X Mark Deluxe XM-2842 Power Tower Review

X Mark Deluxe XM-2842 Power Tower Review

This is one of the best models in the market that allows you to perform both cardio and strength training exercises.

The heavy boxing stand offers you the opportunity to train for MMA and other martial arts with a great piece of equipment.

XMark Deluxe Power Tower and Heavy Bag Stand XM-2842
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XMark Deluxe Power Tower and Heavy Bag Stand XM-2842
  • The XM-2842 features a vertical knee raise, dip station, push-up station, split grip pull-up bar, and heavy bag workout station.
  • Extra thick 2.5-inch high-density cushion and double stitched, tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl
  • Heavy 14-gauge steel mainframe construction with scratch resistant powder coat finish
  • Skid resistant rubber feet to protect your floors
  • 100 lb. heavy bag capacity (Heavy Bag NOT Included)

The power tower is very useful to train for abs and core. You can do pull ups and push-ups and any kind of dip when using the tower station.

This stand is of sturdy construction. Moreover, one thing we noted is that it is of a longer height than what is stated by the manufacturer.

It measures a feet slightly higher than the specified 7 feet.

The stand can stand a bag that weighs up to 200 lbs although you need to ensure that the bolts are well fastened for durability.

Another amazing thing about this boxing stand is that it is designed in such a way that it cannot destroy the floor as it is skid resistant.

This is not a very common feature in many other stands for hanging Everlast heavy bag at the home gym or boxing studio.

One of the things that we did not like about this stand is the fact that the front feet tend to jump up a half-inch when hitting the bag.

To make it worse, you cannot place the weight plates there because that would get in the way of accessing the punching bag.

Another thing that did not augur well with us is the time taken to assemble the product.

As much as the pieces that need to be assembled are not many, the instructions are not very helpful hence you will need to figure it out by yourself. This, therefore, takes up quite some time especially if you are a first time buyer.


  • Skid resistant rubber feet to protect the floor.
  • The X mark deluxe 2842 features a vertical knee raise, push up station, dip station, split grip pull-up bar and heavy bag working out station.
  • Tear resistant duraguard vinyl.
  • Scratch resistance powder coating finishing.

Product Packaging and Specifications

The stand weighs about 123. Most noteworthy, the bag is not included in the packaging unless otherwise specified by the seller.

The product measurements are 62 by 54.5 by 94 inches.

It is very strong and sturdy making it very effective for boxing and other martial arts.Takes quite some time to assemble the parts.
It is quite affordable based on its versatility.The product dimension given is wrong as the real product dimension is about 2ft taller.
It does not require much space for storage.You cannot do leg workouts with it.
It is durable.

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