As you may know, all false eyelash extensions are not created equal. There is a great difference between the fibres used to form them.

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So, how will you know which of the fibres are the best for you?

Synthetic lash extensions are the least priced. However, they are coarse and shiny having stubby ends that make them look clearly fake. They can be even weighty and uncomfortable.

For more comfortable options, several materials from horsehair to human hair are available. However, by far the most popular options are silk and mink lashes.

Real mink lash extensions are formed from the soft tail fur of Chinese or Siberian mink, an animal that resembles an otter or a ferret.

On the other hand, silk lashes are formed from the cocoons of silkworm. These are the very fibres that are spun into a thread and then create the expensive silk cloth.

Silk or mink lashes are softer, natural alternatives to polyester or acrylic lashes. However, which among them are better? Here are pros and cons of both these options.

1. Silk Lash Extensions are Durable

Silk lash extensions are stronger and more durable than mink lash extensions. Thus they are perfect if you are going to wear them for the whole day.

Unlike silk lashes, mink lashes are more delicate and they cannot tolerate wetness. If you are caught in a sudden downpour and if your mink lashes get wet, their curl will be immediately lost.

Silk lashes can tolerate more handling in general than mink lashes. They are at less risk to come off, for example, when you are cleaning off the glue or are removing them.

All in all, silk lashes can be expected to last much longer. Visit Fancy Lash to know more about various lash extensions.

2. Silk Lashes Need Low Maintenance

Mink lashes will not only lose their curl with water, but also over time. They need to be re-curled repeatedly. The shape of silk lashes on the other hand is maintained much better.

3. Mink Lashes are More Comfortable

While both mink lashes and silk lashes are ultra-light, mink is lighter. They offer you really fluffy lash look without realising that you’re wearing them.

However, to enjoy the comfort offered by mink lashes, you should not have any allergies, as mink lashes come straight from an animal, and if you have allergies from other animals’ fur, you may have allergies from mink lashes too.

Silk lashes are sourced from cocoons instead of the silkworm and are known for being hypoallergenic. Several people with sensitive skin prefer wearing silk clothes for this very reason.

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4. Both Give a Natural Look

Both silk and mink being natural fibres, they have the fine, feather-light feel that synthetic lash extensions just cannot offer.

You can get the glamorous volume lash extensions in Sydney by choosing just the right material.

5. Silk Lashes are More Dramatic

Silk is a bit thicker than mink. But the extra thickness offers it a really intense look. It’s glossier too.

Moreover, since it can get wet without losing its curl, you can even add mascara to it for even more thickness.

All in all, silk lashes score over mink lashes due to higher number of qualities. So, which of them will you choose?


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