People who smoke are most likely to develop back pain compared to those who do not smoke. This is what was found during the research. It also suggested that smoking does make the brain to function abnormally, especially the part of the brain that is related to the pain which is why people who smoke regularly do experience the pain more severely.

Back Pain is among the most common medical conditions all over the world including the US. According to the American Chiropractic Association, this is the reason which is cited by most of the employees of the US workforce for absence from work and doctor’s visits.

How does Cigarette smoking lead to chronic back pain?

According to an experiment conducted on several patients in a hospital in the US  who were suffering from spinal disorders, it was found out that patients who had a smoking history during the time of the treatment compared to non-smokers.  

The relationship between smoking and pain is very complex. Nicotine is found to have analgesic properties and there are several pieces of evidence that have suggested that smokers are among those at the high risk of developing chronic back pain and also other pain disorders in the body according to American Anesthesiologist Society.

Scientists have also discovered that the nicotine from the cigarette or other smoking devices communicates with the family of proteins known as nAChR that can easily combine with central as well as peripheral nervous systems that can take precedence over sensations such as anxiety or pain. The exposure to nicotine can cause disorientation within the cellular structure and this can eventually alter the way the pain is processed in the body. The exposure can also decrease the amount of oxygen that is supplied to various tissues of the body thus making the body prone to various bone and joint disorders such as arthritis and osteoporosis. The intake of nicotine in the body also causes inflammation, depression.

Research has suggested that bringing along changes in the lifestyle by quitting smoking habits and switching on to the exercise regime (using the protection, of course, such as dr-ho-2-in-1-back-decompression-belt) so that your back pain does not worsen during such workouts due to a muscle sprain or spasm will definitely help you in procuring the much-needed relief from this discomfort.

Also, various research has suggested that there is a chance for smokers to quit the habit of smoking and thus save themselves of the pain by joining in certain smoking cessation programs that can work towards quitting the habit. 


The effect of smoking on chronic back pain is seen among all irrespective of age or gender. This is seen in several studies that both teens and adults alike are prone to bone disorders due to the negative effects of nicotine. Hence the best way to keep your body ft and the core muscles strong is by quitting this habit as soon as possible. Quit the smoking habit and bid adieu to all sorts of bone and joint disorders once and for all.


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