Fitness Havens Internet Marketing Scholarship 2017

A $1250 Internet Marketing Scholarship

FitnessHavens is a blog that allows the internet community guides to provide helpful reviews, ratings and buyer guidelines on nutritional and fitness products such Best Green Tea and punching bag stand.

In turn, these reactions aid consumers make the best choice of such products that suit their fitness needs and financial ability.

This strategic blog provides the best internet community guides who understand consumer data on nutritional and fitness products in depth.

FitnessHavens has launched a scholarship program known as “FitnessHavens Internet Marketing Scholarship” which is targeted at students with high pounces of creativity and an affinity for Internet Marketing.

Scholarship Summary

FitnessHavens came up with this program as an annual undertaking that aims at providing support to highly-creative and free-thinking individuals whose affinity is bent toward creative writing.

Amount of the Scholarship: $1250

Deadline of Application: December 15, 2017

Feedback: within 30 days after the application deadline

Participation Requirements

For consideration, students are required to write a critical argumentative essay on the question “Does Technology Advancement Contribute to Obesity?” The essay must be at least 825 words and a maximum of 1100 words.

Do you have what it takes? Well, just apply.

It is never too late to be a winner in life; the winner will receive $1250.

Please proceed for more details.

Qualification Requirements

  • The participant must be a student at a Trade School, High School, College or University.
  • The essay must be argumentative and thoroughly researched.
  • The piece must have a clear thesis statement
  • The participant must uphold originality and thus, the paper must be plagiarism-free
  • The participant must exhibit high-value creativity and more so in the construction of the paper as well as in the use of grammar


Attach your piece in Word.Doc or PDF file format and send it as an email to

Also, include the following crucial details in your email;

  • Personal details i.e. your full name, age, gender, valid phone number, your address and Postal Code
  • The name of your current educational institution i.e. name of University or College
  • Your specialization at the institution
  • Valid identification that proves that you are a student at the mentioned institution

Submission of your piece demonstrates that you have approved the use of your essay for promotional or marketing purposes by FitnessHavens


The deadline for application is December 15, 2017. The applications will be thoroughly attended to by our professional judges and the winning essay will be chosen within 30 days from the application deadline. The winner shall be personally contacted and a prize of $1250 will be consequently awarded. Confirmation to be made via a mail.

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