Yaheetech 2PCS Adjustable Rack Review

If you have a small home and you are interested in setting up a home gym, a practical thing to do is to find a rack that will fit in your preferred space. However, sometimes you just can’t seem to find a power rack that will fit your small space without it using up all the space.  The good news – You don’t have to settle for a cage; you can still be better off with an exercise stand, such as the Yaheetech adjustable rack. This adjustable rack is stable; can be easily moved around; and its price is unbeatable.

Yaheetech Pair Adjustable Squat Rack Standard Solid Steel Squat Stands Barbell Free Press Bench Home Gym Portable Dumbbell Racks Stands 44"-70"
  • Material: Metal Black Finish
  • Specifications: Overall Size: 21 x 19x (44-70)" (LxWxH);Adjustable Height 44-70";Stable Base in Size of approx. 21x19" (LxW);Max. Load 480 lbs;G.W: 49.60 LB
  • Heavy Duty: Carbon Steel Construction; Adjustable Safety Pin on Each Post; Anti-Skid Feet Pads and Anti-Scuff Rubber Avoid Damage to the Floor
  • Ideal for: Squatting, Bench Pressing or Standing Home Exercise & Commercial Use
  • Easy Assemble: Designed for easy installation. Full instructions & all mounting hardware are included.


This rack is built with 2” x 2” steel tubes, coated with an attractive black finish.  Each of its posts has a safety lock pin and a shelf at the top of each rod for placing the barbell.   Also, it has adjustable safety catch bars. The safety catchers, each measuring 6 ½ inches, are long and solid, such that they will support you when doing bench presses.  They can carry a weight of 300 pounds. Should you get into trouble, you will be alright.  Also, the uprights have several adjustable positions to make it easier for you to vary its height or that of the safety catchers.

Dimensions of the rack

Because it has an adjustable height, you can set it to different height levels, depending on the workout you want to perform. It has a minimum height of 44” and a maximum height of 70”. A 6’5” person can squat and do bench presses without problems. Just makes sure to adjust it to shoulder height and not to overload the rack with weights heavier than 400 pounds.

The minimum height your barbell can rest is 44” while the lowest point you can hook the safety bars is 12” from the floor. As for the holes where the safety pins go, they are well-lined up, and they are 2” inches apart.

Although its interior is spacious, the stand does not take up much room. Once assembled, you get a working space of about 26”, which means most barbell bars will fit well; this includes a 5ft bar.  Its base is wide enough, such that you can even do floor presses; it has dimensions of 21”L x 19”W.

Because it’s possible to adjust the height of the safety support arm, make sure to get a bench that you can adjust to a high or low position. 

Capacity & Stability

Although this rack is lightweight, it has a broad H-frame base that gives it balance and stability when on the floor. The exercise stand is among the lightest racks out there, weighing around 44.7 pounds. Even so, it’s quite stable for a rack that lightweight, and one which cannot be bolted to the floor.

For extra strength, it has welded side supports. Then, to prevent the rack from skidding and scuffing, its support stands are rubberized; this ensures the rack is ever stable and that your flooring is not damaged. Whether you erect the rack on concrete or carpeted flooring, it does not wobble. It remains steady, and perhaps the only time it can tip over is if you load it with more weight than it can handle, probably when you forcibly push the weight. Otherwise, if you load it with the recommended weight, ensuring you don’t use force when racking and re-racking a heavily loaded bar, you should be safe. 

Workouts that you can do with it

Although this exercise stand does not have a pull-up bar like others reviewed here https://www.fitnesshavens.com/squat-rack/, there are a variety of drills you can hit with it, including both incline and decline bench press, floor presses, squats, rows, and preacher curls (if you have the bench).  As for dips, it won't give you the best workout because its safety catchers are square, which makes it hard to get a secure grip.

As you already, some workouts are challenging to do when you don’t have the right training equipment.  If you wish to do preacher curls, this rack will make it possible to do so.  You can get a preacher bench to combine with it, or you could make one yourself.  All you have to do is get a shelf with measurements of at least 36 inches in length and 10 inches wide. This shelf can act like a preacher bench when fixed at the spotter arms’ edge and made to lean against the stand’s legs. 

Assembling the rack

 You only need a socket wrench and crescent wrench to put it together.  The instructions are pretty straightforward, and it will take you like 30 minutes, maybe an hour, to assemble it.


•    Affordable price.

•    Sturdy construction.

•    Adjustable height.

•    Easy to put together.

•    Best for bench press and squats.

•    You can do preacher curl workouts if you a preacher bench/shelf.


•    It does not come with weights and bar.

•    You cannot do pull-ups and dips.

•    No weight plate stands.

•    It cannot be bolted to the floor.


For less than $100 bucks, you are getting a strong, stable, adjustable rack that will fit in any small room.  If you are a casual lifter, particularly those who want to do bench presses and squats, this one will serve your needs – Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot to have it.