Best Punching Bags & Stands – 2017 Expert Comparison & Reviews

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Tired of spending money on heavy bag stands that won’t sustain your punching bag for 11,000 years?

Searching for durable, sturdy, and high quality punching bag that won’t break the bank?

Or, maybe you are searching for a boxing bag stand that has proven the test of time regardless of the brand.

Whatever your reason for searching for a heavy bag stand, one thing’s for sure: boxing enthusiasts and marital artists, like you, need the best punching bag stand.

But look:

There aren’t so many grab-and-go stands for heavy bag on the market. This can only mean one thing: it can take you days, if not forever, to find and buy the best heavy bag stand for your workout and boxing sack.

To ease your burden, we’ve put together top-rated punching bag stands that can give you the biggest bangs for your bucks.

We don’t want you to buy a boxing bag stand with a leap of faith that the stand stands out. So, we’ve picked each stand meticulously, tested and reviewed them in-depth.

10 Best Heavy bag stands 2017


Punching Bag Stand



Max load  Capacity (lbs)


Editor's Rating



Everlast heavy bag stand

Powder-coated steel tubing






Muay Thai heavy bag stand

Heavy duty material



Height:7.5 ft. tall


Ever last single station heavy bag stand with a 70 lbs heavy bag kit

Powder-coated steel tubing





X mark deluxe power tower and heavy bag stand XM-2842

Steel mainframe construction



62 by 54.5 by 94 inches


X mark space miser pivoting heavy bag wall mount XM-2831

11-Gauge steel



Hanger dimensions

L:27.5 inches

W:27 inches


Everlast-2 station heavy bag stand

Power coated steel



48.25 by 84 by 69 inches


Balazs universal boxing stand







Century heavy bag stand




52.5 by 21.2 by 5 inches


Ringside prime free standing station steel boxing MMA heavy bag stand




25 by 5 by 60 inches


Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger

Heavy duty steel





1. Everlast  Heavy Bag Stand

punching bag stand amazonIf you are looking for a punching bag stand with just the basic features at an affordable cost, you should consider checking Everlast single station heavy bag stand.

It might not have additional features such as a chip up bar and speed bag platform but it still gets the job done.

However, if you are a serious fighter, you might want to consider another stand as Everlast does not provide a good tone for footing.

The best part about this stand is the fact that it can hold a professional heavy bag of up to 100 pounds.

The only limitation with this is the height of the bag. It is not tall enough to stand such weight.

To increase the height, you can consider placing it on something to make it taller or consider buying a shorter swivel chain

Note that once assembled, it is pretty heavy hence important to place it somewhere that you will not need to move it as often.

One of the things that we did not like about it is that the height cannot be adjusted to suit one’s height.

Another thing that we did not like about this brand is that you will have to add more weight to the base to make it stable.

If not, you risk working out with a wobbly stand and you will end up not enjoying your workout.


  • The stands are about 7’’ tall.
  • Supports up to 100 lbs.
  • Made of heavy duty, powder coated steel tubing.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Footprint: 69″ L x 48.25″ W x 84.13″ tall.
  • The stand includes three weight plate pegs to increase durability.

Product Packaging and Specifications

The stand weighs about 55 pounds and comes with 3 pegs on which to put on the weight plates for more stability.

However, you will need to buy the weight plates separately when ordering for the stand.

Easy to construct and move.The height is not adjustable like with other heavy stands.

The instructions are quite easy to follow up and understand.


You will need to add in about 75-100 pounds to the weight for stability.
Cost friendly especially for those on a fixed budget.Limits the ability to work on angles and footwork as you do not have access to the full 360 degrees of the bag.
It does not produce noise when using it.Not suitable for tall users.
Has a nice design.The directions do not include the specific steps.

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Here is a tutorial on how to assemble Everlast heavy bag stand:-

2. Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand

heavy bag standThis Muay Thai heavy bag stand is meant for Muay Thai and other martial arts but it makes a great option for boxers and kick boxers.

It is one of the stands that you want to invest in because it is heavy and durable.

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand 350 Lbs Capacity-heavy duty punching bags stand with 4 sand bags is one of the best punching bag stands that you can buy today.

Manufactured in the USA by Outslayer fight gear, the Muay Thai heavy bag stand is a great choice for you and your family irrespective of your height.

If you are taller than the given height, ensure that you request for a customized stand to meet your needs and preferences.

Tip: For best results, fill the sands and place them on the legs of the station.

A bag of sand that is well filled should weigh about 60 pounds.

The legs are about 4 ft. away from each other and each leg is 30 inches long and can extend to an additional 15 inches.

One of the reasons that makes this stand perfect for home use is the ease of storage since the base is triangular and can fit perfectly on a corner.

If the stand is too tall for your height, Everlast offers customization services to ensure that it suits your height comfortably.

Be sure to measure your ceiling before assembling because it might not fit some of your rooms.

There’s a catch.

One of the things that we wish the manufacturer could attend to is the metal shavings on the edges of the stand that risk giving you splinters.

The price of this stand is also quite expensive for someone on a budget.

Product Packaging and Specifications

The stand comes in four black empty sandbags to weigh the stand down. The sand bags weigh about 60 lbs each once filled.

The shipping weight of the stand is 140 pounds.


  • Comes with a 10 year warranty.
  • Easy 5 screw assembly.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Solidly built.
  • Supports up to 350 lbs.
  • The stand is 7.5 ft. tall
  • Perfect for 6ft. Muay Thai heavy bags.
Can be customized to fit your needs.Quite expensive and may not be affordable to people with a limited budget.
The stand is space sufficient and can even be placed in a corner as it has a triangular base.It has some metal shavings on the edges that may give you a splinter.
Made with heavy duty materials making it quite durable. 
Very effective for professional boxers as it can lift up to 350 lbs. 

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3. Everlast Single Station Heavy Bag Stand With A 70 Lbs Heavy Bag Kit

punching bag stand for sale When you buy an ever last punching bag and stand, you are certain that you will get an item that is worth the amount you spent in the purchase.

This happens to be one of the best punching bag stands available for sale. Most noteworthy, it is a compact solution for micro gyms, home fitness and other small spacers.

Working with this unit will help to build endurance, agility, speed and coordination.

One of the most amazing things about this package is that it comes as a whole set up and you do not need to buy any other equipment.

The kit comes with a: punching bag stand, 70 lbs heavy bag, boxing gloves, hand wraps, bracket mounts and chain assembly to secure it perfectly on the ceiling.

The heavy bag measures 12 inches in diameter and 36 inches in height.

Everlast heavy bag stand comes with sturdy three weight plate pegs that helps enhance excellent stability and make it perfect for training.

The stand is able to support heavy bags that weigh up to 100 lbs.

This single station stand is made from high-quality powder-coated steel tubing, so there is no need to worry about its long-term strength or durability.

You will have an easy time assembling the stand as it comes with super easy instructions and with a helping hand, it should not take you more than an hour.

With regards to the gloves and hand wraps, we found them to be effective. However, consider buying a more durable pair because they tend to wear out after a few months of use.


  • Made from high quality steel tubes.
  • Powder coating on the frame to provide scratch resistance resilience.
  • Comes in black color.
  • The stand comes already filled.

Product Packaging and Specifications

  • The unit comes in two different shipments. One of the shipments comes with the punching bag stand while the other shipment comes with heavy bag, hanging kit, gloves and wraps.
Easy to assembleThe gloves are of low quality and you might need to replace them after a short period.
Comes already filled so one does not need to fill again. 
Made with high quality steel tubing that makes the stand long lasting. 
The stand comes with three weight plate pegs for maximum stability. 

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4. X Mark Deluxe Power Tower And Heavy Bag Stand XM-2842

cheap punching bag standThis is one of the best models in the market that allows you to perform both cardio and strength training exercises.

The heavy boxing stand offers you the opportunity to train for MMA and other martial arts with a great piece of equipment.

The power tower is very useful to train for abs and core. You can do pull ups and push-ups and any kind of dip when using the tower station.

This stand is of sturdy construction. Moreover, one thing we noted is that it is of a longer height than what is stated by the manufacturer.

It measures a feet slightly higher than the specified 7 feet.

The heavy bag stand can stand a bag that weighs up to 200 lbs although you need to ensure that the bolts are well fastened for durability.

Another amazing thing about this stand is that it is designed in such a way that it cannot destroy the floor as it is skid resistant.

One of the things that we did not like about this stand is the fact that the front feet tend to jump up a half-inch when hitting the bag.

To make it worse, you cannot place the weight plates there because that would get in the way of accessing the punching bag.

Another thing that did not augur well with us is the time taken to assemble the product.

As much as the pieces that need to be assembled are not many, the instructions are not very helpful hence you will need to figure it out by yourself. This, therefore, takes up quite some time especially if you are a first time buyer.


  • Skid resistant rubber feet to protect the floor.
  • The X mark deluxe 2842 features a vertical knee raise, push up station, dip station, split grip pull-up bar and heavy bag working out station.
  • Tear resistant duraguard vinyl.
  • Scratch resistance powder coating finishing.

Product Packaging and Specifications

The stand weighs about 123. Most noteworthy, the bag is not included in the packaging unless otherwise specified by the seller.

The product measurements are 62 by 54.5 by 94 inches.



It is very strong and sturdy making it very effective for boxing and other martial arts.

Takes quite some time to assemble the parts.

It is quite affordable based on its versatility.

The product dimension given is wrong as the real product dimension is about 2ft taller.

It does not require much space for storage.

You cannot do leg workouts with it.

It is durable.


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5. X Mark Space Miser Pivoting Heavy Bag Wall Mount XM-2831

cheap heavy bagThis is another product that you can purchase for the purpose of boxing training.

The mount is sturdy and goes up quickly.

Although it is rated at 80#, we discovered that someone weighing about 130 lbs could still use it.

Once the bag has been installed in the right way, the folding feature works perfectly. Moreover, it helps to prevent the whole house from shaking when you are kicking.

With the folding feature working perfectly, it raises another problem; the bag locks itself in position with the spring-loaded pin.

The pin then sets itself into an unreinforced hole in the sheet steel that the hanger assembly is made from.

After working out for weeks, the hole might enlarge affecting the workout process.

However, it is good to note that as much as the product is many peoples’ favorite, it has received quite a good number of negative reviews from people who think that it not worth the purchase.

The main issue of this product is the bending but if it does not happen, it works just as fine as most punching bag stands.

The other issue with this product is the fact that it states that it can only support 80lbs.

This is quite a low weight as compared to other brands in the market.

However, as mentioned above, we discovered that it could sustain more than 80 lbs.

In spite of its shortcomings, it is a good product that is pocket friendly and you can buy to use before you invest in a more superior boxing bag stand.

Product Packaging and Specifications

The heavy bag wall hanger comes in the dimensions of 27.5 inches long and 27 lbs.

The weight capacity of the punching bag is 75 lbs.

The overall dimensions of the stand are 29 by 26 by 4 inches and weighs 24 pounds.


  • 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Has an adjustable height feature.
  • Features the Spacemiser pivot system that allows you to rotate the heavy bag against the wall and out of the wall.
  • Constructed with 11 gauge steel for durability.
Quite easy to installNot quite the best quality as it bends after few months use.
It is pocket friendlySlams the wall when using and you ought to keep it away from it to avoid the slamming.
Can withstand more weight than specified.Has a smaller limit of the lbs it can support compared to other punching bag stands. The most it can support is 80 lbs.

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6. Everlast-2 Station Heavy Bag Stand

used punching bag standsEverlast -2 station heavy bag stand makes a great option because of some key features it has that are hardly found with other boxing stands.

This stand is capable of holding both heavy bags and speed bags for optimal versatility.

It should be noted that it can hold heavy bags of up to 100 lbs making it one of the strongest heavy bag stands for sale.

What we really liked about this stand is the fact that it is easy to assemble in as much as there are many pieces that come with the product.

The package comes with easy to read instructions and if you have a helping hand, it should not take you an hour to put the pieces together.

Although the stand come with all the necessary hardware equipment required, you will need some extra equipment such as wrench set, socket set and a mallet.

The stand has a rugged, powder coated steel tubing construction and three weight pegs that help provide maximum durability.

However, you will need some weight to hold it down especially if you will be hitting the heavy bag pretty hard.

One of the things that we did not like about this stand is that it comes with a swivel that is only suitable for beginners.

After a few weeks using it, you will need to buy an intermediate or an expert swivel to ensure that the speed bag does not cause the platform to vibrate.

Note that you will need more than 84 inches clearance overhead if you are planning to hang it on the ceiling.

The manufacturer of this product gives you a warranty of 120 days which means that you can send back the product if it does not meet your preferences.

However, note that the return shipping cost of the stand can cost you much.

Product Packaging and Specifications

The packaging of this unit does not state the actual weight of the stand but the shipping weight is 72.2 pounds.

Note that as mentioned above, you should not exceed the limit of 100 lbs heavy bags.


  • Adjustable speed bag platform.
  • Made of a combination of steel tubing and powder coated steel.
  • Comes with 120 day warranty on the unit covered in case of any defects.
  • Supports any heavy bag up to 100 pounds.
  • The Stand measures 48.25-by-84-by-69 inches (W x H x D).
  • Come disassembled.
It is quite pocket friendly considering that it is a multipurpose stand.No weights are included with the product which might cause confusion.
It is very strong and sturdy.Requires big space since the speed bag platform is on the rear.
The punching bag stand is long lastingThe swivel is only suitable for beginners.
Easy to assemble as it comes with clear instructions. 
Does not occupy much space. 

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7. Balazs Universal Boxing Stand

punching bag standIf you have been struggling with cheap punching bag stands, you should consider investing in Balazs universal boxing stand because it is one of the best punching bag stands available in the market.

Balazs universal boxing stand is the centerpiece of most gym facilities because it is not only a quality boxing stand but also very versatile to use. The versatility is because it can be used by tall, short and wheelchair bound athletes.

The product is perfect for any home gym or fitness center as it does not require additional weight to hold it down.

The ample footing of the stand enables the full motion of a true heavy bag workout. Moreover it has a sturdy steel construction that can support up to 300 lbs punching bag.

Another thing that might make you to consider this punching bag stand is the fact that it can be upgraded with a speed bag platform or more punching bags.

Since the bag is heavy and full, it does not make a lot of noise when you are working on it.

As much as it will cost you some amount, it is a great investment if you are looking for a boxing stand that will last for a long time.

Product Packaging and Specifications

The Balazs universal boxing stand has a footprint of 68 x 44 inches and comes in the height of 95’’.

However; customized heights are available upon request. Note that the punching bag is not included in the purchase of the stands.

The shipping weight of the product is 245 pounds.


  • Designed and made in the USA
  • No extra weights are needed for support.
  • Can fit up to a 6 ft. long punching bag and support up to 300 lbs.
  • Totally free standing.
  • Very well constructed and has an excellent surface finish.
The stand is perfect for any room as it is totally freestanding.The stand is quite pricey and you might need to save for quite a while if you are on a tight budget.
Comes with a lifetime warranty. 
Makes minimal noise when use. 
Can be upgraded with a speed bag platform 
Very easy to assemble 

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8. Century Heavy Bag Stand

best heavy bagIf you are looking to buy a good heavy stand that will not only give you a good service but also is durable, consider buying century heavy bag stand, gray.

You can buy the heavy bag hanger from century with confidence as it is one of the most respected martial arts accessory brands in the world.

This particular heavy bag stand has a sturdy construction. Most noteworthy, although you will need to use the weight pegs to enhance stability, it works effectively when stable.

Being one of the cheap boxing bag stands, you should consider buying it as it offers almost the same features that are offered by some expensive brands in the market.

Another reason why you should consider century heavy bag stand is the fact it is perfect for kids when boxing kids punching bag since it is light weight.

Ensure that the kids wear protective gloves while practicing to avoid injuries.

One of the things that we find displeasing about this stand is that it makes some noise when the bag is being kicked. The noise is present even when the bolts are well adjusted.

If you can tolerate the noise, then it is a great choice.

Remember to add some weight on the base to increase stability since it is lightweight.

Product Packaging and Specifications

The weight capacity of the century heavy bag stand, gray is 100 lbs. It also has a 3-in tubular steel construction.

The overall dimensions of this stand measures 52.5 by 21.2 by 5 inches and weighs 48 pounds.


  • Heavy duty gray bag stand.
  • Perfect for boxers and martial artists.
  • Heavy duty material used.
  • Can hold up to 100 pound weight bag.
  • Comes with 3 different weight pegs for stability.
  • Assembly required.
Easy to put together even without assistance.Many cases of missing parts and poor packaging.
Nice sturdy stand for stability.You need to add on weights to make it stable as it is quite light.
Suitable even for kidsMakes some noises when in use.

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9. Ringside Prime Free Standing Station Steel Boxing MMA Heavy Bag Stand

cheap punching bags for saleRingside is a classic looking MMA heavy bag stand that many people find to be effective than most heavy bag stands.

This is because of its durability and the ability to withstand many kicks and punches from people of different body sizes and weight.

The fact that it does not require to be mounted make it perfect for those people  who do not have the time or perfect space to mount the stand.

The stand is made of sturdy construction and is best suitable for a long bar that is at least 9.5 inches long. It also allows for a 180 degrees access making it possible to withstand heavy kicks and punches.

If you check out for heavy bag stands reviews, you will ascertain that it is one of the best there is based with the many positive reviews.

Tips: If you are putting a light bag on it, ensure that you put some weight on the base to enhance the durability of the stand.

If you are using a 70 lbs bag, you might not need to add some weight unless you are going to do a strenuous workout.

When assembling this product, it is important that you have a helping hand with you. This is because the instructions are awful and you might end up being confused on where each bolt should go. It will also take you less time with a someone else as you will be able to figure it out faster.

Product Packaging and Specifications

The ringside prime free standing station steel boxing MMA heavy bag stand measures 95’’ tall by 35’’ wide and 52’’ deep.

The full dimensions of the stand are 25 by 5 by 60 inches. The shipping weight is 53 pounds.


  • It is a completely free standing heavy bag stand.
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Most suitable for larger areas.
  • Able to hold over 100 pounds of weight.
  • Come in black color.
  • Includes swivel boxing chain.
Allows 180 degrees access to the bag which enables you to exercise most parts of your bodyAwful installation instructions.
Has a very sturdy construction.Poor packaging and of the products while on transit to the buyer.
Modest budgetCan be a little tippy if you are not boxing spotty one.
Well-constructed.You need to add on weights to prevent it from falling.
It is free standing meaning that you can move with it anywhere. 

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10. Yes4all Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger With Heavy Bag Chain

punching bags standsIf you do not mind mounting a stand on the wall to hold up heavy punching bags, then you can opt for this type for heavy bag hanger.

The best thing about this Yes4all wall mount heavy bag is the fact that you can attach it to any standard wall as long as it is possible to drill a hole into it.

The stand is made of sturdy construction that helps provide durability and stability. Furthermore, it provides room for 360 degree rotation that gives room for full swivel motion.

If living in rental premises, keep in mind that the drilling while mounting causes permanent damage which you might be required to pay later.

It is therefore important that you look out for alternative ways to mount it without having to drill the walls.

It is highly recommended that you mount it in a room that you will not need to move it again because you might end up messing up your house with drilling holes.

One of the things that have got people doubting its functionality is the fact that the sticker clearly indicates that it is made from China.

However, we cannot associate the things we did not like about it with its country of manufacture because such are the issues we have encountered with other punching bag stands.

One of the things that we did not like about this stand is that the arm is quite limiting for bag swing and the swing out height adjustment is difficult to use.

If your preference for a heavy stand falls under those features, you might want to consider this punching bag stand.

Product Packaging and Specifications

Yes4all wall mount heavy bag hanger with heavy bag chain comes in black color and it is made of steel.

The dimensions of the stand are 15.7’’-20.47’’L by 13’’W.

The shipping weight of the stand is 9lbs.

The overall dimensions are 15.7”-20.47”L x 13”W.


  • Wall mounted stand to hold up heavy punching bag.
  • Capable of holding up to 100 lbs.
  • Attaches to concrete wall or 12’’ wood stud wall.
  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • The package includes a swivel boxing chain.
  • Made in China.
Easy to adjust the weight thus can be used by people of different heights.Makes a permanent hole on the wall.
Helps to minimize on space use as it uses push pin system so that you can slide the bag to the side when you are not using.It is not easy to move around.
The mainframe is steel which makes it very durable compared to most punching bags stands. 
It allows you to have full access of the bag meaning you can punch it from any direction you want. 
Easy to install on the wall. 

Buy from Amazon

Factors to Consider When Buying a Heavy Bag Stand

Even with the above in depth description of the boxing bag stands, there are other factors that you need to consider before buying one.

They include:

Punching bag stand design

One of the most important things that you need to understand is that heavy bag hangers suitable for boxing tend to have a different design from those of kicking.

Stands designed for kicking have the bag stand legs wider apart while those designed for boxing have bars that may prevent you from kicking.

Weight Limit on the Bag Stand

Most standard heavy bag stands have a weight limit of 100 lbs.

If the bag is too heavy for the stand, it may cause the beam to bend down and if it is too light, you might not feel the impact when kicking.

Choose the weight limit that you are comfortable to work with.

Construction Quality

In most cases, the construction quality of the punching bag stands will depend with its price.

A mid-level bag provides you with a decent build that will last you for some time.

Most cheap punching bag stands are made from steel tubing and are light weight.


No matter what you are buying, it is always good to consider the price because it says more about the product.

Most cheap heavy bag hangers cost $100-$400 while premium bag stands cost about $300-$400.

Note that some cheap boxing bag stands tend to last longer while some expensive punching bag stands are short lived.

Because of these variations, you will need to consider all other factors before you determine whether to buy or not.

With the detailed list above of the best punching bag stands in the market today, you are certain of making a good choice when you shop online or at your local store.

When shopping for the punching bag stands, you also need to take note of some integral things such as warranty, brand, attachment point, adjustability, versatility and the weight limit.

Take your time to understand the features of the particular stand you are interested in so that you can make a good concrete decision.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that a good punching bag stand cannot function well with a weak and wobbling heavy bag. You therefore need to ensure that you buy a strong heavy punching bag available for sale online or in your local store.

With all the above guidelines, you will be able to find the best punching bag stand that suits all your need by comparing all the features, pros and cons.

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