Titan T-2 Power Rack Review

Now you can train and build up your endurance with the Titan T-2 power rack – Its simple, affordable and just the perfect size.

You know you need a power rack when you are addicted to weightlifting, but unfortunately for you, you don’t have a spotter to help you get off the heavy plates in case you are unable to finish a rep. Without a deadlift cage, it can be suicidal to lift weights all alone at home.

The Titan T-2 power cage is one of the training equipment that will do it for you if you hope to buy a power rack. You will not only be marveled by its height, but also you will love its simplicity and affordable price.

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So, what can you expect from the Titan T-2 power rack?

Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage Bench cross fit pull up
  • T-2 Series (2"x2" steel tubes) - Capacity: 700 lb - 1" round steel j-hooks
  • Chin up bar: 1 1/4" diameter - Weight: 93 lbs
  • Height: 71.5" - Height of pull up bar: 68.5" - Opening: 44"
  • Depth: 45" - Inside front to back bar: 26"
  • Floor space: 48" x 58" - Material: Steel

Workouts that you can with it

With the T-2 power rack from Titan, you can do exercises such as Good-mornings, pull-ups, suspension training, cleans, single leg barbell lunges, bench presses, military presses, shoulder presses, deadlifts, and rows. Also, you can do dip exercises if you get some dip handles for it.

Built quality

This power rack is designed using 2”x2” steel bars that are coated with a black finish.  However, its finishing is not smooth to the touch, and it chips off as time passes.  On the bright side, the unit is designed to last.  It’s not breaking down anytime soon.

At the back, it has two plate stands for storing weights.  The weight plate stands measure 1.25 inches in diameter, and they are 7.5 inches tall.  While these weight pegs can accommodate Olympic plates, they are small for standard plates that are 1 inches in diameter.

Also, it comes with two saber style safety bars that are made of steel, and a pair of j-hooks, one inch in diameter.


Are you in the market for a squat cage that will fit in a low ceiling room, such as the basement? The T-2 is your equipment of choice.  It has a height of 71 inches, which means it can fit well in a room with a ceiling 8-ft high. Furthermore, if you are about 5’10”, you can safely do pull-ups on this cage without banging your head on the ceiling. For someone who is 6-foot tall and above, they may have trouble doing some exercises, such as pull up and squats, with this power rack.

The holes where the safety bars go are perfectly spaced out with measurements of 1.25 inches in between.  Such spacing will make it easy when you want to rest the heavy and solid safety bars.

 Apart from that, the T-2 has a footprint measuring 48 x 58 inches. As for its interior measurements, it has a depth of 45”, and the distance from front to back is 26”.  The working area is spacious enough to fit a small bench or perform exercises that need space. For example, GOODMORNINGS, deadlifts, cleans and single leg barbell lunges.  Plus, you can do all this without hitting the cage’s uprights.

Weight, capacity & Stability

The T-2 power cage can hold a maximum capacity of 700 pounds.  For those of you who can lift more than 300 pounds, you can begin your strength training journey with this cage. Also, it’s a lightweight power cage, weighing around 108 pounds.  You can physically move it from one position to another.  When it’s erected, the cage is stable. Its back support leg that has two plate holders, plus a 3-sided support base that’s partially enclosed makes the cage stable. When you made to stand on a carpet, the cage won’t move about, although it's more stable when placed a stall mart. Also, because it has a large depth of 45”, there is no need to bolt the rack all the way down to the floor.

You can safely do pull-ups when the storage pegs have no plates without making the cage wiggle, assuming the power rack is resting on a stall mat.  Also, you can do pull-ups and dips on the front side of the cage, and it won’t wobble or tip over, assuming your average weight is around 150 pounds.

Pull up bar

Although it’s a short rack, it has a chin-up bar with a diameter of 1 ¼ inches, and its height from the ground is approximately 68.5”.  This pull-bar is engraved with knurling at both ends to make the grip stronger. The knurling is not that rough.

Perhaps you are wondering if you will be able to do your pulls using this particular chin bar yet chances are, you weigh more than 100 pounds. Well, don’t panic because even someone who weighs more than 300 lbs will comfortably do his thing on the Titan’s chin up bar.  Being a lightweight rack, you will not be able to do kipping pull-ups, unless you refrain from doing full kip-ups, assuming you are not a heavy person.

Assembling the power rack

It’s not complicated to set up this power cage. Titan recommends that you set it up with a friend, but you can do it solo in roughly less than 45 minutes. If two people were to assemble it, it would even take less time.  Just make sure to read the manual and that you have the right tools.


This power cage comes with two pairs of solid J-hooks that can handle any weight.  Also, its bolts, which are somewhat heavy, are of premium quality – they may give you a hard time when bolting it, but it’s worth the hassle to make the cage more stable.  Another thing you will love about this rack is that you can combine it with other extra accessories to elevate your training experience.  You could add equipment like dip bars or sandwich J cups. 


•    Straightforward to assemble it.

•    It will fit well into any room with a low ceiling.

•    It’s sturdy and durable.

•    It’s lightweight.

•    Affordable price.

•    It’s versatile.

•    It can handle a lot of weight; 700 pounds.

•    Titan customer service is fast and responsive.

•    Manual has straightforward instructions.


•    It lacks band pegs.

•    Being a small rack, tall people over six foot tall may have hard time training with it.

•    Over time, the black finish will begin to chip off.

•   Not recommended for kipping pull-ups.


If you are around 5’10” inches tall or below, and your wallet is not thick enough to get yourself an expensive deadlift cage, the T-2 is just the right choice.  It’s not only low-priced but also it’s simple, and it will fit well in a small-spaced room.  With this one, you are getting real value from just spending a few hundred dollars. Don’t miss out.