Should You Be Doing Heavy Bag Workout Twice As Much?

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Heavy bag workout has always been linked to boxing. Yet, it goes beyond just training for an upcoming fight in a ring. From exercising to lose extra pounds, gained after years of yo-yo dieting, to keeping your lean body mass the same, there is more to using Everlast  punching bag than just for boxing training.

Today, heavy bags have become quite common, in both homes and gyms. And their audience is diverse, from moms and kids that love to keep fit to boxers and athletes who compete in regular matches.

What is Heavy Bag?

Plain and simple, a heavy bag is a training equipment designed for strength and health training. Although it is popular among boxing enthusiasts, anyone, irrespective of age, can use it for workout. Heavy bags have been around for a coon’s age. And their merits are thrice as much as their cost.

Heavy bags come in two forms: punching bags with stands and bags without stands. What one buys depends on personal preference, although heavy bags with stands are always the best option. The cost of either type depends on the brand and the manufacturer. Given that there are tons of brands out there, there is always something for everyone, even for people under the tightest budget under the sun.

What is Heavy Bag Training?

Heavy bag training is not something many of us are used to. With hectic schedule chasing a busy person like you, it’s highly unlikely that you even have the time to jog in the morning, much less think of punching a bag. But since there are immense benefits to throwing punches against a heavy sack, you should try this.

Heavy bag workout is the kind of an exercise routine that you can do at home or gym, without the need of a personal trainer. Heavy bag training is similar to running, brisk walking, and jogging. That’s because, of course, the goal of all these exercise are almost similar.

Should I Wear Gloves During Heavy Bag Workout?

Although there are mixed opinions on whether you should wear gloves before hitting a punching bag, it’s important to put gloves on before hitting the gorilla of a sack filled with sand in front of you.

Here’s the thing:

Sand in a heavy bag weights twice the weight of a 75 kg human being at 5ft. So the bag is quite heavy. What’s more, it’s rock hard at the bottom. Hitting something of this nature is like hitting a rock itself. And if done without hand wraps and the best boxing gloves, you could injure your knuckles – that’s given.

Ask someone who has hit a heavy bag with bare hands before, and they’ll tell you straight to your face that an injury to your wrist is downright game over. In other words, if you injure your knuckles, you won’t to do heavy bag workout for weeks. Going bare fist is not a bad idea. But it is not recommended for beginners.

Reasons Why You Should Do Heavy Bag Workout

  1. It Helps You to Build Confidence

Punching a heavy bag regularly doesn’t just make your hands strong and your body fit. It also helps you to build inner confidence. The more your confidence, the more the assurance that you can hit hard objects and not feel the pinch.

More importantly, though, you can be confident that you can protect yourself in case of an attack, whether expected or otherwise. Trust me, nothing is as good as knowing that you can smack someone in the face after months of strength and health training.

  1. Perfect for that beach body

You may not be “big” enough to lift metal plates. You are probably not fast enough to run three miles twice as fast as Hussein Bolt. But as long as you can build a sexy, beach body over time punching a heavy bag, that’s all that matters.

Hitting a heavy bag on a stand just once won’t give you a lean body. But regular workout should. In fact, regular strength training and workout can melt off fat easily, yielding you biceps, back, and shoulder muscles over time.

  1. Heavy Bag Workout Releases Stress

Sure, you may be having a hard time. And you might possibly feel like the world is not the best place for you.  But, honestly, we’ve all had those moments when we were overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. And given that traumatic stress and anxiety is something you can control, it shouldn’t be too long before you break free.

Heavy bag workout is one such great way to release your stress. As you punch the bag harder, your body gets amazing sort of relaxation. At the end of the strength training, you won’t just feel calm and whole again; you’ll also come out stress-free.

  1. Punching Bags Help with Weight Loss

Assuming you have decided to break free of years of yo-yo dieting, from eating fast foods to drinking fizzy drinks and fat pops, you can begin your weight loss journey by heavy bag workout.

Heavy bag strength training is a good cardio workout. More often than not, it works the lower and upper part of your body, especially your shoulders and legs. As you move your body and punch the bag, your chest moves a lot. In the real sense, your whole body is in motion here. In the process, you get rid of fats from your belly, hips, and abs.

If you are punching a heavy bag to lose weight, great. If combined with other forms of exercise, like running and weight lifting, the results can be incredible. In fact, punching a heavy bag alone, for at least two session a week, can help you lose quite some weight.

Final Thoughts

If you have never made heavy bag workout a routine, this would be the best time to do so. It’s a workout routine that has many health benefits. Start slowly. And then increase how frequent you work out. After a few days of strength training, heavy bag workout could be your all-time favorite workout routine.

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