Losing hair is one of the hardest things for both men and women. The first thing that one has to understand before undergoing any hair restoration technique is that hair fall and hair loss are not the same. Hair fall is natural and not really a cause of worry. It is the natural process where old hair strands fall so that new ones can replace them. On the flip side, when chunks of hair start falling, leaving behind bald patches, then, that’s what you call hair loss. 

The good part, however, is that hair loss is preventable if one takes timely action. By that we mean, hair restoration has to be done before one goes completely bald. Complete baldness occurs when hair follicles are destroyed. It’s possible to bring back lost hair strands, but there’s no way to bring back destroyed hair follicles. 

Having said that, if you’ve just started losing hair and are observing a pattern of empty patches on the scalp, PRP is the safest, most natural, and most effective hair restoration technique that dermatologists all over the world recommend. 

PRP is the abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma. Doctors draw the blood from the hand of the patient. That blood undergoes centrifugation – the process of separating platelets from other cells in the blood. The platelets are stem cells that have many growth factors. Since they’re the natural platelets of the patient, nothing artificial, it’s safe. 

The body’s immune system doesn’t reject the platelets and that’s the beauty of the Clinicare traitement PRP cheveux technique. This clinic has experienced doctors and a trained and efficient staff that carries out the entire procedure with utmost hygiene. 

Why does PRP work? 

When the formation of growth factors reduces in the scalp, people start losing hair follicles. PRP works because it is the procedure of injecting platelets in the bald patches. Platelets increase the formation of growth factors that strengthen the hair follicles and encourage the formation of new hair strands. It takes about 2-3 sittings for the injected area to start populating with new hair strands and the results last for about 1 full year. However, touch-up sittings are required for the results to last longer than a year. Depending upon the amount of hair that one has recovered, the touch-up sittings are required once or twice a year.  

All in all, PRP is a safe technique and there’s literally not much recovery downtime that’s needed post the treatment. You can get the treatment done, which takes no more than 30 minutes and go about your business for the rest of the day. 


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