Everyone dreams of a beautiful, healthy, and white smile. However, if teeth have been damaged and weakened by caries, they often need to be removed. Then, unsightly looking gaps appear in the dentition. Implantology helps to restore a beautiful smile. Dental implants are a perfect solution for people who have lost one, several, or even all teeth. Here are the 5 key benefits of teeth straightening implants.

  1. Interference only in the place of the missing tooth

Implants allow you to replace a missing tooth or teeth without having to interfere with adjacent, often healthy teeth. For example, in the case of classic bridges, it is necessary to grind nearby teeth so that the bridge stays in the cavity. Contrary to such methods, the goal of modern implantology is to preserve natural teeth and their natural structure. 

Thanks to implants, the place from which the tooth was removed are replaced without disturbing the structure of adjacent teeth. At the same time, implants strengthen the entire dentition, while the bridge weakens the teeth supporting it. They are then exposed to an additional load to which the previously lost tooth was subjected.

  1. Durability

Dental implants are stable and durable. Their implementation allows you to restore a naturally beautiful smile in a safe and almost painless way. There are two types of implants: titanium and, even newer, zircon. Titanium, as the only metal, is very well accepted by the human body, which means that an implant made of it is not treated as a foreign body. 

Zirconium implants are the most aesthetic because they resemble the natural tissue of a tooth. This type of material binds perfectly to the bone tissue.  There is no need to replace them. It is also worth emphasizing that they are also permanently attached. This means that no denture adhesives are used and nothing moves, unlike a classic denture.

  1. Caries resistance

Dental implants are not prone to decay, which is the most common reason for replacing a crown/bridge. When decay occurs in the adjacent natural teeth on which the bridge rests, it must be removed to heal the diseased teeth. Dental implants are also resistant to acids produced by bacteria that cause decay in natural teeth.

  1. Painless implantation

Placing implants is almost painless. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, similar to the treatment of teeth. During one visit, the dentist may insert several dental implants. To be sure that the implants will last a lifetime, a person who decides to use them should see a dentist who specializes in implantology. He will assess the possibilities of implanting implants and then performing an appropriate prosthetic reconstruction. When deciding on dental implants, it is worth choosing clinics with the best specialists. 

  1. Implants under warranty

Each manufacturer of implants gives a lifetime warranty on its product. Therefore, when the inserted implant is damaged or something happens to it during use, it will be replaced with a new one at the expense of the manufacturer. Dental implants are a reproduction of a natural tooth and are made of the best materials. If the manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee, it means that his product is really durable and safe.

Dental implants have many advantages. This is mainly evidenced by the fact that every year they are gaining in popularity and are chosen by an increasing number of people.


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