MorePro Health Tracker Review

MorePro Health Tracker helps you to track your fitness activities such as the heart rate, sleep patterns, and blood pressure among other supported activities. What makes it attractive at a glance is its modern design and tiny size. In terms of use, its ease of syncing with smartphone apps makes it user friendly.  

What makes MorePro Health Tracker so awesome?

  • Supports Global Positioning System connection. The tracker supports connection to GPS to facilitate the tracking of the user at any given time. Through GPS, the security of the user is guaranteed in that they can be traced at any time when engaging in fitness activities.
  • Sleek Design. It is sleekly designed to make it attractive around the wrist. Additionally, it is light in weight to make it comfortable when wearing.
  • USB Charging System. The tracker is charged directly by plugging it on a computer or any other charging dock that supports USB. This is done by removing one strap to expose the USB charging system.  
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    Display. Its screen is colored, which allows for better display even when using during outdoor activities. This creates comfort for the user whereas upholding fashion.
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    Mobile App Connectivity. It can easily connect with mobile applications via Bluetooth. When connected, the user can sync phone notifications such as Instagram, Twitter, phone calls, Whatsapp, and Facebook. This makes it convenient for the user to get crucial information while engaging in fitness activities.    

There are several attributes that make MorePro Health Tracker the best choice for monitoring fitness activities.

Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor

It monitors the varying heartbeat changing and uploads the data to phone app in real time.

Color Screen

It has a color screen that enables the user to swipe the display to view various functions. The screen enables ease of choosing of the activities to be tracked at a given time. Additionally, the user does not struggle to see the activities on the screen when using it in outdoor fitness activities

Multiplicity of Use

The gadget keeps track of an array of activities including peddling, running, swimming, and walking among other crucial activities. This translates to getting all that you want in one gadget. You need not shop for different devices to track different activities. After acquiring the device, you specify the activity to track by selecting it on the color screen. This done, you are ready to start monitoring the select activity.  

Tiny Size and Sleek Design

The weightlessness of the gadget makes it more comfortable on your wrist. You can even forget that you are wearing it and only remember when a notification alert vibrates. Its sleekness is also among the best you can get and enjoy.  


Monitoring your health status has been made easier through this easy to acquire gadget. The activities tracked far outweigh the offer cost.   

Replaceable Straps

The straps of the tracker are easily replaceable. The manufacturer is aware of the fact that different people have different tastes. As such, the straps can easily be replaced to suit the preferences of the user.  

Prolonged Battery Life

It has an inbuilt battery that lasts for 7 days when in use and 10 days when in standby mode. This is the recommended average of fitness trackers. Such a long battery life saves time that would be wasted during frequent charging. Similarly, the user can easily be tracked when in dire situation even after some days.

Available in Different Colors

Most health fitness trackers are available in color black. However, this tracker is available in different colors to give the prospect customers a variety of tastes and preferences to choose from. Their availability in different colors ensures that consumers can purchase their favorite color or a color that matches the primary activity to be monitored.

Ease of Syncing with Phone Applications

It connects with many smartphones that have Bluetooth compatibility. When connected, the user can easily choose the notifications they would like to show on the screen as they are engaging in fitness activities. The user can sync such notifications as Instagram, Twitter, phone calls, Whatsapp, and Facebook.

Auto-Sleep Monitor

The monitor sleeps automatically when not in use. This saves power giving the battery a prolonged life.

Additional Features

MorePro Fitness Tracker has several additional features such as countdown timer, female physiological period reminder, phone tracking, call reminder, and fatigue test.

Dimensions and Color

Its dimensions are 9.7 by 0.8 by 0.5 inches. It is available in different colors.

The Pros

  • Is sleekly designed making it attractive and very light in weight. This enhances the comfort of the user during the physical fitness activities.
  • Has a USB charging system attached to it and thus can easily be plugged to a computer or any other charging dock that supports USB. Its model resembles a flash disk only that it is attached to one rubber strap. When charging, the user only needs to remove the rubber strap from the tracker and plug it in to a USB charging port.       
  •  Has a long lasting battery charge of 4 days when in use and an average of 7 days when in standby mode. This saves time wasted when charging and guarantees that the tracker lasts long.   
  • Tracks heart rate, calories, sleep quality, and sync date and time.
  • Has a smart colored screen.
  • It is water resistant and thus can be used during all weather types including rainy days or when swimming.
  • Discreet vibration when a set activity is achieved.

The Cons

  • Less useful manual that makes it hard for the user to navigate around unfamiliar features.

Bottom-line and Verdict on MorePro Health Tracker

The lack of a useful manual that can guide a new user effectively on how to use the tracker without damaging it is its basic shortcoming. If a user is new in using fitness trackers, they may consider buying another type that has a comprehensive and easy-to-use manual such as Letscom Fitness Tracker HR.

This shortcoming notwithstanding, MorePro Health Tracker is a great choice because of its salient advantages such as sleek design, colored screen, inbuilt USB charging system, replaceable straps, ability to monitor several activities, and because it is waterproof. Because of its advantages, the tracker can be highly recommended to probable consumers.  

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