A grow kit is a set of essential materials and equipment that allows you to set up indoor marijuana cultivation. Right from the germination of seeds to harvesting the marijuana crops, this kit is helpful in every stage. However, the growth and health of your plant largely depend on the quality and features of your grow kit. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the right one.

Here’s how you can buy the right grow kit:

  • Size and quality of the grow tent: Your grow tent should be large enough to accommodate the maximum height and weight of your plants. It should also have some extra space so that you can place the required equipment or walk around the plants. Apart from size, the quality of the grow tent also matters. So consider that too.
  • Frame and other features of the grow tent: Once you’ve considered the quality and size of the tent, look at other features such as:
  1. The frame of the tent should be strong.
  2. Grow tents should be well-equipped with zippers and multiple doorways to ensure easy access.
  3. It should include at least five ports of different sizes to connect the ventilation, ducting and electrical cords.

If you are looking for the kit that includes multi-functional grow tents, then Floraflex grow kit are known for offering the sturdiest, strongest, and most controllable tents at an affordable price.

  • Essential Equipment: As mentioned above, the grow kit should include necessary equipment in order to improve your cultivation experience. So,  before buying any kit make sure it contains the following equipment:
  1. It should include high-powered light to control the temperature inside the chamber.
  2. Inline and clip-on fan to remove the bad odor (produced by the marijuana plant).
  3. A carbon-activated filtration system that ensures the fresh flow of air in the chamber.
  4. For the healthy growth of the plants under hydroponic systems, you also need a ‘PH Adjuster’ to balance the water PH.
  5. Other essentials like pumps, seeds, nutrients, beams, thermometer, trays, reservoirs and cultivation instruction cards.
  • Your budget: Cost is surely one of the most important factors. Make sure you compare the price quotes of different suppliers, the quality of kits, the delivery charges and the warranty before making a purchase.

 So, what are you waiting for? Get your grow kit today for a great gardening experience!


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