When you prioritize your health and fitness, you expect to reap the benefits. What some don’t realize is that you can sabotage your efforts by introducing additional toxic chemicals into the body with products you use every day. Reducing the chemicals in your home not only limits the buildup of environmental toxins that you can’t control but allows the body to detoxify itself. When you are ready to renew herbal cleansing in your home, here are some things to keep in mind:

Make Sure Your Water is Pure

While bottled water is convenient, it could be ruining your chances of better health by introducing BPAs, phthalate and styrene into your system. The water from your tap could also contain hard minerals and trace amounts of toxic substances that can cause problems like kidney stones from excess calcium and hormone problems from endocrine disruptors. Consider installing a water filter or reverse osmosis system to purify the water you drink.

Use Green Cleaners

Chemicals in cleansers can linger on surfaces, leach into your water or food, and get released into the air. They can cause allergies and exacerbate asthma. There is some evidence to support the role of chemicals in obesity and other weight-related diseases due to the effect on the endocrine system and toxic overload. Switch to natural and eco-friendly cleansers to be kind to yourself and the environment.

Eat Organic Foods

Many commercial food companies use pesticides liberally to reduce loss and improve the appearance of fruits and vegetables. These same toxic substances can be introduced to the meat you eat by virtue of the grass or grains the animals eat. Whenever possible, look for organic products grown locally. That does double duty by not only reducing your toxic load but reducing the carbon footprint, keeping the environment healthier, as well.


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