The potato is an amazing food. Asides from being a vegetable and root tuber, potatoes are known for their taste and health benefits. Potatoes can be prepared in numerous ways. Most people like baked potatoes, however, and if you want to know how to bake a potato, this post is for you.

Sweet potatoes can be baked in different recipes; pies, potato steaks, etc. are some of how potatoes can be baked. The ingredients will of course depend on the particular recipe being prepared. However, for a healthy baked potato meal, the ingredients used should be as natural as possible.

Common baked potato recipes

  1. Hasselback baked potato: This delicious recipe was first made a few decades back. The potatoes are washed and scraped to make the skin even, they are sliced thinly and evenly up to the middle and then baked in moderate heat. The skin is crispy and yet the inside is soft as mashed potatoes. Hasselback potatoes may be served whole with or without toppings or combined with your favorite vegetable soup. While the first Hasselback recipe was made with Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes may also be used.
  2. Baked potato pies: Discovering it is easy to know how to bake a potato pie is only second in pleasure to the taste of the baked pie. Potato pies are nutritious, delicious, and filling, and can be prepared within an hour. The ingredients include potatoes, flour, egg, milk, olive oil, and spices. Baked potato pies can be enjoyed anytime.
  3. Oven-roasted potatoes: This special recipe is available all year round for lovers of roast potatoes. No special ingredients are needed; you may use some herbs and rub a few drops of olive oil to make the potatoes moist during roasting. Roasting is done at a moderate heat in a pre-heated oven Potatoes may also be roasted on a grill.
  4. Mashed baked potato: Another answer to how to bake a potato is stashed baked potatoes. This recipe is great for a snack or a full meal. The potatoes are washed, peeled, and boiled for a little time. After draining, they are mashed and mixed with milk or cream, spices, and herbs and then covered with a thin layer of olive oil before baking.

Sweet potatoes can be used in almost every diet because they are naturally sweet to the taste and have fewer calories than most carbohydrates. The various varieties of sweet potatoes are used for specific recipes.


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