Valor Fitness BD7 Power Rack Review

Meet the Valor Fitness Bd7 power rack.  The Value that this rack offers is the big reason that will motivate you to get it. It’s sturdy, economical, and comes with some extras that make it hard to say no to it.  If you have always desired to have a home gym, perhaps because you are tired of paying gym membership or because you have a tight schedule; the Valor BD-7 has all everything you need.

With the BD-7 anchored and many more at your place of choice, you can lift heavier than usual without worrying about injuries. You can do pull-ups, seated rows, pull downs, bench press, rack pulls, squats, shoulder press and many more.

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment & Pull Up Station
  • Steel frame measuring: 2" x 2"
  • 4 Plate Storage Pegs @ 8" each, 4 Solid Steel Chrome adjustable weight bar supports
  • 17 variable positions for bar supports ranging in height from 17.5" to 68"
  • Lat pull down station with Plate loading carriage
  • Pull Up Station with knurled grips

Dimensions & Height

This power rack is big but not so gigantic to the extent of filling up your entire space. When assembled, the rack measures 59”D X 63”W x 86”H from the outside. Its interior measurements are 23.6” D x 43.2”W x 80”H.  This means you get a working space of 23.5”, from front to back, and exactly 43.5”, from side to side.

A width of 43.5” is probably not the deepest you can get but it’s spacious enough to perform a variety of exercises. Although it has a small footprint, you can adjust the rack in many ways to accommodate different sizes. Perhaps the only problem you will have is not being able to do proper squats, but you can always do your squats outside the cage, so you have enough room to step back. 

For someone who is 6’2’ ft, they can comfortably exercise inside this cage without getting obstructed. All kind of exercises are possible with this cage and others , expect maybe overhead lifts.  

Design & Built quality

The Valor BD-7 is fabulously engineered; even without a spotter, you will feel safe doing bench presses and squats inside this cage. It’s built with a 12 gauge steel frame with dimensions of 2” x 2”.  The tubular steel frames that support the bar have 17 variable positions with a height that ranges between 17.5” and 68”.  Valor ought to mark the holes spacing on the steel tubes to make it easy for one to differentiate when switching barbells.

Then, on the front, it has a solid chin-up bar with gentle knurling; the pull-up bar is approximately 83” from the ground, and it supports at most 350 pounds.

Four plate storage pegs, each measuring 8” are welded at the rear of the rack; two on each side.  On this storage pegs, you can fix Olympic plates and standard size plates. Because the spaces between the plate holders are small, it’s not possible to put both 35” and 45” plates on the same side. You have to put 25” and 45” together while the other side will hold 35” and 10” plates. 

Apart from being rigidly built and having various accessories, the rack is stable once assembled, and all the bolts tightened.  In fact, you don’t have to bolt it down to the ground because the cage does not wobble. Even without adding some weights on the storage pegs, you can train inside the Valor BD-7 without shaking it. As for its safety bars, they can hold up to 400 pounds of weight. So if your squat goes wrong, you will be safe.  

Instead of J-hooks, this rack has barbell holder rods, capable of supporting a weight of up to 650 lbs.  Compared to having J-hooks, these holders work just fine although when you rack a barbell on the supporters, it may move a bit – it’s nothing to worry, though.

Extra accessories

This power rack comes with several accessories to take your workouts to another whole level.  It’s equipped with a pulley system, and a Lat Pull down attachment to help you work out your upper body, for instance, the biceps, shoulders, and back. Its pulley system runs smoothly, but the cables may wear out with time because the frame on the side rubs through the cable. You can prevent the pulley cables from being shredded by adding a duct tape around the frame parts that cause wear and tear.

Also, it’s fitted is a lap bar that’s wrapped in foam to help secure your knees when doing the lat pulls.  In particular, this is helpful when you are lifting a heavier weight than your body weight. If that is not still enough, you can get a pair of dip bars to go with this rack. 

Assembling the rack

While it’s simple to build up, it may take you some time to figure out which part goes where because the guidelines on its manual are not that straightforward – the instructions are mostly pictures that show what should go where. Either way, it’s enjoyable to put up this power rack; you will sure feel manly doing it.

You need about two hours or an hour and a half to build up the cage. So, it’s right to say that it won’t give you a hard time when putting the bars in the proper positions.  When assembling it, just make sure not to tighten the bolts too much; you could dent its frame.


•    Sturdy construction with quality steels.

•    It has lap bar and Lat pull down attachments.

•    It has a pull-up bar. 

•    It’s sturdy even when loaded.

•    Straightforward instructions.


•    It's not deep enough to comfortably do squats because of the lat pull cable

•   Storage bars are awkward placed. 


For a cage with so much functionality, its price is unbeatable, not to mention the superb engineering that’s matched with a striking design.  If you maintain it well, this power rack can last up to 10 years. We can bet on it that it will be hard to find such a combination on the market.