TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands Review

TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands

I was shopping online for versatile bands I could use for my resistance training and a search on Amazon led me to what I describe as my best purchase of resistance bands.

TheraBand professional latex bands work well with both my upper and lower body and I use them when performing almost all of my home workouts exercises.

Unlike most bands, I find TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands to be very effective as they can be used by both the elderly and the young. The bands are also applicable for the strong and weak.

How to use Theraband

  • Ideal for use in therapy clinics and for progressive workouts.
  • TheraBand professional latex resistance bands are specially formulated to match the pull force of the traditional latex resistance bands.
  • Best for training for motor function, postural and muscle performance impairment.
  • The resistance bands are available in two options: Beginner’s kit and Advanced kit.

Color Coded Progressive Resistance System

Another thing that I find very impressing about the bands is the fact that they are available in color codes that allow you to document your progress from one level to another.

The beginner set which consists of light, medium and heavy resistance bands is characterized by yellow, red and green respectively.

If you are in advanced stage, the colors that would work best for you are blue, black and silver which represent extra heavy, special heavy and super heavy in that order.


A good resistance band is that which you can use to perform different exercises and one that offers multiple benefits.

Professional latex resistance bands provide positive and negative force on muscles and joints, conditions major muscles groups and stretches tones.

Features and Specifications

  • High quality bands that are recognized for more than 40 years as the original system of progressive resistance.
  • Simple and easy to use for both upper and lower body exercises.
  • Ideal for rehabbing and conditioning muscles anywhere you are.
  • Each resistance comes into two color coded resistance levels and measures 5 foot long by 4 inch wide.

Pros of TheraBand Resistance Band

As a user of TheraBand resistance band, what I liked most about it is the fact that:

  1. Incredibly Inexpensive

Unlike with most workout products, I found these resistance bands to be very affordable.

For a beginner set, you can check price on amazon and this call for free shipping.

  1. Adaptable For Multiple Fitness Levels

The fact that these resistance bands come in a variety of resistances, it makes things easy for both beginners and those in advanced levels.

  1. Versatility

One of the things you will love about these resistance bands is the fact that you can use them to perform multiple exercises and with other exercises that you are familiar with.

  1. Save On Storage Space

Whether you have tiny storage space or need to travel, you do not have to worry much because these resistance bands do not require much space for storage.

  1. Easy to use alone

Another exciting and interesting thing about these resistance bands is the fact that you can use them alone without the help of another person.

I also found them to be very effective because I can combine with other equipment.


After using these resistance bands for quite some time, the only disadvantages I could state include:

  1. Bands Can Break

I once purchased beginner’s set when I was already in the advanced stage.

After using the bands for a shorter period, I had to replace them because they had broken.

When buying, ensure that you go for bands that suit the stage you are in.

  1. Difficult To Build A Lot Of Muscle Mass

The other issue I had with the resistance bands is the fact that they are difficult to build a lot of muscle mass.

However, after learning to incorporate exercises that help build muscle mass, this issue was sorted out and I no longer complain about it.

Customer Reviews and Scores

TheraBand professional latex resistance bands are versatile and effective bands that can be used by people across all ages.

The fact that they come in different weights makes it possible for you to order the exact resistance band you need.

At the time of writing, I found 535 customer reviews and they had awarded these resistance bands 4.3 stars out of an average of the possible 5.

The reviews on Amazon about this product are very positive and one of the impressed customers states that these bands are a life saver.

He continues to say that “I recommend these to anyone of any type of health, good or bad.”

The only minor complaints I came across from a few customers is the problem of buying the wrong resistance bands.

However, they still acknowledged that the resistance bands were exactly as described on Amazon.

It is very important that you ensure you buy the correct weight of the resistance bands and you will not experience such a problem again.



Another good alternative for TheraBand resistance bands is Fit Simplify resistance loop exercise 5 bands that come with instructional booklet, carry bag, an eBook and online videos.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 Bands

The features of this loop exercise 5 bands include:

  • Superior quality
  • Great with any workout
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Multiple uses.

The product has a rating of 4.7 out of the possible 5 and has been reviewed by 1,364 customers.


From the customers’ reviews, it is certain that TheraBand professional latex resistance band is a good choice and a favorite to many people.

More than 60% of the reviewers awarded the product 5 star rating.

I would recommend these bands to anyone who takes part in workouts because they are exactly what you need no matter your age.


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