When it comes to understanding the types of psychic abilities there are so many different kinds of them. It has been said that each one of us does possess some amount of psychic abilities. But only a few of us can work on it more powerfully and productively than others.

Basically what we mean by psychic readings or abilities is that, a person who has some amount of power to reach out to people who are either dead or who are far away. They have the power to see things which usually normal people cannot. There are many who tell you about what is about to happen or help you heal emotionally and spiritually. Check more at Psychicwall.com/list-of-psychic-abilities to know more about it. 

Now the other word usually referred to psychic abilities is ESP, which means extrasensory perception. This usually is known to be the sixth sense, which tends to be more active for some individuals than the general public. Many people around also refer to this as intuition.

Now broadly, there are three kinds of psychic abilities. They are clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. 


Basically here the person will be able to feel or hear certain kinds of sounds which a normal individual cannot hear or perceive. 


In this kind of psychic ability, the reader will be able to sense a few events which have happened in the past, or will happen in the present or future, so as they say! 


This again is another form of psychic ability where the reader has the ability to attain knowledge regarding any place, or a person, any object or an event through his or her sixth sense. 

Psychic reading is done through the procedure of channeling where the reader receives or transmits information from another consciousness. Before the stage of channeling starts, the psychic will enter a state of trance or semi-trance phase. Here they get in touch with the other entity that has passed away. This is the reason why it is always recommended to only allow the trained person to opt for it. It must not be done by any ordinary individual who does not know how it really works. It might turn out being dangerous if not done through proper training or preparation. 


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