Lintelek Fitness Tracker Review

Lintelek Fitness Tracker is a wrist-friendly health assistant that you can wear all-day when tracking a fitness activity. Its light weight can easily make you forget that you are wearing it on your wrist. The manufacturer has combined elegance, style, quality, and superb design to guarantee a noteworthy experience when monitoring different fitness activities.    

What makes Lintelek Fitness Tracker So Incredible?

  • Updated Heart Rate Function. The device is an intimate health supporter that enables the monitoring of activities for the whole day. It has an updated heart rate feature that tests your actual heart rate at every instance, thus enabling you to understand your tensity.
  • Real-time Reminder on SMS. When synced with apps, the gadget gives a gentle vibration and enables you to read the alert on the screen. This way, you do not waste time reaching for your phone to read the message, app updates or emails. Similarly, you can never miss crucial messages or calls when engaging in fitness activities.  
  • Colorful Bands and Stylish Design. The straps are colorful and the device is stylishly design to give you class and style when monitoring your fitness. It is negligible in weight making it fit comfortably on your wrist either when working or sleeping. This makes it unnoticeable when sleeping.   

Lintelek Fitness Tracker, Slim Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor,...
  • ·No charger needed and long Standby:
    Just take the devices off the band and use the part with metal chip into any USB interface.5 days of working time only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge.
  • ·Fashion design & Colorful bands:
    Slim body,Skin-friendly material and light weight bring you comfortable sports experience.No-sense of wear during sleeping.
  • ·Your intimate health assistant:
    All-day tracking your steps, calories burned,distance walked, sleep conditions. Newly upgraded heart rate function, testing your real-time heart rate ,making you know more about your tensity.
  • ·SMS real-time reminder:
    Once connected with app, fitness tracker will vibrate and display the message content so that you will not miss important messages and calls, When a mobile phone has an incoming call and a text message.
  • ·Considerate After-sales Service:
    One year warranty gives you the best after-sales service.Use your order number to contact us if you have any question. Our Service Center will do our best to make you satisfied.

Lintelek Fitness Tracker is one of a kind in facilitating the monitoring of your fitness status. It has numerous excellent features, which rank it among the best.   

No Charger Required 

When charging the gadget, you do not require a charger or a charging cable. It has a USB charging system attached on side. You are required to remove the strap and plug the metallic protrusion on a USB port. As such, you may use other gadgets for charging such as you personal computer.

Excellent After-Sales Services

Any query about the already acquired gadget is addressed promptly by the company to your satisfaction. You only use your id number as the reference to launching your query.    

Auto-Sleep and Clear OLED Screen

The screen automatically sleeps after the set time of inactivity. This time is easily adjustable according to your preferences. Auto-sleep screen ensures less power consumption and long-lasting battery usage.    

Multi-Activity Monitor

Using this device, you can track an array of fitness activities such as your daily steps, lost calories, sleep conditions, walked distance, and heart rate.   

Quite Affordable

Assessing the fitness benefits gained from the gadget, the monetary value attached to it is pocket-friendly. Some other gadgets with similar usage will cost you double the price.      

Assortment of Colors

This gadget is available in an assortment of colors such as black, pink, and blue. You can simply choose your favorite when making a purchase.  

Fashion Design

Lintelek Fitness Tracker colorful bands, slim structure, weightlessness, and skin-friendly material make it appear eye-catching. Its unnoticeable texture when wearing makes it sports-friendly and gives a worthwhile sporting experience.       

Lengthy Battery Use

The battery can be used for 5 days when fully charged and more days when not in use.   

Easy Apps Syncing

You can sync the gadget with your phone enabling frequent notifications from the connected apps such as messages and emails. You cannot miss any crucial updates when engaging in fitness activities. It works with Android 4.4 and above and iOS 7.1 and above.        


The gadget is IP67 waterproof, rainproof, and sweat-proof. However, you are highly recommended not to wear when swimming or showering.    

Remote Photography Control

After you connect the gadget to your phone, it enables you to remotely control you camera and shoot photos. The photos are stored in your phone.

Intelligent Sensing

 The gadget has an intelligence sensor that senses the movement of your arm. Raising your arm will light up the screen automatically. This facilitates easy monitoring of the set activity you are engaging in.

Improved Accuracy

The gadget facilitates improved accuracy because it starts counting steps after the fortieth step.     

Additional Features

Presence of alarm alerts when notifications are received. It has a gentle shaking of the arm ensuring other people in the vicinity are not disturbed.  

Dimensions, Color, and Box Content

Its model is ID115U HR. Has a TPU material straps. Its screen measures 0.86 inches. It comes in many colors such as blue, pink, and black. The packaging box contains a single gadget and its user manual.   


A 12-months warranty has been provided in additional to responsive after-sales services.

The Pros

  • Stylishly designed to make a positive impression at a glance.
  • Charging time of 1.5 hours.      
  • High battery utility of 5 days and more days when not in use.   
  • Monitors real time heart rate.  
  • A clear OLED screen with intelligence sensor and auto-sleep mode.
  • It is waterproof, sweat-proof and rainproof. However, cannot be worn when swimming or showering.  
  • Simplicity in use and easy-to-follow instructions in the manual.
  • Monitors various fitness occasions such as running and walking.
  • Available in different preferential colors that enable achievement of style and excellence.
  • Enables far-flung control of phone camera through the device.
  • No worry of losing the cable because the device has a USB system attached to it.
  • The ease of purchasing because of its low price

The Cons

  • Though waterproof, you cannot wear it when swimming or showering. This leads to suspicions on the authenticity of its waterproof claim.

Bottom-line and Verdict on Lintelek Fitness Tracker

The fact that you cannot wear Lintelek Fitness Tracker when showering or swimming is its most conspicuous demerit. This is true because it may malfunction if you forget to remove it when swimming or when showering.

If are looking for a cheap gadget that you can wear in all conditions including tracking your swimming episodes, this activity tracker from moov would be an alternative choice.

Regardless of the shortcoming, the gadget is a viable choice because of its various advantages such as minimum charging duration, sense intelligence, high accuracy, preferential colors, stylish design, and remote photography control. I would recommend you to try it out and experience the benefits firsthand.