Wisdom teeth (also known as third molar teeth) are perhaps the most troublesome teeth in the human jaw. An impacted wisdom tooth is a host for a number of oral health conditions including gum disease, tooth decay, misalignment, orofacial pain, and sinus issues. In fact, Dental experts recommend the immediate removal of wisdom teeth because of its problematic nature that can lead to life-threatening situations.

So here are a few reasons why you should remove your wisdom teeth today:

  • Decrease the risk of oral disease: Wisdom teeth are the last set of molar teeth that come in. This extra set of molars tends to push the other teeth around and thereby, causes severe mouth pain and bite problems. It can also develop serious conditions like dental decay, oral infection, receding gum pockets, bleeding gums, loss of vital tissues, and periodontitis.
  • Prevent damage to adjacent teeth: The pressure caused by wisdom teeth can result in severe issues like weakened roots, reduced enamel, and bone decay, gum infection, which makes the nearby teeth prone to tartar, plaque, and cavities. Generally, the wisdom tooth grows crookedly or in a wrong angle, which causes overcrowding and misalignment of your teeth. Due to this, it’s difficult for your dentist to clean it and perform a root canal on it. So to avoid all this, it is important to get your wisdom teeth removed.
  •  Prevent cysts formation: Impacted wisdom teeth are considered as the feeding grounds for a number of bacteria that can form cysts or tumors near the jawbone or new teeth. If these cysts are not treated immediately, it can hollow out your jaw and damage the nerves. In order to avoid such complications, dental experts always recommend undergoing wisdom teeth removal as soon as possible.
  • Tackle the Sinus issues: The wisdom teeth that grow on the upper back jaw are very close to the sinuses located behind the nose. When these teeth start growing, the roots and the teeth may place pressure on the upper jaw area. This pressure can lead to acute sinus problems. Therefore, removing wisdom teeth is the only way to get over it.

Wisdom teeth can cause various problems and can damage your overall dental health. Therefore, it’s always better to seek professional help for the best results. In this regard, Oracare wisdom teeth removal services are known for painless tooth extraction and quicker recovery plan.


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