MOOV Now Double Pack – 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach Review

The Moov Now is the latest addition to Moov`s fitness trackers and is a second-generation successor to the Moov fitness tracker. Last year`s Moov tracker was a dedicated sports coach, built for running, cycling, swimming, and boxing. The Moov Now, however, is a refinement of the Moov tracker, both regarding design and features.

In addition to building on the awesome features of its predecessor, including the addition of daily activity tracking, it delivers an exceptional performance. A performance that the likes of fitness giants such as Fitbit, Apple, and Google should turn for pointers.

But how does it perform? Let`s have a closer look.

What Makes Moov Now Awesome?

  • Real-Time Audio Coaching: The real-time coaching is probably the major highlight and a truly novel feature of the Moov Now. Doubling up as a fitness assistant, this tracker will progressively take you through your training regime. The swimming coaching assistant, for instance, provides you with comprehensive info on the number of strokes, cycles, and time it took you to turn. The feedback from the tracker will provide you with tips on how to optimize your activity, and help you improve your swimming technique. This makes it one of the top activity tracker for swimming available in the market today at an affordable price.
  • Vocal Feedback: The audio feedback feature on the alarmingly lowly-priced Moov Now is yet another awesome feature not found in many trackers.This feedback provides you with real-time instructions on how to optimize your workout so that you can hit your target. For instance, if you`re running and you fall below the speed required, a soft robotic sound springs into action informing you to increase your pace or hit the ground faster. Conversely, if you are doing it right, you will hear a soft jiggle that lets you know you`re on the right track.
  • 3D Fitness Tracking: The Moov Now fitness tracker is dubbed as a 3D tracker thanks to the nine-axis Omni Motion sensor technology. The nine-axis Omni, Motion sensor technology, combines tri-motion sensors-an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer in a single device.As such, the tracker is hypersensitive to a wide breadth of motion in your body. The 3D fitness tracking allows this equipment to track every step, pool lap, jump, or even punch during boxing workouts. 

MOOV Now Double Pack - 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach [2 New 2016 Editions] (Stealth Black & Blizzard White) Run Walk Swim Cycle Workout...
  • MOOV NOW provides real-time audio coaching for running, cycling, cardio boxing, body weight (Moov 7 Minute+)
  • Most advanced swim tracker - stroke type, stroke count, lap analysis, recommends ways to improve
  • Tracks Active Minutes and Sleep
  • A wearable fitness coach that speaks to you - actively monitors your motion, tracks your progress, and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals
  • Up to 6 months battery life and waterproof. Band is lightweight and breathable.Wear it on your wrist for swimming, on your ankle for running and cycling, or wear two for cardio boxing

More Features that Make Moov Now Interesting


The design of the Moov Now is best described as “webbed.” The Moov Now edifice is made from soft, stretchable mesh rubber band, which is interposed with a hollowed-dot pattern. The hollows on the band make this tracker more breathable.

Unlike its predecessor, which was more like wearing an Asbo tag, the latter has undergone radical changes on its design. The footprint, for instance, is drastically reduced, while the sensor is available in a wide breadth of colors.

Crucially, though, the drop in size has not affected performance or features. Similar to high-end wearables, the Moov Now hosts an array of features under its hood including tri-sensors, replaceable battery, and Bluetooth. While there`s nothing quite exotic about the features, Moov argues that the real power of the device lies on how it handles your stats.

A major challenge with the design however, is the clasping mechanism; the clasp is easy to slip open due to the shallow pins that are pressed via holes in the band.


The Moov Now is an odd wearable. In a wearable world where the screen reigns, this unremarkable fitness tracker disdains from the display. With lack of a screen, it means that you have to use your smartphone to see your stats, which does not feel much of a drawback.

Moreover, what it lacks in looks is made up for exceptional performance.

Moov App

One of the significant upheavals in Moov`s ecosystem is the release of the Moov app that encompasses all activities. Unlike the predecessor, where you had to download a variety of apps for individual activities such as running, swimming or boxing, this new app amalgamates all your activities on a single platform.

The app comes in a modest and straightforward design, displaying all your daily stat and allowing you to switch to individual sports by tapping icons across the top.

My Progress bar, for instance, lists all your activities as achievements, while the Activity Feed allows you to scroll through the various workouts.

The app manually syncs your active minutes and tracks your sleep after every 5 minutes. However, if you are looking to have immediate results, you can manually sync your data on your Moov App.

And if your phone is not close, or within the 50-100 ft. syncing range, you do not have to worry. The band has adequate memory to store your active minute's data and sleep tracking for a period of up to a month.

Though there`s currently no third-party app support, the Moov App allows you to connect third-party apps, including third-party heart monitors into the mix, provided they support the Bluetooth function.

Unfortunately, the Moov App is only compatible with Android and iOS, sorry window and Mac users.

Nonetheless, the general improvements in the software is a significant improvement, that shows the commitment of Moov to simplify their user's experience.

Activities Tracked

The Moov Now is an all-inclusive fitness tracker that supports an array of activities including;

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Cardio
  • Boxing
  • Total body workout
  • Swimming

The latter function confirms that this fitness tracker is waterproof; it offers water resistance up to a depth of 30m. Similarly, the tracker is resistant to sweat, mud, and dirt, therefore, making a perfect companion for the rugged and muddy environment.

Additional Features

When it comes to monitoring, the tracker has added two new features, which include the daily activity tracking and sleep tracking. Though its predecessor still offered the two, you will no longer have to use additional sensors with the latter.

Battery Life

Though the Moov Now is not a dramatic departure from its predecessor, there is a significant improvement in the battery life from 24 hours up to six months. The prolonged battery life is attributed to the standard CR2032 watch battery. With this energy efficient tracker, you no longer have to replace your battery every day.

Dimension, Colors & Box Content

Sporting a modest weight of 155g and dimensions of 156 x 156 x 37 mm, Moov Now package comes with;

  • One small band for your wrist
  • One large band for your ankle
  • Proprietary CR2032 battery
  • Battery tool for opening the core


The Moov Now comes with a warranty of up to 1 year.

What We Like About the Moov Now

  • Budget-friendly. While the Moov Now may not be least expensive fitness trackers, it comes laden with plenty of features including the sleep tracking feature, which is not a standard feature among devices of its class.
  • Comfortable wear. A combination of soft silicon rubber strap plus feather-like weight promotes a comfy experience to the user. Additionally, the webbed nature adds to the breathability of the device.
  • Motivational. The Moov Now uses an audio coach, which is vital in increasing and optimizing your workout efforts.
  • Automatic activity tracking. The Moov Now uses AI to track all your activities. So whether you`re walking, cycling or sleeping, you do not have to tell the tracker what you are doing

What We Don`t Like About the Moov Now

  • Not aesthetic. Most of the wearables are designed to complement your fashion style. The Moov Now comes with a basic and bland design, which does not appeal to the fashionistas.
  • Few data analytics. Unlike the high-end models, the Moov Now does not allow you to export your data for further analysis.
  • No GPS or Heart Rate Monitoring. HRM is now a standard feature even among the lowly placed trackers. It`s unfortunate that you will have to use third-party tools to monitor your heart rate.

The bottom line on the Moov Now

The Moov Now packs plenty of features and is an excellent all-around performer. However, the tracker is rather basic with regards to performance; it does not provide the punch and oomph that comes with other relatively priced devices.

The lack of data export function that allows you to create your graphs to look deeper into your metrics is perhaps the largest drawback of the band. For this reason, data lovers should consider other bands that show your metrics and include heart rate monitor (HRM) such as the Jaybird Reign Fitness Band.

Nonetheless, it`s a perfect option for those who are looking for a budget-friendly, basic, and an all-day activity tracker. The waterproof feature makes it suitable for swimming. The tracker is designed for those looking for an activity companion, and those looking to make their whole day more active. In particular, this tracker is remarkable for building your daily activities and helping you grow healthier over time.

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