Everything You Need to Know About Nootropics

Do you see yourself a newbie to nootropics? This supplement is confusing with so many things to know about it, considering the complexities the human brain has. If you’re planning to consider this to achieve optimal brain health, then this guide is for you.

According to YESWELLNESS, nootropics are brain boosters that are getting more popular nowadays. These supplements generally work by improving many brain functions to produce better results. These can be consumed either by single-ingredient supplements or stacks that consist of two or more nootropics in one capsule.

Benefits of Nootropics

  1. Optimizes energy in the brains

As it supports cell energy production in the brain, it enhances mental agility and focus, prevents brain fog, and experiencing fatigue.

  1. Balances brain chemistry

It provides better function to the brain chemicals that are linked to memory, attention, brain processing, moods, motivation and others.

  1. Develops brain rejuvenation

Its ability to repair, maintain and regenerate the brain cells contribute to the overall brain health and long-term memory.

  1. Sustains the proper blood flow in the brain

A healthy cerebral circulation helps to maintain proper oxygen and glucose supply which are used to energize the brain.

  1. Increases the Alpha brain waves

Nootropics promote the Alpha frequency which can result in relaxation, mental lucidity and enhanced creativity.

Types of Nootropics

These brain supplements are categorized into:

  1. Vitamins- There are vitamins proven to give overall brain health and sharp cognition. Some of them are Vitamins B6, B9 and B12.
  2. Herbs- These have been used as cognitive enhancers for a long time. With modern extractions, the traditional herbs become safer and more effective than before. Some of them are Lion Mane’s mushroom and Bacopa monnieri.
  3. Adaptogens- these are special types of botanicals that can regulate the endocrine system which aids to balance responses to hormonal stresses.
  4. Phospholipids- these are healthy fats that can be used as raw materials to help repair and regenerate the brain cells.
  5. Choline- like phospholipids, this natural compound supports the healthy fats in the brain.
  6. Antioxidants- these help protect the brain against free radicals which can cause brain damage and accelerated brain aging.
  7. Amino-acids- these are organic compounds and are considered “building blocks of life”

What to Look for in Nootropics

Before considering taking nootropics, consider the following:

  • Check for the quality- Do not just settle for cheaper nootropics as they don’t work well or produce worse effects
  • Do some research- instead of just relying on what’s trending, conduct some research by reading reliable pages and medicinal websites to ensure optimal results
  • Avoid stimulants- Stimulants just functions like how caffeine boosts alertness and will just hide the real effects of nootropics
  • Choose the clean label- Beginners should consider clean labels to ensure safe and pure nootropic benefits
  • Check the product guarantees- Since beginners have little knowledge about nootropics, its best to choose supplements with money-back guarantees in case it’s not good for you

Possible Side Effects of Nootropics

Generally, nootropics do not have side effects. However, it depends on the sensitivity a person has.

For those who are newbies in taking nootropics, they are recommended to look for nootropics that:

  • Have been used by most people with no proven side effects, or;
  • Have shown easiness and comforts based on clinical trials.


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