Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand Review

The BD-9 is yet another squat rack that will fit in a small room, and whose price is below the $200 mark.

Some of the workouts you can do with this exercise stand include bench presses, shoulder presses, standard military presses, overhead presses, and dip exercises.

Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand
  • 13-gauge steel 2"x 2" steel tubing and telescoping J-Hook uprights that adjust from 48.5" to 70" with 10 adjustment heights.
  • Adjustable added bar catch for resting bar on during bench press workouts
  • Rubber topped safety bar catches provide a minimum height of 24.75" from the floor to a maximum height of 38.5" with 11 different adjustable positions.
  • 1 plate storage peg is featured on the front of each of the stands measuring at 7" and are compatible with Olympic sleeves (sold separately).
  • 3 position adjustable base for larger footprint adding more stability (20"-28") with rubber end caps

Built quality of the rack

The built quality of the Bd-9 is superb. It comprises 2” x 2” steel frames that have a broad, expandable base. Each post has a support bar that runs diagonally, connecting the base with the upright post. A storage peg measuring 1-inches in diameter is welded on each of these diagonally positioned rods, and they can accommodate standard 1-inch diameter plates.

Plus, each peg can hold up to 180 pounds. Then, the support rods that hold the storage pegs have a protective black strip; this helps to prevent the weight plates from scratching off the coating on the storage peg rods.

Initially, when brand new, the rack has a conspicuous coating. However, this painting quickly comes off, especially near the plate storage pegs. Because it comes with a little paint bottle, you always re-paint the frames. 


The Bd-9 consists of 42.75-inch upright posts that can be adjusted to fit different height positions. Whether you are a tall or short person, this squat rack will work for you.  If you are 4’11” or 5’11”, the barbell bar will only be a tad higher.

For someone who is short, say below 5’4” inches, they may not reach the bar catchers at the top when doing the flat bench press workout. In that case, they would need to have a pair of slider sleeves so that they can adjust them according to their preferred height.

From the floor, the highest point you can set the bar is 6’5”.  Hence, even if you are 7-foot tall, you will efficiently work out with this unit.

If you want, you can do some pull-ups using the bar when loaded with weight. However, you have to tuck your legs underneath. The other problem when doing pull-ups using this rack is that its bar can roll around. To prevent that from happening, stick a cloth, such a towel, underneath each bar holder.

Its H-shaped footprint has dimensions of 28W x 20.5L inches. Each base covers an area of 400 square inches, and it’s expandable. At the front, the short leg on each post measures approximately 15” wide while the longer leg at the back has a width of 22.5”.  The distance from front to back is approximately 24”.

Then, all the holes on the tubes have a diameter of 11mm (0.43 inches), and the space between one hole and another is 1.7 inches.

The BD-9 squat rack comes with two 5.5-inches bar catches and two V-shaped bar supports. Both the safety bar catches and the bar supports are adjustable. You can adjust the bar catches either up and down to suit your preferred height when doing flat, decline or incline presses. However, keep in mind that they can’t hold heavy weight. As for the spotter arms, you can position them as high as 38 inches or set them as low as 21 inches.

Another big advantage of this rack is that you can use it with any barbell because you can set the stands to be as close or as far as you want.

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Weight and capacity

You know, having a small rack can work in your favor if you have a small room. If it’s compact and lightweight, you can stick it in your closet, and you would only bring it out when you want to work out. The BD-9 perfectly fits that description.  Only weighing around 50 pounds with a footprint measuring 28 x 20.5 x 77 inches, it’s a portable rack. When its arms are completely lowered, the stands can go as low as 53”.

Despite its compact size, it can hold a weight capacity of 500 pounds.  It’s a safe squat rack to use if you can stick to light workouts. That means it’s risky to load the bar with more than 300 pounds if you intend to do bench presses or squats unless you have a spotter to help you out in case of trouble.  Also, you would have to make sure the stands are wide apart to make it more stable.

Stability and Security

I’m certain that stability is one of the things you are concerned about when you look at this squat stand. When assembled and the bolts tightened, the rack is secure. Notably, it’s built with a wide base to make it firmer when the floor. Of course, it’s not that stable like high-ticket units, but it’s safe for light workouts.

It can be shaky when doing some exercises, such as squats and bench presses, and to make it rock steady; you would have to load its storage pegs with some weights and expand its base. If you load each of its storage pegs with at least 30 pounds, you will be good to hit your squats or bench presses.  With some weights added on the pegs, the stand barely badges even when you forcibly dump weight on it.

Remember it has no holes for bolting it on the floor but you if you don’t plan on moving it around, you can drill some holes near its base. 

Also, its safety catches are not long enough to guarantee safety when doing squats. You need a spotter when you want to lift 200+ pounds.


Assembling this rack is a simple job. You just need like 30 minutes, and you are done. 


•    Adjustable, wide base.

•   It has two plate storage pegs.

•    It's compatible with small spaces.

•    Easy to construct. 

•    Small and lightweight to be moved around.

•    Affordable price.


•    It’s not rock steady, especially when the weight pegs are empty.

•    The safety catchers are short.

•    Its paint easily chips off.


Go for this rack if you are looking for workout equipment that can easily be moved and at the same time not fill up your space. Unless you are a powerlifter, and you are willing to spend more to get a caged squat rack, this one should serve the purpose.