Fitness Reality X-Class Power Cage Review

The X-Class Power cage from Fitness Reality is simply a beast, best of the best squat rack, and surprisingly, it’s reasonably priced, which I’m guessing is good news for you. No doubt, if you spend your money on this cage, you will get the best value – you will not only be amused by its price, but also you will love the incredible height and depth. With this power rack, you can do a variety of exercises, including squats, chin-ups, dips, bench presses, upright rows, seated/standing military shoulder presses, wide and narrow chin-ups, forearm curls, wide curls, and vertical raises, just to name a few.

Probably, these not the only reasons that may get you to buy it; let’s look at its capabilities.

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage
  • 1500 lbs of real weight capacity. 2" x 3" tubular steel frame construction A BONUS pair of J-Hooks included
  • Two adjustable 2"x 20" high Density rubber grip dip handles with user weight capacity of 600 lbs
  • Two 11.5" safety bars and two 35.5" dual mounted safety bars with each set combined weight capacity of 1500 lbs. Compatible with 7' Olympic bars
  • 2 height position adjustable multi-grip chin up/pull up bars with a weight capacity of 600 lbs
  • Expand the power cage by adding the optional Fitness Reality lat pull down attachment, Olympic bars and Fitness Reality utility bench (not included)

Height & Depth

This power rack is spacious enough for you to do wide stance squats and even have a spotter inside.  From front to back, the cage has a length of 71.5”, and it has a width of 52 inches when measured from the outside; and its internal width is around 45 inches. So, a 52 inches bar, from collar to collar, will fit without any trouble.

As for its height, It measures 86” from top to bottom. Its pull-up that adjustable can be fixed at two different positions; you can fix at 85” or 82”. For someone who is tall, this is something to celebrate; you will have no trouble doing squats and pull-ups inside the cage. When it comes to height, the only problem is: the power rack is not built for rooms with a low ceiling because it’s tall. 

Design & Build quality

Don’t expect it to bend down after several years of use because it’s meticulously constructed. Your grandkids will probably be alive to see this cage. It features 2” x 3” tubular steel frames that are coated with an attractive finish; the heavy-duty tubes are capable of supporting a maximum weight of 1500 pounds. Also, it consists of two adjustable dip handles wrapped with a high-density rubber grip; the dip measure 2” x 20”.  Furthermore, the dip handles can handle a maximum capacity of 600 pounds. 

The power cage also comes fitted with two dual mounted safety bars that measure 35.5”, capable of holding up to 1500 pounds.  You get up to 13 adjustment positions to mount the dip handle adapters. A 7ft Olympic bar will work fine with the safety bars that come with this rack.

To vary your exercises, the uprights that hold the safety bars have 25 adjustable height levels, providing you with many options to set your safety bars and the j-hooks.  Moreover, the holes spacings have a diameter of exactly 1”.

Unlike other racks that use just an ordinary pull-up bar, this one has a multi-grip chin up bar that has a maximum capacity of 600 lbs.  Although the chin-up bar does not have knurling, it’s textured to provide a firm grip.

How stable is it?

When assembled, the cage will remain firmly secured on the floor. Weighing around 256 pounds when put together, the rack is sturdy even when it’s not bolted down on the floor. You call hang or swing from its pull-up bar and do dip bars, and it won’t move an inch.  For extra stability, the rack has a U-shaped bar at the back. 

If you wish to bolt it on the floor, it has predrilled holes for that purpose. The rack is so steady you could do kip-ups and muscle ups, mainly when you have some weights placed on the storage peg. 


Although this power rack does not come with a lat pulldown attachment, it’s designed to support one. So, if you want this feature that bad, you can spend several more bucks to add this feature to your workout. The lat pulldown system for this rack is well-built, surprisingly smooth, and it can hold both 1” and 2” diameter plates.

Also, you can expand this cage by equipping it with Olympic bars, a bench, and lat pull down

Assembling the rack

You won’t take much time putting it together. With the right tools, you can take at most an hour.


•    It can sustain up to 1500 pounds. 

•    Provides numerous ways to exercise.

•    Safe and stable.

•    Sturdy construction

•    Its safety bars are wrapped with protective foam.

•    Instructions on the manual are straightforward.

•    It comes with a pair of J-hooks as a bonus.


•    You have to buy the lat pull separately.

•    It may not fit in low-ceiling rooms.


This power rack is heavy-duty equipment going for a reasonable price.  If you have been looking for a wide and sturdy power rack at an affordable price, you’ve got one right here.  For most people, the big problem they encounter when searching for a power rack is getting a well-constructed rack at a pocket-friendly price, and when they do find one, chances are, you would have to rob a jewelry store to have it because it’s high priced. This rack strikes a right balance between price and value.