Letsfit Fitness Tracker Review

Letsfit is a typical representation of an effective and highly-demanded fitness tracker that incorporates all the crucial features to meet the needs of the prospective user. It is a multi-sport tracking gadget with ability to monitor 14 fitness activities. Additionally, it offers some salient additional features that every user would find useful.

What makes Letsfit Activity Tracker So Remarkable?

  • Water-Resistant : You would love to have a water proof gadget that can be used in all weather conditions. This gadget gives you exactly that because it can be used when showering, swimming, and raining. However, it has a limit of 3 meters deep when swimming.   
  • Multi-Activity Monitor : This gadget monitors 14 fitness activities namely; riding, running, hiking, walking, treadmill, swimming, cycling, football, badminton, tennis, pedestrianism, basketball, yoga, and dancing.   
  • Connectivity with Smartphone Apps. Has easy connectivity with compatible smartphones. The best part is that it compatible with all smartphones that have 4.0 bluetooth and above. After the connection, the user can receive constant notifications from the selected phone applications such as emails and social media apps. Additionally, you will get constant reminders on the set activities in addition to call and messages alerts.    

Letsfit Fitness Tracker Color Screen, Waterproof Activity Tracker with...
  • Smart Design: Powerful fitness tracker designed with 0.96 inch bright color screen, skin friendly material, IP68 waterproof which allows swimming and up to 3 meters diving, this is the best health manager that you can have at a competitive price
  • 24-Hour Activity Tracking: Tracks your 24 hours fitness status by recording your heart rate, steps, calories, distance, active minutes, and sleep quality, encouraging you to make the right choices for better health
  • Sports Management and Connected GPS: Records up to 14 exercises like walking, running, and riding; connect the GPS on your mobile phone to see real-time run stats and record a map of your workout route.
  • Call and Message Reminder: Never miss something important when you have the fitness tracker remind you of calls and messages from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more on your wrist
  • Cordless Charging: With built-in USB charging plug, you do not need a charging cable to have the fitness tracker charged; all you should do is to remove the bands from the tracker and insert it into a USB wall charger or USB port on your laptop

Letsfit Fitness Tracker has some salient attributes that would make any user admire it as the best body fitness monitoring gadget option.

A Premium Design 

Its design is premium in that it attracts the user at a glance. You get the impression of quality just by looking at it. However, looks may lie but not in this case.

Has GPS Connectivity

The GPS connectivity assures the user of their safety in case they are not familiar with the route they are using when engaging in selected fitness activity.

Awesome Display 

Has a bright LCD color screen that improves the visibility of the activities on the screen when engaging in outdoor fitness activity. 

Bright LCD Color Screen

Has a bright LCD color screen that makes it beautiful and user friendly at the same time. Its screen ensures that you do not struggle to see when using it in outdoor fitness monitoring.

Highly Affordable

Considering that it monitors 14 activities, its offer price is favorable. You only need to set the activity to be monitored and switch when need arises.  

Diversity of Colors

A tracker that is available in one color may discourage the user who has a strong sense of style. However, you have a collection of colors to choose from in this case. Some of the available colors are black, purple, blue, and red.

Premium Design and Almost Negligible in Weight

Letsfit Activity tracker premium design makes its face value attractive to any user who sees it at a glance. As such, it has a magnetic attraction that would make you purchase it at the instance your eyes come into contact with it.    

Prolonged Battery Use

Its inbuilt battery meets the recommended 7 days power storage when in use and more when in standby mode. Frequent charging of any electronic gadget causes faster tear and wear. As such, its prolonged battery use preserves it from faster depletion.   

Effortless Syncing with Smartphone Apps

Syncing a fitness gadget with a smartphone can never be as effortless as in this case. You do not require a manual to connect it and sync with various apps. Since many people require less challenging gadgets to save time for other activities in life, this device fits the situation.   

Presence of Warnings and Reminders

After syncing with smartphone apps, you are able to get warnings about the incoming calls, texts, and notifications from the sync apps such as twitter. Additionally, the gadget reminds you of an activity you had set to undertake. For instance, if you sit for long, it will remind you to engage in another activity.  

Additional Features

It displays the caller ID when synced with smarphone. The screen lights up when it comes into contact with your face. Has remote camera shooting control. Also, it has an alarm that can be set for the user’s activities.   

Dimensions, Color, and Box Content

Suitable for the wrist size 5.4 inches to 7.6 inches. It weighs 23.5 grams. Also, it is available in an array of colors. The box content are; the tracker and a user manual instructions.    


The manufacturer offers 12 months warranty.

The Pros

  • Premium design and attractive face value.
  • Less charging time of between 1 and 2 hours.      
  • A prolonged battery power storage of 5 to 10 days when in use and more when on stand-in mode.   
  • Monitors heart rate, calories burned, sleeping patterns and quality, and stepping patterns.  
  • Has a bright LCD color screen.
  • It is resistant to water up to the limit of 3 meters deep. As such, you can wear when swimming or showering.
  • Gives alerts and warning when synced with a smartphone.
  • Can monitor 14 fitness activities, thus no need of buying different devices for monitoring different activities.
  • Available in a variety of colors such as blue, black, red, and purple.
  • After installing veryfitpro, you are able to remotely control the smartphone camera.
  • Inbuilt USB charging system, thus no cable is required

The Cons

  • It is not as accurate as one would think in monitoring fitness activities

Bottom-line and Verdict on Letsfit Fitness Tracker

Lack of accuracy in monitoring fitness activities is the only salient limitation of Letsfit Fitness Tracker. A user in need of highly-accurate fitness monitoring gadget may need to try another device such as the Fitbit Fitness Wristband.

Despite the limitation, the gadget offers a conglomeration of benefits that any user would be looking for. They include less charging time, ease of syncing with smartphone, prolonged power storage, an inbuilt USB for charging, available in an array of colors, friendly price, water-resistance, and premium design.

I would recommend the gadget to any prospective user who would like to enjoy all these advantages and other additional features such as remote camera control. You will achieve elegance, style, and satisfaction in a single purchase.