Best Swimming Goggles – 2018 Reviews & Top Picks

swimming goggles

Swimming helps to relax your mind and it is a way to exercise. However, it can cause harm to your eyes because of the many contaminants that you might encounter while swimming.

It is therefore important that you buy yourself a pair of swimming goggles.

Swimming goggles help to protect the eyes from irritation that might be caused by the chlorine in swimming pools and enables the swimmer to clearly see the underneath.

However, all this is dependent with the type of swimming goggle you buy and that is why you need to go for the best in the market.

Below is a deep analysis of our list of the 10 best swimming goggles available for purchase in the market.












SealBuddy PV10 Panoramic View Goggle





Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles





MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swimming Goggles

MP Michael Phelps




WACOOL Professional Clear Anti-Fog Anti-Shatter UV Protection Swimming Goggles





i SWIM PRO Swimming goggles

i-Sports Pro




U - FIT Performance swimming goggles





Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggle

Aqua Sphere


2.8 oz.


Compressions Brand Adult swim goggles





Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle





Sable WaterOptics RS 101 Mirrored Goggles




The 10 Best Swimming Goggles 2017

1. SealBuddy PV10 Panoramic View Goggle

Best swimming gogglesIf you are a regular swimmer, you will love these swimming goggles.

They are highly praised for the fact that they are super comfy and do not leak even while under the sea or after using them for a long time.

Made from Italy, this is a product designed to make your swimming experiences more enjoyable and something to look forward to.

It features soft silicone gaskets that are soft and generously sized to fit comfortably on most face shapes with low impact on the eyes and the lens are made of high density that resist normal use impacts giving you crystal clear vision.

With this type of swimming goggles, you will not have issues with both UV-A and UV-B radiation as they provide complete protection of the   eyes.

One of the things that we found displeasing about this product is the confusing user manual as does not offer clear illustrations.

Product Description

These swimming goggles have both UV-A and UV-B and weigh 7.4 ounces which is quite light for swimming goggles.

You will be amazed to know that the company offers 100% money back if you are not fully satisfied with the product which means that they are confident with the product.


  • Silicone gaskets that are soft and designed to fit most face shapes with very low impact on eyes and does not leak.
  • 100% UV protection and anti fog with shatter resistant lens.
  • High density lens that gives crystal clear vision and fully protect your eyes.
  • Very comfortable to fit and adjust.
Does not leak and offers a very good wide angle view.Confusing user manual.
Very easy to adjust to the required size.Most people experienced fogginess while using the product yet it is described as anti-fog goggles.
The swimming goggles come in a range of different colors.One piece strap.
Very comfortable to use. 
Adjustable nose piece. 
Wide and clear view. 

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2. Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles

swimming gogglesOne of the leading goggles for swimming in the market today is the Aegend clear swimming goggles.

They are popular to those joining triathlon and those who want a good pair of swim wear goggles for casual swimming.

The Aegend clear swimming goggles are a product of Aegend, a company that is popular for high quality outdoor products so you can be certain that this is a product that is well designed using strong materials.

With this product, you are unlikely to experience raccoon marks around the eyes and no pressure with the straps as they have a buckle that make it easy to remove and go.

The goggles are clear above the water although they tend to become blurry while under water.

Product Description

Aegend clear swimming goggles feature a 3D ergonomic design for perfectly fit with eye sockets and weighs about 5.6 ounces.


  • Clear-It has light blue and clear lens to enhance clarity although not recommended for people with over 100 degrees myopia eyes.
  • Shatter proof- has polycarbonate lenses that stay strong even in tough conditions.
  • Effective-Features anti fog and UV protection that enables you to enjoy the swimming experience.
  • Easy to put on and off-The swimming goggles have straps that make it easy to wear and remove the goggles without pulling your hair.
  • Light blue and clear lens makes for even better clarity.
  • UV protection and anti-fog which enhances your swimming experience.
Coms with anti-fog coating giving you a good swimming experience.The swimming goggles do not come with any free accessory such as the nose plug.
Can be used by kids as young as five years.Aegend clear swimming goggles come in limited colors.
Flexible silicon frame and gasket that provide 100% comfort to the user.Better for those with smaller noses.
Very easy to adjust and release.Not great for those with over 100 degrees myopia.
Perfect fit that is suitable for all face shapes. 
Very affordable. 

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3. Mp Michael Phelps Xceed Swimming Goggles

swim gogglesImagine owning a pair of swim wear goggles that is rocked by the most decorated Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps?

Mp Michael Phelps Xceed swimming goggles is classified as one of the most popular youth swimming goggles and though it is not rated as the best in the market, you will be surprised to know that it is quite expensive.

One of the reasons why this is one of the most preferred swimming goggle brands is the fact that it has a patented curved lens the help offer expanded field of vision allowing the swimmer to sight walls.

The only downward this brand is that it quite expensive for someone under a tight budget.

Product Description

These goggles for swimming features an Aqua sphere design expertise and weighs 3.2 ounces.


  • FINA approved goggles.
  • Polycarbonate lens with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment.
  • Curved lens technology.
  • Low profile head buckle and straps.
Designed with anatomical gaskets to enhance comfort.Quite expensive as compared to other goggles with similar features.
Curved lenses that offer wide peripheral vision.The strap is stiff making it hard to tighten.
Comfortable and lightweight.It is not easy to fix the goggles and the strap back into the protective case.
Made with softeril exoskeleton that allow for stability without being rigid. 
The goggles do not leak and seal nicely. 
The product come with 4 types of replaceable widths. 

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4. WACOOL Professional Clear Anti-Fog Anti-Shatter UV Protection Swimming Goggles

Best swim gogglesWacool professional is one of the top swimming goggles that are highly recommended for both personal and professional use.

Before using these goggles, you need to read through the user manual so you know how best to use them.

When cleaning Wacool professional, ensure that you rinse under cold water to remove chlorine, salt and any other contaminant then air dry in a warm and clean environment.

You should also ensure that you do not rub the inside of the lens as this can remove the anti-fog coating and cause scratches.

Tips -To clean the goggles, rinse completely under cold water as it helps to remove chlorine, sand, salt and other contaminants.

  • Avoid wiping or rubbing the inside of the lens as this can scratch or remove the anti-fog coating.
  • Never wipe the lens.
  • Wash the lens with fresh water and let them air dry.
  • Do not leave the goggles under direct sunlight as this can dry the soft silicone seals.

Product Description

The product comes as a package of one pair of goggles for swimming and also included is one protection case for storing the Wacool professional clear anti-fog anti-shatter UV protection swimming goggles.

The shipping weight is 5.9 ounces.


  • Suitable for most facial structure types.
  • Include a soft gasket eye seal around the eye that distributes pressure evenly.
  • Offers comfortable wide straps that are easy to adjust.
  • Features a clear film that helps protect the users from harmful UVB and UVA rays in open water.
  • Anti-fog and high definition, UV protection lens helping you get a better view.
Anti-fog goggles.Long term use of the goggles may reduce the effect of anti-fog coating.
Wide lenses to prevent peripheral obstruction.The upper bridge of the nose is quite wide.
Durable no leak design that works in most environments.Tend to become blurry while under water.
Easily adjustable. 
The lenses are nice and wide enough to enable you see everything without obstruction. 
Offers you the opportunity to have interchangeable nose pieces. 
Fits securely. 

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5. I SWIM PRO Swimming Goggles

cheap swimming gogglesThis product is one of the best in the market and it is preferred by many people because of the many purposes it serves at the same time.

I SWIM PRO swimming goggles has some of the best features that you can find in underwater goggles and the fact that they are not highly priced, makes them a people’s choice.

If you are looking for anti-fog goggles, I SWIM PRO swimming goggles will give you one of the best swimming experiences.

Some tips to having a perfect fit of these goggles include:

  • To remove the goggles from the protective case, twist the grey clasp at the top to around 180’ anti-clockwise.
  • Remove the protective film from each of the cases.
  • To open the goggle straps, use the quick release button at the back of the straps.
  • As the lenses rest on the palms of your hand, press the goggles to your eyes. A seal will be formed and the lenses will suction themselves to the eye socket.
  • Put the straps around your head and close the quick release.
  • The goggles are now on and you can adjust the straps to give you a nice fit.

Product Description

One of the most amazing things about this product is the fact that the goggles are packaged together with free ear plug, nose clip and protection case.

This means that you do not have to buy the items separately enabling you to save some money.


  • Features the latest anti fog protection to provide you with a fog free, crystal clear vision.
  • It has mirrored UV protection.
  • Features water seal gasket that have a unique and cushioned design to create a perfect seal around the eyes thus preventing water leakage.
  • Adjustable straps that have a minimum of 14.5 and a maximum of 25 inches.
Come with a top tier coating to prevent the goggles from steaming up while in the water.The nose clip cause nose pinches.
Shatterproof lenses.The nose clip is too tight for adults and a slide right off for kids.
Very comfortable to use.Not suitable for indoor swimming because of the tinted lenses.
The goggles tend to unclip in the back thus preventing hair pulling.Does not offer nose adjustment feature.
Comes with a beautiful case.When under water, they tend to become blurry.
Suitable for both adults and children. 
Suck up the face nicely without leaking. 
The goggles come with other accessories such as ear plugs, nose guard and replacement snap guard for the goggles. 
Easy to adjust. 

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6. U-FIT Performance Swimming Goggles

anti fog gogglesWhen buying goggles, one of the things that you need to keep in mind is that swimming goggles are designed for different uses.

Some goggles are designed for races thus offering minimal designs while others are designed to offer maximum comfort such that they can be worn for many hours.

U-FIT performance swimming goggles for men, women and youth are designed to offer you comfort while under the water.

There are many reasons why this product is deemed as one of the best in the market but what makes it stand out is the fact that it is anti-fog and protects the swimmer from both UVB and UVA rays.

Another reason why you will want to own a pair of these goggles is the fact that they come with their own protective cases that are made from thick, study plastic that help prevent damage from falls and scratches.

The case also helps to provide the ventilation required for your goggles to air dry after cleaning.

However, the nose piece is not large enough to suit some people with large noses.

Maintenance tip– Do not wipe the inside of the goggle lenses as that can affect visibility.

To clean, rinse thoroughly with fresh water after swimming.

Do not dry with cloth or towel. Let it air dry.

Product Description

The product weighs 4.8 ounces and comes with a free protection case so you do not have to spend extra on buying the case.


  • Uses high quality material for the lenses making them scratch and shatter proof.
  • Guarantee ease and effective use with its double layer seal design that helps prevent water leaks.
  • Easy to adjust straps.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Features a silicone gasket that makes them more comfortable and secure fit.
  • 100% U.V protection, anti- shatter, anti-fog, mirror coated lenses.
  • Latex free.
  • Adjustable to fit most sizes.
  • Crystal clear vision.
  • Full wide range vision.
  • Latest in anti-fog goggle technology.
Large lenses for high visibility.Lenses are a little bit dark.
Water tight.The product comes in just one size making it possible for people with extra ordinary facial structures.
Quite affordableNose piece is not large enough to suit people with large noses.
Very comfortable and made in a size that fits most facial structures. 

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7. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggle

goggles for swimmingOne of top swimming goggles in the market today is the Aqua sphere cayenne swim goggle.

Whether you are an occasional swimmer or a professional swimmer, you need to protect your eyes from any potential harm that you may encounter while swimming.

Made in Italy, this is product that has been designed using some of the latest technologies and designed to give you a good experience while under the water.

Aqua sphere cayenne swim goggles are available in different shapes, sizes and colors giving you a wide variety to choose from.

The swimming goggles come in two designs; clear lens and polarized lens.

Clear lens are best suitable for environment such as indoor and dark conditions.

They transmit natural light making them very ideal for places with low light, overcast conditions where maximum visibility is required.

On the other hand, polarized swimming goggles are best suitable for outdoor and sunny conditions.

They utilize a special layering and bonding process, filter light and block the glare reflected off shiny surfaces such as water.

The lens also increase color contrast for improved perception and sharper vision.

If you are considering buying good swimming goggles, here are the reasons why you should put Aqua sphere cayenne swimming goggles into consideration.

Product Description

While buying Aqua sphere cayenne goggles, please keep in mind that this product comes in three different sized versions which are regular, women and youth.

The Aqua sphere cayenne regular swim wear goggles are wide and wear about 4 ounces.


  • Adjustable straps due to the push button retention system that allows you to adjust the fit with ease.
  • Clear lenses to provide the greatest visibility indoors or in low light.
  • Oversized, ultra durable Plexisol lens for 4-point expanded, 180 degrees visibility.
  • Features hydrodynamic frame that is made of hypoallergenic softeril.
  • Quick fit buckle with simple adjustments.
  • Scratch resistant lens and Anti-fog.
  • Has a quick fit buckle for perfect fit with simple adjustments.
  • Silicone strap for comfort and durability.

Although labeled as anti-fog goggles, you might experience fogginess especially when the water leaks. However, not to worry because you can prevent the leaking by pressing the goggles into your eyes before you put the strap around your head. Ensure that you have a seal that can keep the goggles suctioned to the eyes by themselves for about five seconds. When wearing the goggles, ensure that no hair or swim cap is on the way.

Very comfortable and race worthy.Might experience water leakage.
Has a patented eye protection design of the lens to meet swimmer’s needs. 
The oversized lens gives unobstructed view. 

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8. Compressions Brand Adult Swim Goggles

cool swimming gogglesJust going by the name given to these goggles, you can smile knowing that when you buy the goggles you are certain of getting the protection case for free.
This is arguably one of the reasons why compressions brand adult swim goggles for men and women is one of the most preferred goggles for swimming among recreational and professional swimmers.
What we really loved about these goggles is the comfortability that they give to the wearer.
They do not set down on the eye sockets and the ads that sit around your eyes are soft yet keep a strong suction without the need to wear them tight.
Product Description
The Compressions band adult swim goggles for men and women with swimming goggle case weigh about 5.6 ounces and come in a dimension of 7.8 x 3.3x 2.5 inches.

  • Comfortable premium silicone frame that provide water tight protection.
  • Features a well aligned nose bridge that is comfortable to the nose.
  • Comes with easy to adjust straps.
  • Well-designed lenses for a wide angle vision.
  • Anti-leaking frame.
  • 100% U.V protection, Anti-shatter, Anti-fog, mirror coated lenses for a sleek look.
  • The goggles are made of high quality plastic and silicone.
  • Perfect for both men and women.
  • Black in color with white logo in the back and mirrored lenses.
Ideal for both men and women.May not offer fog protection.
Has shatter proof.Nose piece can be quite big for some people.
Offers both UVB and UVA protection.
Easy to put on.
Offered at a great price.
Easy to adjust.
Fit well with great visibility.

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9. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle

Swimming goggles on amazonSpeedo vanquisher 2.0 mirrored swim goggle is one of the most recommended and bestselling under water swimming goggles.
They are aesthetically appealing and come in a variety of colors to meet your preferences.
Most people prefer this to the original vanquisher as it offers 25% more peripheral vision has improved interchangeable nose pieces.
Once you have found the most suitable nose piece, the goggle is quite comfortable when wearing.
However, one of the things that we noted about these goggles is that they are quite dark to the extent that you might prefer sunglasses to them depending with how much you value visibility.
If you are a short distance swimmer, the goggles will work effectively for you.
For a long distance swimmer, you will have to deal with issues of the goggles fogging up.
Product Description
One of the notable things about this brand is that it packages the goggles in a 100% recyclable material.
The box contains: a pair of speedo vanquisher 2.0 mirrored swim goggle, three alternate nose pieces of different sizes, protective black fishnet bag and user’s manual.

  • Fitted with additional silicone gasket for increased comfort.
  • Anti-fog coatings that help prevent condensation of water.
  • Includes four interchangeable nose pieces to give you a custom precision fit.
  • Mirrored lenses that help reduce glare.
  • 100% PVC free.
  • Features silicone seals that help to provide maximum comfort.
  • UV protection.
  • Includes 4 interchangeable nosepieces for a custom precision fit.
  • Sleek, snug, low profile inner eye fit.
Since it has low profile frame, it does not slid during dives and fast turns.Even having the anti-fog coating, the eye cups tend to fog very quickly.
Very comfortable to wear once you have found the most suitable nose piece.Changing the nose piece can be quite a task especially if you are doing it for the first time.
The clear eye version has a good visibility.Tends to leak water in some occasions.
Good for competitive swimmers.Stiff strap.
Quite dark if you are swimming under water and for a long distance.
The nose bridge is quite difficult to click in.

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10. Sable Wateroptics RS 101 Mirrored Goggles

gogglesProduced by a brand that is popular with elite, pro triathletes, competitive swimmers and eye doctors, you can be certain that Sable Wateroptics RS 101 mirrored goggles are of high quality and one of the best goggles for swimming.

These goggles are a good choice of underwater swimming goggles because they provide a good vision and are very comfortable to use.

The lenses of this product are engineered to offer a perfect low profile frame and give a good visibility while swimming either indoors or outdoors.

The goggles come with an attractive and durable goggle case that protects them while you are travelling.

The only problem we experienced with this brand is that it tends to leak while under the water a fact we think is because of the fact that the suctioning cups are made of hard quality rubber material that does not stick against the eye sockets.

Product Description

The product come as a pair of sable Wateroptics RS 101 mirrored goggles and packaged together with a protection case for better storage of the goggles and to help you save on cost.


The features of this product can be classified into three categories mainly comfort, clarity and protection.

Optical Clarity

  • Hard coating technology that imparts crystal standard hardness resulting to high light transmission.
  • Offers optical precision lenses for clearest vision.
  • Flat lens and aspherical technology eliminating the distortion that is in most swim wear goggles.
  • Anti-fog feature that prevent eye wear from fogging up during use.

Comfortable Fit

  • Easy to adjust non slip strap.
  • Lightweight components that help deliver durability without excess weight.
  • The frame are personalized and each come with a selection of narrow, medium and wide nose bridges to give you a personalized fit.
  • Soft and ergonomically designed silicone gasket to prevent harmful pressure against the eyes.


  • Features water tight silicone seals that help keep the eyes from contact with harmful and waterborne bacteria.
  • FUBI aquatic eyewear rating for both UVB and UVA protection.

Very comfortable to wear due to the easy to adjust straps.


You might experience slight water leakages in rare occasions.
Provides outstanding UVB and UVA protection. 
The product is anti-fog and has optical precision lenses for clearest vision. 
The goggles fit perfectly irrespective of the shape of the face. 
Provide good visibility. 
Works best as prescription swimming goggles. 

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The above are some of the best goggles for swimming available for market today.

Since they are different in terms of sizes, shape and color, it is therefore advisable that you know the specifications of each swimming goggle before you buy.

When buying goggles that are meant for swimming, you need to consider the nature of the swim and these are classified into racing and training and fitness.

After deciding the class you fall into, choose goggles that fit you perfectly and offer a clear view.

Before buying, ensure that you compare prices to get the best bargain. Enjoy your swimming experiences.

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