If you would like to change your life for the better, you may not know where to begin. First, notice where you have limited yourself the most, then find the gift the problem is hiding.

Where Have You Limited Yourself?

What happens if you don’t know the problem that is limiting your life?

If you’re frustrated with your life but don’t know why then it may need to make time for a little introspection.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Where have I limited my life?
  • If I could only change one thing to experience a better life, what would it be?
  • If I stopped blaming other people for my problem what would I see about myself?
  • What can other people see about me that I pretend doesn’t exist?

What happens if you know the problem that is limiting your life but don’t know what to do about it?

If, say, you are addicted to alcohol but you can’t seem to stop the craving to drink at certain times of the day or after you experience certain moods?

If you can’t solve the problem on your own, ask for help.

If you are addicted to alcohol, perhaps accustomed to adding some brandy to your morning coffee and then needing a few beers after work, then you can ask a psychotherapist for help. If counseling doesn’t help because of the withdrawal symptoms, then an alcohol detox center can help you stop the craving.

What Gifts Does the Problem Hide?

It might seem ridiculous to see your problem as a gift, but, paradoxically, your point of greatest weakness hides your greatest strength.

Essentially, you are using a limiting belief to stop yourself from expressing your talents.

For instance, let’s suppose you start an online business as a freelance photographer because you love photography and did well in photography classes. Still, although all your friends admire your work, you don’t get many gigs.

You feel frustrated because you see other photographers who are not that talented enjoying fabulous successes.  While travel magazines send some photographers on safari to Africa to take wildlife pictures and fashion blogs send other photographers to Europe to photograph supermodels against famous European landmarks, all you get are a few clients who don’t pay you what you’re worth.

Because you’re afraid of your own creativity, your problem is hiding your gift. It exists because you have a limiting belief. Essentially, your problem provides an excuse to avoid fame and fortune. You avoid inviting radical change because you don’t feel worthy of having a fantastic life.

When you embrace your gift as a creative photographer and push past your comfort zone by learning how to market yourself better, your problem will disappear.

Once you find your limiting belief, you can expand your mind to consider new possibilities


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