Body Champ PBC530 Power Rack Review

When it comes to searching for workout equipment, I guess it’s right to say that there is always something for everyone. The Body Champ PBC530 is yet another power rack that goes for an affordable price.

Besides the friendly price, how does the rack measure up when compared to other beasts in the market?

Well, let’s see.

Body Champ Power Rack System with Band Pegs (resistance bands training) / Built in Optional Floor Mount Anchors
  • Gives your existing equipment a boost; pair with a weight bench, weight sets, and other accessories (all sold separately)
  • Accommodates both 6' and 7' weight set bars
  • 12 position settings for variable training; includes 2 pairs of easy-adjust tiered peg-hook catches
  • 4 Rubberized feet to secure rack in position and prevent skids or scuffing of floor; 2 built-in Olympic weight plate holders; 2 built-in anti-slip pegs for added band resistance exercises
  • Max. Load: 300 lbs. On bar catches; 300 lbs. User weight on upper workout bar

Attractive design

This rack excellently designed; it’s constructed using heavy-duty, steel tubes, beautifully finished with a striking finish.  At the top, it has an upward curved pull-bar, pretty solid with a firm grip. Then at its base, it’s secured with a u-shaped frame, plus two curved bars that connect the base to the uprights.

Also, it has two pairs of adjustable bar catchers, the lip design type.  Some people don’t like this design because of the protruding lip that makes it hard to re-rack the barbell, especially when doing squats. Still, they are safer because they hold the bar in place, making it less likely to slip out.  Also, the safety bar catchers are short, measuring about 10 inches in length. They are not effective spotters due to their short size but remember this rack is not meant for heavy lifting.


The PBC530 is a tall rack. Its pull-up bar goes as high as 82”. If your space has a low ceiling, it might not fit, and in a room where it may fit, you won’t have enough space to do overhead pull-ups.  Suppose your ceiling is set at a height of 84” and, you don’t care much about the overhead pull-ups, then there is no problem with having this rack.  It’s depth of 45.5” will accommodate both a 7-ft and 6-ft barbells.  However, it’s not compatible with a 5-ft bar.

The rack has a footprint with dimensions of 43”W x 45.5” D x 82”H, and an interior width (length) measuring only 37 inches.  So, it has a narrow depth, and some people tend to bang their elbows on the uprights when doing bench presses or squats.

The steel gauge uprights have 12 adjustable positions for fitting the safety bar catchers. As for the size of the holes, each hole has a diameter of 1-inch, and they are spaced out 4-inches apart.

Weight and Stability

 The PBC530 is a lightweight power rack, weighing only 63.5 pounds.  Although it’s lightweight, it’s one stable rack when confined to its maximum limit of 300 pounds. For sure it can’t withstand mega weights, but it will do alright with the recommended weight capacity. It’s much stable when mounted on a cushioned floor.

For extra stability, the rack uses four built-in floor anchors that are rubberized to minimize skidding and scuffing.  Also, it has a U-shaped frame welded at its base, plus two curved bars that connect its base to the upright frames for added stability.  Because of this, the rack remains secure, especially when the rubber feet are on a cushioned floor. When anchored well to the floor, it’s possible to do some muscle ups and front levers.  Bolting down the rack to the floor will make it more stable.  Its anchor holes, where the bolts go when you want to bolt it on the floor, are 0.25” in diameter.

Keep in mind that, the two curved bars that connect the base to the upright frames will not get in the way when benching.

Pull-up bar

The fact that this rack has a dual-purpose overhead bar with a knurling is a huge bonus. This pull-up bar has a diameter of 1.5”, and it’s set at a height of 82”; just an inch higher than the steel uprights. 

I’ve seen people ask whether they can fix this pull-bar upside down so it can fit in their place of choice. Well, it’s possible, but you have to think about safety. If you are not heavy or tall, you should be alright. Otherwise, it’s not safe for someone taller and heavier.


Assembling this rack is easy.   It takes about an hour to get the job done.


You could combine it with resistance bands and suspensions, such as the TRX suspension trainer.


•    Clear and easy to follow instructions.

•    Easy to assemble.

•    Quite stable despite being upright.

•    Compatible with both 6-ft and 7-ft bars.

•    Affordable price.

•    It comes with two Olympic storage pegs.

•    Choose from either black or grey colors.


•    No safety bars.


Some are racks designed to handle mega weights; this is not one of them. When it comes to heavy lifting, it’s not recommended. Still, that’s alright because the price for this rack is on the low and any person who is not a heavy lifter will find it useful.  Plus,   you are paying a reasonable price to get a superior rack. If you are a bodybuilder or you are aspiring to be one, get a heavier rack that can withstand mega weights.