The best advice always comes in a precise and informative way to ultimately keep you happy.

Keep your car clean.


Don’t use poor-quality products. 

The same fact goes for cannabis lovers. The best advice and tips will help you to grow and enjoy the best cannabis buds and keep you ultimately happy.

Worry less about having the same old average quality buds, and start enjoying the top-tier buds at your home.

Are you wondering how to start then? 

Well, the best solution always comes up with the creation of a checklist.

We have collated suggestions and tips from our experience at These will help prepare a checklist to start growing cannabis for the best quality buds.

Here are the items that you must have on your checklist before starting to grow cannabis at home.

Item #1: Cannabis Seeds


The most crucial and obvious thing for growing your cannabis buds is their seeds. You must buy the seeds from a certified and reputed US company.

If you have any confusion about getting your cannabis seeds, check out your desired outcomes before buying them. There are photoperiodic seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and feminized cannabis seeds. You can choose any one of them based on your choice and preference.

To make it easy for you, we have summarized all types of seeds and their common variants for making your purchase decision.

A feminized photoperiodic cannabis seed produces female plants and offers good quality buds, if kept under 12 hours of light and darkness each.

If you’re going to grow cannabis indoors, you will be fascinated with the autoflowering seeds. Despite any environmental condition, your cannabis plant will start flowering at a fixed period of time. You will enjoy faster developing strains and alleviate the hassle of changing the photoperiod.

If you’re a beginner, you can start growing cannabis with the Early XXX variant of seeds for faster and efficient bud production. You can also look for the black domino variant as the harvest result will yield a large amount of buds with 20-25% of THC concentration.

Looking for something cheap yet effective? You can always choose the Dark Angel seed variant for a mixed strain of Indica and sativa. So, what are you waiting for? There are plenty of other seeds. Get your seeds and put a tick in the checklist for this item.

Item #2: The choice of lights

It is a waste of time and energy to grow cannabis under simple incandescent bulbs. You will have to make sure that it receives abundant light for growth as soon as your plant pops out.

In the initial stage, using LED lights or low-powered lights will be sufficient. You can use a cold spectrum light such as CFL in the vegetative stage of cannabis growth. You can use CFL for younger or small cannabis plants.

See, if you have a good budget, then you can opt for high powered HPS, LEC or LED lights. But, if you’re tight on your budget, go for the simple yet effective fluorescent bulbs like CFL.

If you are determined to produce the best quality buds without worrying about other factors, you can follow our advice. You can use the most popular HID lights called Metal Halide for vegetative stage and HPS lights in the flowering stage of your cannabis growth.

So ensure to keep fluorescent lights, LED lights, and high-intensity discharge grow lights in your checklist before starting your cannabis harvest indoors.

Item #3: Proper Airflow and Ventilation Facility


If you are growing cannabis indoors, you will need a ventilation system. Your room, box or tent should have a surrounding with constant flow of clean and natural air.

Are you looking for a large-scale harvest or a small-sized harvest? For a small-scale harvest of 2-3 plants, you can use simple fans in your place for regulating the airflow and keeping ventilation. For a larger harvest, you will need a better exhaust system to maintain proper ventilation.

You will have to place the exhaust fan or cooler in the top of your room or tent to let air pass from the bottom. A clean and constant good air quality will enhance the quality of your bud growth.

So, try to place an exhaust cooler on the room’s ceiling above the plants to regulate and maintain the airflow and indoor temperature.

Item #4: Growing Mediums Like Soil Mix


A good growing medium plays a key role in enhancing the quality of your buds for beginners. The growing medium is the material in which your cannabis plant roots will grow and survive.

You have to keep this item on your checklist for your cannabis harvest. A growing medium will help you in many ways, such as supporting the plant, holding the water and nutrients for the plants, root respiration, etc.

It is essential for you to choose the right growing medium as the roots will thrive aeration, nutrients and water here.

You will witness the best quality cannabis growth with growing mediums like soil mix for beginners, coco coir, and hydroponics. You can opt for any one of these mediums and enjoy the best bud growth.

If you choose soil mix as your growing medium, you will have a great start as a beginner. This medium keeps proper balance between the organic and inorganic matters for proper flow of air and water.

Additionally, you can keep your soil mix in best condition by adding materials such as vermiculite or coco coir. This will enhance your cannabis plant roots to absorb more air and water.

If you’ve grown cannabis for quite a few times, you can use the growing mediums like coco coir or hydroponics for your cannabis growth. If you use coco coir, which is extracted from coconut husk fiber, helps to retain the water and nutrients in the roots of your cannabis plant.

You can choose hydroponics as your growing medium due to its nutrient-infused and aerated water solutions. This medium is best for large-scale cannabis bud production. So, we recommend you to choose soil mix, if it’s your first time. You can choose hydroponics or coco coir, if well-experienced with this process.

Item #6: Proper Nutrients and Water To Enhance Quality


There are many supplements available in the market. We advise you to look for the basic nutrients given to your plants through lower doses of fertilizers. Excess fertilization can damage the plants, so follow the best tips from the fertilizer manuals and use minimal doses.

You can choose a fertilizer kit with an appropriate amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace minerals, amino acids, and humic acid. You must buy this kit from reputed and certified brands.

You can also use supplements to enhance the quality of your cannabis buds. For example, you can use the bud taste enhancer supplement to get your desired flavor buds. You can use booster supplements to enhance the color, and quality of your cannabis plants.

You must ensure access to a water source for your plant growth. Any form of water source with a low pH concentration is best for your growing buds.

If you want to ensure the best quality growth of your buds, you must use distilled water for your cannabis plants. These water contains no amount of minerals or treated chemicals. Thus, it will be the best choice for your bud growth. Check to keep distilled water to start growing cannabis.


So, have you read about all the items required to start growing cannabis? Are you excited to grow the ultimate quality buds at home or outdoors? Well, if you have every item on the checklist, you are ready to grow your buds now.

Suppose you’re growing cannabis on your own; plan and grow cautiously with the best advice and tips. The primary aspect of growing the top-tier buds is using the best quality seeds from US-based companies like i49.

You must know that ‘the first step is the crucial step’, so buy your preferred seeds of top-notch quality and preferred variants from an online store. You have no reason to be nervous, as it is an easy task and you will have a fun experience. Be determined and start today!

Well, everyone is a beginner once, so get your best seeds, follow the checklist, and start growing your buds today.

Keep Growing! Keep Enjoying!


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