a journey of small steps and sometimes you may feel like you want to give up on your objectives.

Having a support group enables you to keep pushing on and makes you feel motivated.

If you have support from your family and friends, you will be amazed at just how interesting and adventurous the pursuit of weight gain can be.

Gain Weight with a Fast Metabolism

You eat foods that are well known to aid on weight gain and even perform exercises that your trainer swore that would help you gain weight but still no positive fruits.

You, my reader have fast metabolism.

It is tough to add on weight if your body metabolizes energy on overdrive and it can also be expensive and frustrating.

However, you can still gain weight even though you have fast metabolism through the following simple ways:

  1. Add Extras To Your Meals

To gain weight fast naturally when you have a fast metabolism, you need to ensure that you consume more calories than you are supposed to.

However, it is not as easy to add more than 500 calories in your meals every day and you have to devise smart ways of doing it.

If you are eating food such as pasta, you can add some healthy oil such as olive to the pasta sauce.

Consider drinking a glass of milk after your meals instead of water for more calorie intake.

  1. Eat Calorie Rich Food Intentionally

When you want to gain weight, you ought to ensure that you eat foods that are very rich in calories.

Foods like carbohydrates are rich in calories and it is important that you incorporate them in every meal of the day.

It is important to note that you do not have to buy expensive foods in the name of gaining weight.

Simple and inexpensive foods such as rice, maize and pasta are great sources of carbohydrates.

  1. Boost Your Appetite

For someone with a fast metabolism, boosting appetite can be quite and you might require taking an appetite stimulant to boost your appetite.

When buying a stimulant, it is important that you note the ingredients because some stimulants are not gluten free which might be harmful for people with gluten intolerance.

It is also important to consult your nutritionist to affirm that the stimulant is good for your body and helpful for weight gain.

  1. Eat From Bigger Plates

This works by playing game on your subconscious mind.

When you eat from a bigger plate, you will not even notice that you served yourself a big portion of food yet you are likely to eat more than if you serve a lot of food on a small plate.

Gain Weight Fast Naturally

If you wish to gain weight fast, you need to apply the above tips and consider this:

  1. Avoid Aerobic Exercises

If you wish to gain weight fast, you need to perform exercises that help you gain weight not exercised that help in weight loss.

Aerobic exercises such as running and stationary biking are great contributors to weight loss and you would be better off without performing them.

Gain Weight for Females

One thing that most women will not tell you is that they are scared of gaining weight.

This is because they are afraid that the weight will go to the wrong places such as the tummy, love handles and thighs.

However, it is very possible for women to gain weight and have the  fat distributed  in the right places.

To add unto the tips mentioned above, females can gain weight naturally by doing the following:

  1. Have Enough Sleep

As a woman, sleep is very important to for your health and you should ensure that you sleep at least seven hours every night.

All Womens Talk offers you some tips that can help you sleep better even though you had a rough day.

  1. Perform Exercises

There are some exercises known to increase weight in the right places in a woman.

You should try exercises such as weight squats, pushups, row or dead lift.

The good thing about most exercises hat ladies perform in the quest to gain weight can be performed at home and do not require complex equipment.

  1. Eat The Right Kind Of Fats

Women are prone of eating junk foods that are rich in Transfats.

In order for you to gain weight naturally and in a healthy way, you need to avoid foods and snacks that contain Transfats.

Whether you want to gain weight or just maintain it, you should stick to healthy unsaturated fats such fruits like avocados, olive, canola oil and nuts.

The above tips do not necessarily apply to females only and can be applied by other genders.

Weight Gain Supplements

At times, you reach rock bottom and you realize that whatever you are doing is not giving you good results.

You have no reason to give up because you can take gain weight supplements to boost your appetite and increase calories in your body.

When buying weight gain supplements, it is important that you have necessary information about them because there are many varieties in the market; some good, others really bad.

According to Gain Weight 101 some of the best weight gain supplements in the market include:

  1. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

If you want to gain weight fast naturally, then you should embrace this supplement.

The recommended daily dosage of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass serves your body with 1250 calories.

Isn’t that amazing?

This supplement is best for people with very weak appetite or those that have trouble eating big plates of food.

The good thing about it is that it is packed with 50 gram of protein, 250 grams of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and creatine that help in muscle developments.

  1. Up Your Mass By MHP

If you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend much on gain weight supplements, this is one of the inexpensive yet very helpful supplement that you can try.

Up Your Mass By MHP  comes in in 5 pound tubs and each serving is supposed to be 130 grams which are four small scoops.

In those four scoops, you are guaranteed of more than 500 calories per serving and the amount goes up when you mix the powder with whole milk instead of water.

  1. Syntha-6 By BSN

This is a protein supplement that helps you to add during your weight gain journey.

The reason why most people find Syntha-6 By BSN very essential is the fact that it has a good balance of protein sources such as egg, milk and soy.

You are advised to take 22 grams of Syntha-6 which is packed with 200 calories.

It is also important that it has a great taste in case you are very sensitive to artificial tastes.

  1. MET –Rx Meal Supplement Bars

This pack contains 12 bars and each bar go for a cheap price in most online and local stores.

Each bar of MET –Rx Meal Supplement Bars has 32 grams of protein and contains more than 400 calories and about 41 grams of carbohydrates.

The bars are also rich in vitamins and essential nutrients.

Gain Weight Pills

Besides gain weight supplements, you can also take gain weight pills to ensure that you attain your weight gain goals.

According to Living Strong of the best pills that you can take to gain weight fast include:

  1. Oxymetholone

According to a study by the department of dermatology at the University of Essen, in Germany, Oxymetholone is a great weight gain pill especially for people with HIV.

  1. Oxandrolone

This is an anabolic steroid that is best prescribed for people who need to gain weight after severe weight loss due to injury, surgery or medical conditions such as osteoporosis.

This pill increases the amount of protein that your body produces which helps to gain muscle mass resulting to weight gain.

For maximum results, it is advisable that you incorporate use of this pill with healthy diets and an exercise program.

  1. Methyl testosterone

According to drugs , this pill helps to increase production of testosterone.

However, it is important to note that as much as this pill is used by many athletes to gain weight, it is not prescribed for weight gain.

You therefore need to consult your doctor before taking it as it may interact with other drugs such as diabetes medications.

Weight gain for No Reason

If you are not trying to gain weight or have gained quite a lot of pounds over a short period of time, you need to be alarmed.

According to NHS UK could be an underlying health condition that causes the weight gain.

Such conditions include:

  • Underactive thyroid
  • Ageing
  • Diabetes treatment
  • Stress and low mood
  • Fluid retention
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome(affecting women only)

If you have always wanted to gain weight but did not know, the above information will be very helpful to you because it not only delves deep to explain why you need to add on weight but also how to do it in a healthy way.

Follow the advice and you will be amazed to add the number of pounds you have always desired.

All the best in your weight gain journey.

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