30 Health and Fitness Myths You Should Not Believe In

Health and Fitness Myths

Often, there are things that you hear many times that you start to believe them even without knowing how true or untrue they are.

When it comes to health and fitness, a lot has been said as facts but you will be surprised to know that they are just myths.

It is very important to distinguish between facts and myths because this could result to either good health or bad health.

Keep reading to discover some of the myths on health and fitness that you should not continue believing in .Some of these include:

  1. Fat Is Bad For You

The line should be that trans fats are bad for you.

The reason why most people believe that fat is bad is because of the bad reputation of trans fats. They are not only high in cholesterol but make it hard for the body to lose calories.

You need to know that fat is important to your body as it helps with insulation, energy and vitamin insulation.

However, you should ensure that you consume a balance of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

  1. Crunches Are the Key to Flat Abs

If you have been going to the gym with the knowledge that crunches is the ultimate way to lose the excessive belly fat, you definitely need to come up with another plan.

The main reason why some people believe that this is the exercise that is most essential to flat arms is the fact that it helps to tone abs and move the distal trunk.

However, crunches don’t help much in calorie burning and fat loss. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this is one of the most iconic abdominal exercises and you should always include it in your exercise program alongside other exercises.

When performing crunches, you need to be cautious since doing it the wrong way could hurt your spine.

  1. The More You Sweat, the More You Burn

How many times have you fallen for this myth? And how many times have you stopped exercising just because you have sweat much?

Most people do not know that sweat is a result of overheated studio, personal physiology and weather.

You would be amazed to know that just because you sweated much, your body has burnt fewer calories than the other person who did not sweat as much as you did.

The only reason why you should pause exercising is if you are very tired or hurting but not because you have sweated much.

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  1. Weights Make Women Big

The mere thought of having big muscles make most women avoid lifting weights.This is because they have probably witnessed that most men who lift weights tend to have big muscles.

As a woman, you need to understand that the muscle building hormone referred as testosterone is prominent in men.

You should therefore go and try lifting weights and you will be amazed to lose weight without building any muscles.

When lifting weight, ensure that you take caution because they can harm you if lifted the wrong way.

  1. Avoid Eating Carbs after 3pm

If you are trying to lose weight, this is probably one of the don’ts that you were told by your friends and relatives.

It is believed that eating carbs after 3pm will contribute to weight gain since the body takes longer time digesting carbs than it does with protein.

It is also believed that you should only take carbs in the morning since they are great sources of energy that you need during the day.

What if you exercise in the evening? You will definitely need to eat carbs. However, you need to ensure that you control the portion of carbohydrates in your diet.

  1. Crash Diets Work

If you wish to lose weight very fast and within a short period, you know what to do. Go for a crash diet! It involves reducing the daily calorie intake to as low as 800 calories a week.

Going for a crash diet is what most people believe in without knowing that as much as it can help you shed weight very fast, it does not work for a long term and most crash diets are unhealthy.

If you wish to lose weight the healthy way, you need to do it gradually and in a healthy way.

  1. Spot Reducing Is Possible

Whoever came up with the statement that it is possible to lose weight by targeting specific areas of the body must have made the wrong observation.

It could seem as if you are losing if for instance you are targeting the abdominal area but unbeknownst to you, you could also be gaining the weight in other parts of the body.

If you wish to lose weight in the right way and keep fit, ensure that you exercise all parts of the body especially the abdominal area, hips, butt and your hands.

  1. You Need To Work Out Every Day If You Wish To See Results

Just because your gym trainer suggests that you work out every day, it does not mean that you are not going to see results if you choose to work out on specific days.

The mistake that most people make is not giving their bodies time to heal. It is advisable that you give your body at least one day to heal and ensure that you give your best when you work out.

You will be amazed that you can actually lose much weight without having to work out every day.

  1. Free Weights Are Just For Body Builders

You do not want to be a body builder; you just need to keep fit.

You go for other exercises but avoid free weights because for so long they have been associated with body builders.

What you do not know is that free weights are one of the best way to keep fit because they not only help you to work on the areas that are a major target but also the muscles that stabilize the joints you are moving.

  1. Drinking Water during Exercise Will Give You Cramps

It is true that drinking large volume of water before you start an exercise can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated but this is not true about drinking water while exercising.

It is actually advisable that you drink small amounts of water before, during and after your work out. The main thing here is that you should not take much water.

  1. Sit Ups Are the Best for a Well-Toned Stomach

The main reason why most people believe in this myth is that this is what most trainers recommend to those who wish to lose excess fat around the belly area.

If you are looking forward to having a well-toned stomach, depending on sit ups alone will only disappoint you at the end.

What you need to is to focus on the lower abdomen, lower back and oblique and it is quite hard to achieve all this with just sit ups.

  1. The Bigger You Are, The Stronger You Are

It has been depicted in many movies and books that the bigger people are always the strongest.

However, this is not the case and if you are considering keeping fit, you should not assume that just because you are big, you can lift any size of weights there is or avoid exercises that you may regard as exercises for weak people.

  1. You Have To Eat a Lot of Fruits to Be Healthy

They say that an apple a day will help to keep you away from the doctor.

Because of this old saying, people stock up their fruit baskets with fruits in a quest to improve their healthy.

As much as fruits are very helpful to the body as they contain important nutrients, it is good to point out that they are also packed with a lot of sugar and some are high in calories.

It is recommended that you control your intake of fruits and increase intake of green vegetables.

  1. The Heavier You Are, The Fatter You Are

Over the years, heavy people have been regarded as the fattest and this myth has been believed as a truth in many generations that most people find it hard to believe that someone can be heavy but not fat.

If you are doing weights especially for men, you might build up some muscle which is heavier than fat.

To ensure that you keep fit and remain in good health, measure your BMI as often as you can.

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  1. Running Is the Best Way to Lose Weight and Keep Fit

The fact that most athletes tend to have lean bodies has made some people believe that running is the best way to lose weight and keep fit.

Well, try it and you will be disappointed with the outcome because running alone cannot help you in the weight loss journey.

Before you start burning fat, you might need to run for more than 30 minutes which could be very tiring for some people.

Running is a good exercise for weight loss but you need to incorporate it with other exercise for maximum results.

  1. Exercise Alone Will Help You Lose Weight

In the quest to lose weight and improve health status, some people have enrolled for exercises programs and even ascribed to dieting.

Well, this may help you lose weight but you know that it not the healthy way and you are likely to gain pounds back after sometime.

To ensure that you lose weight and maintain a good health status, you need to ensure that you eat balanced diet.

  1. Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight

What is it that water cannot do?

Water has been associated with many things and one of them is that it can help you shed some pounds. Some people believe that drinking water will keep full which will prevent you from munching or eating a lot.

The truth is, drinking water does not help to reduce the amount of food you take.

  1. Sport Bras Are Just To Prevent Painful Bounce

It may not be known by many people but the main reason why you need to wear a sports bra if you are exercising for fitness is to prevent breast sag.

When you are working out, the exercises can stress the cooper’s ligaments and this may cause your breast to sag.

Wear your sports bra when working out and you will not have to worry about your breasts.

  1. A Hot Bath Will Prevent Muscle Soreness

After an exercise, most people wish to take a hot water bath as it is said to be relaxing and help to prevent muscle soreness.

However, experts recommend that you take a cold bath as it not only refreshes you but also helps to constrict vessels limiting the spread of waste products like lactic acid that settle on the body while exercising.

  1. You Have to Eat Clean To Remain Healthy and Fit

Clean eating is defined as the kind of eating program that involves eating healthy meals and does not incorporate junk foods.

Those who swear by clean eating claim that people used to be very healthy in the past because they only led a clean eating lifestyle.

However, it is important to note that you can still lose weight and be fit even though you do not practice clean eating. All you need is to ensure that you take junk food in moderation.

  1. You Need To Drink Eight Glasses of Water Every Day

Are you wondering how this is a myth yet you have heard about it so many times that you religiously take the eight glasses of water?

You will be shocked to know that there is no scientific evidence that supports the intake of eight glasses of water.

The myth is farfetched from the year 1945 when the US nutrition board recommended that people should take eight glasses of water every day.

The truth is water requirement varies with individuals so you should just ensure you remain hydrated.

  1. Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Your body needs energy to keep you going throughout the day and this is why it is believed that breakfast is the most important meal.

However, there are days that you do not feel like eating and there is no point of eating especially if you are not going to work out.

You can still have a heavy brunch or lunch. Ensure that you eat a well-balanced diet.

  1. You Should Avoid Exercising While Pregnant

Some people believe that exercising while you are pregnant means harm to both you and your baby.

However, exercising while pregnant helps you to remain flexible and fit which is very important especially when giving birth.

Ensure that you take caution when exercising and do not push yourself to the point you hurt yourself.

  1. Low Fat Products Are Better Than Full Fat Products

The reason why low fat products are said to be better than full fat products is the fact they that are low in calories.

However, some of these products contain a lot of sugar and carbs to make them taste better.

When buying low fat products, it is important that you check the ingredients used and how much of each ingredient is used.

  1. Vitamins and Supplements Will Make You Healthier

This is another myth that is widespread and it is commonly associated with body builders and athletes.

Some people believe that you need to take supplements to be healthy but as long as you are eating healthy and well balanced meals, then you can rest assured that you are taking in enough vitamins and minerals.

  1. Fresh Fruit Is Better Than Frozen Fruit

Some people believe that fresh fruits are better because they are probably picked the same day.

However, fresh fruits can go up to two weeks without getting spoilt and you will be amazed to know that frozen are better since they are packed the very day they are picked.

To boost your health, opt for frozen fruits while shopping at the supermarket.

  1. Women Need Different Exercises from Men

Some gym trainers suggest different exercises for men and women and this has made some people believe that there ought to be different exercises for the two genders.

However, both men and women have same body structures and can participate in similar exercises.

  1. 28. No Pain, No Gain

Some people believe that the only to lose weight or keep fit is by exercising until it hurts or going on diets that they do detest.

Being healthy and fit does not need to be painful.

As long as you are doing things the right way, you should achieve good results without sacrificing your happiness.

  1. Its Best to Exercise Early In the Morning on an Empty Stomach

This is a myth without strong grounds and the people who swear by it are either athletes who need to exercise before the temperature rises or people who need to go to work or school.

The truth is that you can exercise any time of the day.

The main reason why some people choose to exercise in the morning is because of the cool weather but you need to know that exercising with an empty does not speed up the weight loss process.

  1. Thinner People Are Healthy, Heavier People Are Not

Just like most people believe that heavy people are the strongest, it is the same belief when it comes to thin and heavy people.

However, being thin does not mean that you are healthy and neither does being heavy mean that you are unhealthy.

Have your BMI measured to ensure that you are on the right track.

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When it comes to issues relating to health and fitness, it is important that you keep yourself updated because myths such as above can cause harm and frustrate your efforts of being fit.




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