Jaybird Reign Advanced Active Fitness Recovery Band Review

Jaybird is infamous for designing sports and activity focused wireless headphones. This round, however, Jaybird released its maiden fitness tracker, the Jaybird Reign Fitness band.

The Jaybird Reign is an all-day activity tracker that offers a sleek presentation; a forward-thinking design plus comes with an innovative way to track your health and train.

Similar to the Moov Now we reviewed earlier, the Jaybird Reign is more than just an activity tracker but also a motivator. Though it does not feature an activity coach like the Moov Now, it is a perfect solution for calculating your performance for several activities, allows you to set activity goal and allows you to understand how much your body is capable of achieving.

In a nutshell, this fitness band serves as a “power meter” for your body.

Some of the major highlights of this tracker is that it boasts of automatic activity and sleep tracking, and the ability to read your heart rate variability (HRV).

Let us look at how this all-around fitness tracker performs and stacks up against other fitness bands.

What Make Jaybird Reign Awesome?

  • Condition forecast:  At the heart of the Jaybird Reign is the Go Zone feature. The Go Zone feature, which also acts as a key motivator behind the band takes the guesswork out of your exercising. Every morning right after you are up you hold your finger on the sensor and the Reign will measure your HRV to see how much you recovered and how prepared your body is for activities of that day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Based on the Go Zone readings, the Reign provides you with a Go Score, which is essentially a list of daily activity goals to meet. This feature is the perfect motivator you need for your day ahead.What is probably awesome about Reign goal-setting is that it removes most of the leeway you may give yourself if you were to set your own step-count goal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      For instance, if you are swimming, you could easily set a goal of 20 laps, which you know you would easily achieve. With Reign, however, the condition forecast develops an activity goal depending on how active you are. For instance, it the feature might suggest five laps of fast, freestyle, 20-30 seconds break, then at least ten laps of breast/backstrokes for at least 30 minutes three days a week. In a nutshell, as the user, you can never rig or cheat yourself, and you will always meet your goal without straining.In most cases, the reading is based on HRV, recovery, and amount of sleep you are getting.
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    Heart Rate Variability: One thing that the Jaybird does differently from the rest of the trackers is that it measures heart rate by Heart Rate Variability rather than the use of EKG. While other bands use flashing lights to determine HRV, this one uses a metal panel under the pod in combo with a display to pick up your heart signals.                                                                                                                                                                                                    It then uses a patented built-in ECG biosensor to turn the signal into HRV info. By measuring your HRV, the Reign will indicate whether your body is stressed and needs to rest. The technology is handy in identifying fatigue patterns or recovery. Though this feature will not optimize your workouts, it`s quite handy in providing guidance on when you should and should not be working out.
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    Automatic Recognition of Activities: For those who love keeping tabs of all their daily activities, the Jaybird offers a complete timeline of your day with a breakdown of all your activity ad sport. Rather than providing you with gibberish, metrics on calories burnt or weight loss, Reign breaks down your day into a timeline of activity and inactivity.

Jaybird Reign Advanced Active Fitness Recovery Band - Black - S/M
  • Recovery is a weapon. Understanding your fatigue and recovery is the key to getting you to your max and crushing it. With Go-Zone you get a score each morning that tells you how ready your body is to be active, and how far you can confidently push yourself.
  • Reign understands your body's fatigue and recovery by measuring your Heart Rate Variability (HRV), as well as your Activity and Sleep patterns.
  • Automatically recognizes and displays your day by activity and sport. A powerful motivator to see when and how you get more active over time.
  • Automatically recognizes your sleep and knows how much you need tonight to be fully rested and at your best tomorrow.
  • Lifetime Waterproof Warranty & 5 plus day battery. Please refer the User Guide before use.

There are more unique features that Make Jaybird Reign interesting


The Jaybird Reign comes with a minimalist design, and unlike the Moov Now, it`s more appealing. The silicone band is smooth and surprisingly comfy to wear, while the metallic clasps instill a sense of a fashionable. The bracelet looks more than a band associated with fitness but rather a beauty complement.

The band uses magnets to interlock the various size of metallic clasps. While the magnets are excellent at keeping the band on your wrist, and not loosening, many users complain that the band is a bit fiddly and difficult to put it on. If you have hair hairy hands, the band will inevitably trap your hairs.

The Reign edifice is housed in a compact pod, which sports a basic display at the top. The small metallic plate beneath the pod is crucial for measuring your heart rate.


Like the Moov Now, the Reigns does not come with a screen either. Instead, the top part of the band is covered with a display strip consisting of twelve green LEDs with red LEDs between them.

The strips of light are used to display progress, and the red light displays time but in intervals of five minutes.

Though the display is basic, we are of the view that they would have delivered your progress display more imaginatively and conventionally. For instance, a full green bar would indicate the achievement of your goals. Conversely, a red light bar, with an annoying alarm, perhaps would be a great wake up call for the lazy bones.

Device Compatibility

The Jaybird reign has released an App compatible with both the Apple and Android devices.

The Reign app comes with a simple layout segmented into three sections; Activity, Sleep and Go sections.

The Activity section provides you with a comprehensive timeline of all your activities throughout the day. The timeline breakdown every activity you have done for the day.

Additionally, the section comes with a percentage figure that shows how close you are at completing your daily activity score.

You can also get down into details of your activities by clicking on the conveniently placed expandable tabs.

On the other hand, the sleeping section is pretty straightforward in what it does. The section provides you with a nightly summary of the number of hours slept, sleep restlessness, number of hours awake, and recommends the number of hours you need for the following day.

Finally, the most interesting aspect of the section is the Go Zone feature, which displays your fatigue and stress level.

Many users, however, complained of the connectivity issues, which makes pairing a frustratingly difficult.

Additionally, we are slightly concerned that the Reign App does not allow checking of heart rate during workouts. Keeping tabs of your heart rate is crucial for the fitness fanatics who are looking to track their performance and progress.

Activity Tracked

The Jaybird Reign is a smart activity tracker, and can automatically track a wide breadth of activities including;

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Playing sports

The only activity you will need to take action is cycling. Here, you will have to move the pod to your ankle strap for precise and accurate stats. It is a waterproof which makes it on of the best waterproof fitness tracker available in the market today.

Additional Features

The Jaybird Reigns is more than a fitness tracker but also serves as a watch.

The red light at the top is responsible for time display. If, for instance, you see three red LED`s, then it`s three o`clock. The minutes are displayed using a flashing LED.

Battery Life

The Reign has a generous battery life, though it does not meet the frugality we have seen with other models such as Moov Now or Misfit Shine (both six months). It comes with a battery span of 5 days.

Dimension, colors & Box Content

The 7" by 5' by 2', and 0.75 lbs fitness tracker is available in three colors;

  • Black
  • White
  • Charge green.

When unboxing the contents, you can expect;

  • Different-sized wristband sizes
  • Clip cleaner
  • USB charger
  • Reign Pod
  • Ankle strap
  • Rain Sports Band


This fitness band comes with a one-year warranty.


Aesthetic: One of the appealing features of the Reign lies in its chicness. The Reign allows you to wear it as a bracelet and aesthetic complement.

Comfort and functionality: Designed from premium silicone, devoid of overlapping straps, the Reign is easy and comfortable to wear. Also, the magnetic pin locking system ensures that the band stays in place.

Time display: Though it`s not an essential feature, it`s fast becoming a standard feature among many models.


Low battery life: Considering that we have some lowly-priced models with a battery life of up to 6 months, the 5-day battery life of the Reign is somehow bothering.

Not suitable for diving or snorkeling: Though it`s completely waterproof, splash proof/water resistant, therefore making it ideal for your swimming tracking, it will not support heavy water activities such as deep sea diving or snorkeling.

Bottom-line on the Jaybird Reign

The overall appeal and usefulness of the Jaybird is hampered by the ignorance of basic features, such as connectivity that make a fitness tracker truly usable. For the price, you can go with a more reliable product such as the Misfit Shine.

Nonetheless, the Jaybird is a genuinely awesome product, both on paper and on the ground. Its ability to read your HRV allows the band to be more specific, accurate and a tailored device that will address all your fitness needs.

The Jaybird Reigns is perfect for those of you are looking for a motivator and a virtual training assistant that will press you to the limits.

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