Kettler Home Coach E Exercises Rowing Machine Review

The Kettler Coach E features German’s Engineering craft. It is a big-ticket unit in the same league as the Concept2 Model D only that it’s costly by a few hundred dollars. Perhaps, you are wondering why the Coach E is more expensive than the Concept2 Model D.

Sure, it has its downsides, but several things make this rower special. The brake system with an extensive range of electromagnetic resistance; the option to select from 12 preset workout programs, including heart rate control programs; and the additional workout attachments, which some feel it’s hype and a distraction.

Hey! That not all; let’s explore the Coach E model by Kettler a little more:

Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment: Coach E Rowing Machine
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Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment: Coach E Rowing Machine
  • Users can select from a total of 12 programs, including programs with Heart Rate Control that automatically adjust resistance in order to maintain one's target heart rate
  • LCD high resolution display is easy to read and calibrated for maximum accuracy, providing workout data: Time, Distance, Energy Consumed, Strokes, Pulse Rate and Frequency
  • Our Brake System provides an extensive range of variable and frictionless electromagnetic resistance for a smooth and challenging workout; Resistance can be adjusted from 25 watts to 500 watts for a custom challenge
  • Thick padding on seat provides maximum comfort and combines with top grade rollers to yield exceptionally smooth performance along the chrome plated steel rails
  • Biomechanically correct footplates offer a natural pivoting action, providing a full longitudinal rowing motion; Frame is made of high carbon steel and powder coated and has a lifetime warranty against breakage

Frictionless magnetic induction brake system

When rowing on the Coach E, the machine runs smoothly, and it is whisper quiet thanks to the induction Brake System.  Because it uses an eddy-current magnetic resistance, you can adjust the resistance to be in harmony with your heart rate.

With the frictionless brake system, you can vary the electromagnetic resistance of the flywheel anywhere between 25 watts and 500 watts. For this reason, trainees with different athleticism levels, from beginners to advanced rowers, can train with this rower.

Also, because the induction is electronically controlled, you will get exact readings, and you will have a precise control on your workouts.


Despite the Coach E going for over $1,000 rowers, it’s challenged when it comes to the maximum user weight it can handle. A maximum capacity of 285 pounds is on the low, considering some rowers with such a price tag can manage 500 lbs.


When assembled, the Coach E sits on dimensions of 80”L x 20”W x 26”H. With such a length, perhaps you are wondering whether you can fold it – well, you cannot fold it. However, its frame can stand in an upright position, a position that helps save on space.


The Coach E rowing machine is a heavy-duty equipment; weighing about 185 pounds, it’s almost twice as heavy as most rowers on the market. Still, the additional weight makes it sturdier. Because it’s not the most lightweight rower, it does not mean you will hard time trying to move it around – it has caster wheels at the front to make movement easy.

Built Quality

The Coach E by Kettler features German’s superb craft.  Overall, it has a robust construction, from the steel frame that’ coated with a powder finish all the way to the chrome plated gliding seat. The frame is designed using superior quality carbon steel.  You can be confident the frame will last for long; even Kettler promises customers a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Beneath the beam it has sealed ball-bearings; for this reason, the ride is smooth and quiet.  This also means the machine needs minimal maintenance because you don’t have to use lubricants.


With a padded seat, combined with pivoting footrests, it sure feels comfortable to row on the Coach E. The seat is not tough on the butt, and it glides smoothly, thanks to the ball-bearings beneath the steel rail.  Its pivoting foot pedals are fixed at an angle that promotes a natural pivoting action so that you can hit a full longitudinal motion when rowing.  Also, the footrests have a tread on them to increase traction, and each has a strap to secure your feet.

LCD Monitor

It features a Siemens electronic LCD, calibrated to enhance the vision.  The readings displayed are ultra clear because the screen is high-resolution with 450 dot matrix graphics. It shows data like the energy consumed, frequency, pulse rate, strokes, distance, time and scan mode. 

Apart from that, the computer display has 12 preset workout programs including two heart rate control programs.

Unlike low-end rowers that are inaccurate when it comes to some stats, the Coach E shows correct readings when it comes to data like stroke count and calorie count.

Although the readings on the console display aren’t too small to read, it can be a challenge to read the screen in a dim room because it’s not backlit. 

The other downside is that with the Coach E, there is no way to share your progress with other rowers online because its console display is incompatible with software that enables this technology. 

Heart rate monitor and Cardio wellness grading 

Of the 12 programs it offers, two of them are heart rate control (HRC) programs.  The HRC programs adjust the flywheel’s tension, such that the resistance varies as your heart rate changes.

Also, it comes with a T34 Polar chest strap, a transmitter designed to track your heart rate as you work out. The strap is compatible with Polar Heart Rate Monitor and Kettler workout equipment. It transmits data wirelessly to the console and the readings projected are accurate.  

Also, you can track your improvements during workouts because the console has a recovery mode that grades your cardio wellness on an index scale running between 1 and 6.


Unlike most rowers, it does not fold up. However, with its unique design, you can place it a vertical position when no one using it. You will have no trouble moving it around because it has caster wheels at the front. To engage its wheels, you just have to lift it, almost up to waist level – then, from there you can push it across the floor, and make it stand upright in a closet or at a corner.

Extra workout attachments

 Truly, the Coach E is designed for those who want to tone their muscles and maintain a fit body. It comes with a backboard and front footplate attachments that will allow you to perform 16 different exercises. These attachments can be quickly attached to the rower. Some of the exercises you’ll have a chance to do include glide-board exercises, seated curls, standing triceps pull, overhead press downs, cross-overs, and more. 


Although the instructions come written in German, and not English, I believe you won’t have a hard time putting up together the machine. 30 minutes are enough to assemble the rower.  


•    Smooth resistance.

•    High-tech monitor.

•    Steel frame. 

•    The frame can be tilted upright.

•    Comfortable design.

•    Cardio Wellness feature.

•    Accurate wireless Polar chest heart-rate monitor.

•    Two hear-rate control (HRC) programs.

•     3-years warranty on parts a lifetime warranty on frame.

•    It combines with additional workout equipment.


•    It’s costly.

•    The console uses AC; you mostly need to nearby an electrical output.

•    Limited weight capacity.

•    No software to share progress with other rowers online.


Some may feel like Kettler has overpriced this rower – yes, one could say it has, considering that the top-rated model on the market goes for about $1,000. Still, with the excellent ergonomics; the smooth ride; the extensive magnetic resistance range; and the extra attachments that improve your workouts; you are getting a robust, durable rower here.