Top 3 Pull up Bar Exercises that Workout Shoulders

pull up bar shoulder workout


A pull up bar is a tried-and-true equipment for working out shoulders. Quite a number of pull up bar shoulder workout can get boring, though. And some can be pain in the ass, too. Yet, when you have a variation of exercises to do with this device, your perception on pull up bar shoulder workout changes. In fact, the more the number of exercises you can do with a door way pull up bar, the more likely you are challenge your upper body, strengthen your shoulders, and boost muscle growth. Following is a list of top 10 pull up bar exercises that can work out your shoulders.

  1. Kipping Technique

Traditional pull ups are good, but they are somewhat basic. In fact, they don’t use momentum to move the body. And they can be quite boring at times. So, you might want to try kipping as an alternative.

Kipping is different from traditional pull ups because it actually uses momentum to move your body. The technique is difficult. So technical, in fact, you can’t nail it down easily. While it is an excellent aerobic exercise for the upper body, especially for the shoulders, Kipping can be a bit tricky for beginners.

Regardless of the difficulty involved, this exercise should not take forever to master. And once you get used to it, you can kip as often as you can to build strong, wider muscles.

  1. Hanging Leg Raises

If you want to strengthen your shoulders while challenging your grip, it might be a great idea to try hanging leg raises. Unlike Kipping, hanging leg raises is really easy to do. Since there aren’t complicated techniques involved, it should take you even less time to learn and get used to this pull up bar shoulder workout.

With your facing away from you, grab your pull up bar. Make sure to hold the pull up bar tightly. Then, tighten your abs. After tightening your abs, pull your shoulders back and down. To get the most out of this workout, we recommend that you keep your legs straight. It is best to lift them higher until they are parallel to the floor. Now that you have your feet off the flow, try to hold in position for a couple of second. And then lower your body back down but with control.

  1. Muscle up Technique

Like Kipping, the muscle up technique uses some kind of momentum to pull the body up. In this technique, you need to pull up your body up hard enough, until your chest clears the bar. Once your chest clears the bar, it becomes easy to push your body up and over, until both your arms are straight.

While muscle up is a great exercise to strengthen your shoulder, you need to remember that it requires you to put in quite a substantial amount of pulling strength to do one muscle up. As it is with Kipping, muscle up is   also quite difficult to master. But as you continue to learn, the workout becomes easier. And you can try it often to effectively build your muscles.

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