Pull Up Bar Chest Workout: 3 Techniques You Can Try Right Now

Pull up bars have been around for quite a long time. These muscle toning tools aren’t just used around gyms anymore; they are also in homes of people who love to exercise at the comfort of their homes. Known to stabilize the body through strength training, particularly through extension movements and muscle contractions, there’s almost nothing the best pull up bar cannot do.

Regular pull up bar chest workout can help you become fit and healthier in a way running two miles a week never can. Given that you are hanging freely, moving your body up and down, and contracting your arms and chest muscles at the same time, there isn’t an equipment, or workout technique, that can exercise a vast range of muscles as compared to the use of a pull up bar.

Pull Up bar Techniques for Chest and Body Training

Did you know that there are a couple of pull up bar techniques that you can try for chest workout? From weighted vest and adding your towel to a bar to increase its diameter to a dip belt, there are plethora of techniques that you can try right now for easy strength training. The following are 3 pull up bar chest workout techniques that you can try right now.

  1. Standard Chin-up

Standard chin-up is easy to do because it is straightforward. It is definitely a beginner-friendly exercise. In this strength training technique, you grip the bar tight your palms facing you, then you pull your body up until to a point when your chin is at the same level with the bar. You then lower your body slowly, until you extend your arms properly.

  1. Negative Pull-up

The negative pull-up might be a technique that you’ve never tried before, particularly because it required an additional equipment: a chair. In this technique, you stand on a sturdy chair, hold the pull up bar with a firm grip, your pam facing you. After the tight grip, step off the chair. Then, lower your body until to a point where your arms extend fully. 

  1. Hanging Leg Rises

This is perhaps one of the most unusual workout techniques that you will ever try. But it does work your chest muscles as well as other parts of your body pretty well. In this technique, you firmly grip the pull up bar with your palm facing you. You can add a towel on the bar if you so wish, but it’s not necessary.

Then, keeping your torso stable and your arms properly extended, you lift your body off of the floor. You shouldn’t lift your body fast. The slower you lift your body off the floor, the better. Once your body is all the way up, proceed to lifting your legs until they are parallel to the floor.


It is important to keep in mind that these techniques are quite advanced. That means it will take quite some time before you can master them. Regular practice, time, and patience are all you need to master these advanced pull up bar chest workout techniques.

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