Best Yoga Shorts – 2018 Top Picks and Reviews

best yoga shorts

If you wish to keep fit, you ought to add yoga exercises to your fitness routine.

Yoga exercises are popular across the world because of the benefits they offer to your body such as:

  • Stretching body muscles and increasing the range of motion in your joints.
  • Improving posture.
  • Strengthening lung capacity and endurance.
  • Improving heart health.
  • Relieving stress.

While performing yoga, you need to be at ease and very comfortable and this means that you have to take into consideration the clothes that you choose for yoga exercises.

One of the most important yoga attires are the yoga shorts because they can boost comfort or deprive it.

The shorts are available in different sizes, colors, inseam length and material.

With the many brands in the market, it is therefore important for you to know which yoga short will suit your needs and preferences.

We have grouped them into two categories.

  1. Best Yoga Shorts for men
  2. Best Yoga Shorts for women

Best Yoga Shorts 2017

Best Yoga Shorts for men


Yoga Shorts









Yoga[Addict] Yoga Shorts

Body: 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex

S:29-31" waist, M:32-33" waist, L: 34-35" waist, XL:36-38" waist, XXL:39-40" waist



YoungLA Men's Yoga Running Shorts

100% Polyester


8 inches


Prana Men's JD Short

90% Recycled Polyester / 10% Spandex


5 inches


Pillar Men's Yoga Short

moisture-wicking Dryflex fabric

Small, medium, Large, X-large

7 inches


Champion Men's Powerflex Compression Short

84% Polyester/16% Spandex

Small, medium, Large, X-large, XX-Large

6 inches

1. Yoga[Addict] Yoga Shorts For Men

Yoga shorts for menWhen choosing men’s yoga shorts, you want a pair of short that you will be comfortable in and one that stretches with each move you make.

This is a great men’s yoga shorts that offers a stylish custom fit and you can engage in a variety of yoga styles such as ashtanga, bikram, hathe and hot yoga.

What’s more is that you can rock in these shorts while performing other exercises such as playing tennis, Pilates and for outdoor exercises.

Another reason why you need to consider this pair of shorts is the fact that it does not expose your private parts as in the case with some yoga shorts.

However, you might need to wear an inner underwear since the shorts have no inner liner leaving your “goodies” without any support.

One of the things that we did not like about this pair of shorts is that the strings are on the outside and run quite long such that if you do not tighten them, they might interrupt the yoga process.

Product Description

Made with 87% nylon and 13% spandex, this product has a size reference of S: 29-31” waist, M: 32-33” waist, L: 34-35” waist, XL: 36-38” waist, XXL: 39-40” waist.

Key Features

  • Perfect for any yoga style.
  • Created with a combination of cotton and spandex.
  • Made with thick, super soft and smooth fabric that make them ideal for every day yoga practices.
  • Allows you to move, extend, expand and contract while performing exercises which help to improve flexibility.
  • No zippers or pockets to impede the flow of your poses.
  • Features elastic waist suitable for different waist measurements.
  • Come in different colors to suit your preference.
  • Quick dry and moisture wicking material.
Offers maximum comfort.Runs out of stock very fast.
Highly stretchable.The draw string is very long and hangs below the bottom of the shorts.
Perfect fit. 
Good quality 
Ideal for various physical activities 

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2. YoungLA Men’s Yoga Running Shorts Zipper Pockets

yoga shortsIf you are looking for yoga shorts that will give you an amazing time while performing yoga shorts, you ought to consider this product as well as other products such as best yoga mats for beginners.

One of the things why some men swear by this product is the fact that it has zipper pockets meaning that you can keep your valuables such as phone and keys while performing yoga exercises or any other exercises that they are designed for.

What is amazing about this product’s pockets is that they even have zippers ensuring that you do not lose any item you kept in the pockets.

Another awesome reason why you should consider this pair of shorts is the fact that it does not loosen up no matter what stretching exercises you perform since they are made of high quality materials.

You will also like the fact that besides being comfortable, this is a practical pair of shorts that you can even wear when going to gym or lounging in the house.

However, it is good to note that some men complain of variances in lengths so be on the watch out on that if you are buying the product in a local store.

Product Description

Made with 100% polyester, youngLA yoga running shorts is a sweat wicking Dri-fit fabric that has a 4-way stretch and come in different colors to suit your preference.

Key Features

  • Made with stretchy material that enables you to perform different yoga exercises.
  • Features 2 concealed pockets with zippers that you can keep your important valuables such as mobile phone, wallet and keys.
  • Lightweight, flexible and moisture wicking material.
  • Various color options.
Offers maximum comfort while exercising.The length of the leg might not be consistent.
Quite durable and does not loosen up.The material feels a bit hot during the hot season.
Has concealed pockets for carrying valuable items. 
Has lining option for comfort and lightness. 
The shorts do not bind or ride up when exercising. 
Great fitting. 
Tend to have some elasticity that enables you to exercise comfortably. 
Available in many color options. 

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3. PrAna Men’s JD Short

yoga shorts brandsMade in the US, prAna men’s JD shorts are designed to give you an awesome experience as you perform yoga exercises.

They are built specifically for intense yoga such as bikram and you can perform without any worry of sweating much since they are moisture wicking and tend to dry out very quickly.

One of the things that you will like about this pair of shorts is that they are tight enough such that nothing gets between you and your poses yet not too clingy to reveal your private parts.

Unlike many brands that have drawstrings, these come without yet they are well fitting.

The downside about PrAna men’s JD short is that does not have an inner lining and you might need to wear some undergarments to prevent people from seeing your private parts.

Product Description

This pair of short is made up of 90% recycled polyester and 10%.It weighs about 6.4 ounces with a 6’’ inseam size medium.

Key Features

  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Moisture wicking feature that enables it to dry out quickly.
  • Thick waist band with a mild chevron.
  • High performance fabric that thrives under pressure.
  • Articulated seams to reinforce quality.
Do not contain loose distractions.Tends to be small fit so you might consider ordering one size larger.
Features an elastic waist band.If you are a conservative man and do not like the idea of having to wear an undergarment, you will probably have issues with this pair of shorts because of the fact that they do not have an inner lining which leaves your private parts quite visible.
4-way stretch fabrication. 
Effective for intense yoga exercises. 

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4. Pillar Men’s Yoga Short

cheap yoga shorts Yoga exercises involve a lot of twisting, bending, stretching and sweating.

It is therefore of paramount importance that you opt for yoga shorts that are moisture wicking and comfortable for any yoga exercise.

With pillar men’s yoga short w/inner liner, you are assured of a product that will give you comfort and the snug fit required for yoga practices.

This product is considered to be stretchy and a comfortable it while performing yoga poses.

The shorts are 4 way stretch and have a 7 inches inseam length.

Some of the things that we liked about this pair of shorts is that it has an inner lining which although quite thin help to protect your “goodies”.

Another thing you will like about this product is the fact that it has a perfect length and stretches just enough.

It also has a sturdy waistband and drawstring.

As much as it is considered a good product by many, some people complain that it is an expensive pair of shorts compared to other yoga shorts with almost similar features.

Another thing that you might find unpleasant with this product is the fact that it has no pockets.

It is important to note that these are yoga shorts and are not recommended for daily street wear.

Product Description

Available in black, charcoal and navy, this is a product that is made from moisture wicking Dryflex fabric that is soft and the size medium is about 17” long.

Key Features

  • Comes with supportive liner inside that help to keep well-adjusted as you move around.
  • Features moisture wicking liner and fabric to keep you dry.
  • Elastic waistband with an inside drawstring.
  • Available in three different colors.
  • Made from lightweight material that absorbs perspiration well.
Comes with a very comfortable liner inside.The swim trunk liner can be quite restrictive.
Comfortable and snug fitting.The waistband, though sturdy is quite narrow and this might be uncomfortable to some people.
Washes well and holds up even after many washes.Not offered in a variety of colors.
Lightweight material that absorb perspiration very well.The price is quite high as compared with other products with almost similar features.
Stretches enough. 

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5. Champion Men’s Powerflex Compression Short

Hot yoga shortsIf you are on a tight budget yet need yoga shorts, you might consider this pair of champion men’s powerflex compression short.

It is a great pair of shorts that help boost comfortability while exercising although there are quite a number of things that you will not like about it.

If you have big thighs and tend to experience chaffing a lot, this pair of yoga short is the real deal.

The shorts are made of a lightweight material that helps prevent chub rubbing and makes you feel comfortable when exercising.

Besides using it for yoga classes, the product is suitable for activities such as base layer, swimming and running short.

However, as much as the compression is good on the thighs, the waistband keeps on rolling while exercising that may interfere with your exercise.

Product Description

Champion men’s powerflex is a product that measures 13 x 8 x1 inches and weighs about 7.2 ounces.

Key Features

  • Made with 84% polyester and 16% spandex
  • Machine wash.
  • Light weight material that dries up quickly.
  • Flatlock seams that help protect against chaffing.
Moisture management technology that help to wick away moisture from the skin.Waistband keeps on rolling and may make you uncomfortable if you do not prevent them from rolling.
Keeps you dry while exercising.They are only a single layer of fabric thus not offering much support as one would expect from such a brand.
 The shorts run small hence recommended that you order one size larger.

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Best Yoga Shorts for Women


Yoga Shorts









Sexy Mini Knockout Yoga Exercise Gym Workout Cotton Fitted Spandex Shorts

92% Cotton / 8% Spandex

Small and Large

3 Inches


Epic MMA Gear Women’s Stretch Solid Athletic Shorts

87 % nylon and 13% spandex

X small, small, medium, large and X large

3 inches


90 Degree By Reflex - Power Flex Yoga Shorts

87 % nylon and 13% spandex

X small, small, medium, large and X large

5.5 inches


Champion Women's Absolute Workout Short

Body: 87% Spandex, 13% Nylon

X small, small, medium, large and X large

4 inches


ASICS Women's Low Cut Shorts

Nylon 90%/ Spandex 10%

XX small, X small, small, medium, large and X large

2.5 inches

 1. Sexy Mini Knockout Yoga Shorts

yoga shorts for womenIf going by the name, you already know that you will be a total knockout wearing this sexy mini knockout yoga shorts.

Most women love looking good whether they are going for a formal meeting or exercising and you can bet that sexy mini knockout yoga shorts is brand designed with the idea of making you stand out in the gym.

This product is comfortable and super accommodating and is custom fit to suit your size.

They are made of high quality and do not stretch even after many uses.

One of the things that we really liked about this product is that it does not ride when performing yoga poses and it is neither too short nor too long.

The other thing is that the shorts are suitable to be worn when performing other exercises besides yoga.

You can even go to bed in them!

However, if you have a big booty, the shorts might appear smaller at the back side but they still perform their job perfectly.

Product Description

This product measures small: waist 26” length 11.5”/ Medium: Waist: 27″ Length: 12″ / Large: Waist: 28″ Length: 12.5″ and weighs 2.2 pounds.

Key Features

  • 92% cotton,8% spandex
  • The fabric is a mixture of cotton and spandex.
  • Stretchy material that accommodate all body types.
  • Come in different colors to suit your preference.
Very comfortable.Might be quite short for tall ladies.
Stretchy enough to accommodate all body types. 
Gives a good coverage. 
Quality fit. 
Available in a variety of colors 

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2. Epic MMA Gear Women’s Stretch Solid Athletic Shorts

best yoga shorts for womenSome women take the back row during yoga classes because they are afraid of their shorts riding up on their back.

When making a purchase, you are cautious because this is a problem you wish to avoid.

Good news is that with epic mma gear women’s shorts, you are guaranteed of a great time while performing yoga exercises because they do not ride up as some yoga shorts do.

Epic MMA athletic shorts are designed to offer comfort while exercising and features a pocket that you can keep your valuables such as a phone.

Epic MMA has nice quality material, nice fit seams with the right stretch that prevents it from riding up.

Besides using them for Yoga poses, you can rock as Pjs, shorts under a short dress, working out and when lounging.

You will like the fact that there are a variety of colors to choose from unlike most brands than come with limited color choices.

If you have a big booty, you might consider going for one size larger than your usual because you might find them quite tight.

Product Description

This product is a good fit that weigh just one pound meaning that it is a lightweight product that will not bug you when exercising.

Key Features

  • 92% nylon, 8% spandex.
  • Pull on closure.
  • Made of stretchy material.
  • Features a small pocket at the front waist band that you can keep some folded dollars.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Moisture licking.
  • Flatlock stitching.
  • Inseam length of 3 inches.
Stretchy material.Might be quite tight for women with big booties hence should consider ordering one size larger.
Nice quality material that offers a good fit. 
Available in different colors to suit your preference. 

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3. 90 Degree By Reflex – Power Flex Yoga Shorts

Cheap yoga shortsIf there is one product that is considered versatile for women, it has to be this 90 degree power flex yoga shorts.

With this pair of shorts, you can perform all types of yoga exercises and other exercises such as riding a bicycle or taking a stroll along the park.

The 90 degree by reflex is a simple and inexpensive pair of short that is made using lightweight, breathable and easy to move in material.

One of the things that fascinated us to this product is how well the manufacturer described its uses and benefits.

Some of the things that we can affirm to be true as the manufacturer descriptions are:

The product, which has an inseam of 5.5 inches features a pull on closure that keeps you hugged in even during the sweatiest workouts.

The shorts can be worn as shape wear or be worn underneath shorts dresses.

This is because it has a soft material and no-dig waistband that enables them to lay flat once worn.

The compressible material help to enhance the curves.

Another thing that you will like about this pair of shorts is that it features a hidden pocket that you can keep small items such as a phone or keys.

However, as much as it is one of the most popular yoga shorts among women, it also has some downsides and that you might overlook or make you not to buy the product.

One of them is the fact that this brand is not long lasting so if you are looking for product that will last you for long, you might want to consider other brands.

Nevertheless, it is a good deal considering the price it is offered at.

Product Description

This is a four way stretch fabric and moisture wicking fiber that has an inseam of 5.5 inches and a raise of 10 inches for the small fit. The product comes in different sizes such as XS-XL sizes as well as 1X-3X plus sizes.

Key Features

  • Pull on closure.
  • Great for all sorts of activities such as yoga exercises and other physical activities.
  • Features a hidden waistband pocket that you can store valuable items such as keys and cash.
  • Features a four way stretch fabric that is moisture wicking to keep you cool, dry and comfortable all day long.
  • Easy to roll and stow in your bag.
  • Available in bright colors.
  • Although there is a noticeable change in color once the pants are wet, they are still so breathable that the change will not be an issue.
  • For care: machine wash cool with like colors and lay flat to dry. Avoid heat dry
  • Offers 90 degree rebound.
You can wear them for a variety of yoga exercises and other physical exercises.Do not offer much compression.
Come in a vast array of bright colors.They are not long lasting.
Offer great ease of movement.Quite plain in terms of style and design.
Available at quite an affordable price. 
Has a pocket that you can store your valuables while at the gym. 

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4. Champion Women’s Absolute Workout Short

women yogaA good workout short is one that you can be comfortable in when performing a variety of yoga workout exercises and other physical exercises.

If you are looking for an inexpensive brand that promises to make you feel comfortable while exercising, opt for champion women’s absolute workout short.

There are many things that you will like about this product:

One, the shorts, although made with a thick material are breathable such that you can wear for a long period and without having to deal with sweat issues.

Another thing about this pair of shorts is that it fits as expected and offers a good stretch.

You will also like the fact the shorts are available in a variety of colors.

When buying, it is important that you are certain of the size that is best suitable for you to avoid disappointments that come with wrong sizing.

Although the product is made of a soft material, we found it to be quite restrictive in the sense that they might feel quite tight around the waist.

You might consider ordering one size larger than your usual size especially if you have some belly fat.

It is safe to say that this product has some swearing by it while others cursing by it.

Product Description

This product has a dimension of 8 by 7 by 1 inch and has a shipping weight of 4.8 ounces.

Key Features

  • Reflective logo at the hem.
  • Shorts closure.
  • Stretch for ease of movement.
  • Machine wash.
  • Two layered waistband and cover lock stitching.
  • Body 87% spandex and 13% nylon.
  • Made of breathable material.
  • 4 inches inseam.
Great no-slip fit.Some people consider the material to be quite thin.
Quite comfortable while exercising or running.The material tend to run after using it after sometime.
Very affordable.No pockets.
Power flex four way stretch for a comfy fit.Tend to ride up a bit.
Chafe resistant flat lock seaming 

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5. ASICS Women’s Low Cut Shorts

yoga short on amazonImagine a pair of shorts that is opaque which means people cannot see through yet makes your butt look great!

This is exactly what most women look for when shopping for yoga shorts.

Asics women’s low cut shorts is a great product that is crafted using the moisture wicking hydrology fabric that help keep you cool and dry by drawing away sweat from your skin.

Made of 100% cotton, the shorts are not only suitable for yoga poses but also for women who love running.

Available even in XX small sizes, kids can also wear them under short dresses, for yoga poses or when going out for swimming.

Some of the things that we found pleasing with this product is the fact that:

When ordering for this product, you will need to be very specific about the sizes because it comes in a variety of sizes.

Product Description

This is a snug styling product with a 2.5 inch inseam and flat seam stitching. Asics women’s low cut short has a shipping weight of 15 ounces.

Key Features

  • Made in the US.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Has an inseam of 2.5 inches.
  • Flat seam stitching.
  • Low cut shorts for women athletes
  • Moisture wicking hydrology fabric that help wick away moisture.
  • Machine wash dry for easy care.
  • Coollmax crotch gusset.
  • Strong flat seam technology less bulky than conventional flat seams
Comfortable fit.Considered quite pricey by many buyers.
Zippered seam pocket.The length of shorts is a preference.
Scalloped slip that help to allow airflow.Some people might experience “riding up “ when wearing the shorts.
Features an elastic waist band to suit different body types. 
Reflective components. 
Very lightweight. 

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The above is a list of some of the best yoga shorts in the market today.

The benefit of having a pair of yoga short that you consider being awesome is that they help to boost your self-esteem while performing yoga exercises any other exercise that they may deem applicable.

When buying yoga shorts online, it is advisable that you read through the reviews so that you can discern if the shorts will suit your needs and preferences especially in term of sizing.

As a modern woman, ensure that you still look fabulous while exercising so opt for yoga shorts that have unique yet high quality designs.

It is also important to point out that you should avoid yoga shorts that are overly loose that can slide and get in your way while exercising and also the drawstring shorts that make you feel uncomfortable when lying on the stomach.

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